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How To Quickly Tell If You Have The Best Cooperation Possible
Val Wright -- Global Leadership and Innovation Expert Val Wright -- Global Leadership and Innovation Expert
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Dateline: Los Angeles, CA
Monday, March 14, 2022


It’s easy to notice when cooperation is failing, but can you describe precisely what it takes to create an environment where cooperation comes naturally?

I developed the Five Cooperation Foundations (Figure 3.1 from Chapter Three of Words That Work) as conversation starters for teams and companies that want to increase their cross-team results.

When a board chair of a technology company asked me if I could meet with a CEO and his executive team because they weren’t delivering their quarterly earnings results as expected for the third quarter in a row, he shared his concern that each member of the executive team seemed to be operating on their own, and that their strategy and implementation lacked cohesiveness. When I met with each of them, I asked them to score the Five Cooperation Foundations using the following scoring system:

  • Green—it is a consistent strength;

  • Yellow—there is room for improvement or greater consistency; and

  • Red—it is a concern that needs dedicated attention.

Five Cooperation Foundations

  1. I feel confident everyone has my back.

  2. I observe that across teams, functions, and locations, we are all working to common goals.

  3. I have experienced that asking for help is acceptable and encouraged.

  4. I have been part of successes that are jointly celebrated.

  5. I have seen mistakes objectively deconstructed for lessons learned, not to attribute blame.

As they individually shared their color coding and answered what it would take to make each foundation a strength, there was a common reaction from all eight executives: they realized they had never had the conversation about how they worked together or how they wanted cooperation to occur in their company. They had discovered for themselves the power of taking time out to intentionally declare expectations of how they would communicate and cooperate. I share the results of their evaluation in Chapter Three of my latest book, Words That Work.

For the first ten readers who reply or DM me their results of their Cooperation Foundation Assessment I will provide you with insights and ideas customized just for you.

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