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How To Implement Your 2024 Social Media Strategy – AI, More
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Dateline: Orlando, FL
Friday, January 5, 2024


In this episode we talk about the trends in social media and how AI can help you in 2024. I’m Terry Brock, and with my co-host, Gina Carr, here at Stark Raving Entrepreneurs we put together an episode that can give you a strong advantage in today’s world.
We discussed the impact of AI on social media in 2024, exploring the challenges of standing out in a rapidly growing sea of content.
Throughout our conversation, we emphasized the importance of user-generated content, authenticity, and the use of AI in content creation and strategy implementation. You will love the way we shared an article from Search Engine Journal from the good folks at semrush.
Discover the tips that can help you create your videos, audios, text materials and achieve the success you are looking for with AI.
We shared practical tips and strategies for leveraging AI in social media efforts to make a lasting impact and drive business growth.

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1. [00:00:33] Gina Carr mentions the impact of AI on social media and the challenge of standing out in a sea of content.
2. [00:01:27] Terry Brock emphasizes the importance of leveraging user-generated content over high production content to increase trust in brands.
3. [00:04:15] Terry highlights the value of shaping user-generated content as a cost-effective and authentic way to create content.
4. [00:07:17] Terry discusses the need for social media managers toembody human connection, authenticity, and utilize AI for quick thinking power.

5. [00:11:00] Terry and Gina discuss delegating social media tasks to generative AI to increase speed and efficiency in content creation.
6. [00:14:35] The hosts stress the importance of shifting social media key performance indicators towards engagement and shares to measure authenticity.
7. [00:18:29] Gina and Terry invite audience participation and encourage viewers to share their thoughts and strategies for implementing social media in 2024.

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As the CEO of Stark Raving Entrepreneurs, Gina Carr works with business leaders to leverage AI-powered marketing for more impact, influence, and income. Gina has an MBA from the Harvard Business School and an engineering degree from Georgia Tech. Known as “The Tribe Builder,” Gina helps passionate people build powerful tribes of raving fans.

A serial entrepreneur, Gina has created several businesses, including an award-winning real estate company, a chain of community magazines, and Video Rock Starz. She is the CEO of TEDxDupreePark. A native Atlantan, Gina now lives in Orlando with her sweetie Terry Brock. Gina is a passionate advocate for animals, freedom, and plant-based living!

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Spanish Summary
En este episodio de “Stark Raving Entrepreneurs”, Terry Brock y Gina Carr discuten cómo implementar una estrategia de redes sociales con inteligencia artificial en 2024. Se enfocan en el contenido generado por usuarios, la calidad del contenido, el uso de la inteligencia artificial (IA) para acelerar la creación de contenido y la importancia de la autenticidad y el compromiso en las redes sociales. Discuten la necesidad de dar prioridad al contenido creado por usuarios, utilizar la IA para generar ideas y estrategias de marketing, y la importancia de la autenticidad en la interacción con la audiencia. También comparten herramientas útiles para mejorar estas prácticas. Animan a los oyentes a compartir sus estrategias y pensamientos sobre el tema. Finalmente, invitan a visitar AIToolsForBiz.com para obtener más información sobre el uso de IA en marketing.


For your convenience, here is the (unedited) transcript of this episode. Please let us know if this is helpful to you. Thank you for being part of our mission to help Entrepreneurs grow their business to achieve freedom.

Terry Brock [00:00:00]:
In this episode, we’re gonna show you how you can implement your social media strategy and AI and a lot more with the right tools. We’re gonna show you how to do that. You’re gonna wanna stay right through the end of this video because we got some real good things for you. I say we because I’m Terry Brock, and I’m joined by Gina Carr, Who we are here with Stark Raving Entrepreneurs to help you get the work you need. And a good way to do that is with social media and AI. Do you know we see a lot going on in that field right now? What do you see happening now in 2024 with social media and how it’s being impacted by AI?

Gina Carr [00:00:33]:
Well, I think your phrase of a lot is is key there because because of AI, people are generating more content. So the sea of content has gotten bigger, bigger, bigger, bigger, And it is harder to stand out. And so we’re gonna talk today about how you can stand out in this huge sea of content and get your message out about who you serve, the problem you solve so that you can have more impact and make more money. Is that what you wanna do? If that’s what you wanna do, this is the video for you.

Terry Brock [00:01:01]:
Yes. Indeed. We’re gonna start by looking at an article that I saw recently that I wanna share with you today. This is on Search Engine Journal, really good publication. And this was written and contributed by the people, the good folks over there at Semrush, s e m rush. And they talk about, with 24, 20 plus experts share insights on their 2024 strategies for social media with AI user generated content. Hey. That’s important.

Terry Brock [00:01:27]:
Write that down. This pays for the video for you right here. You’re right here. User generated content is extraordinarily important. And they gave several items. So I’m gonna zip down here to their insight number 1. And And inside number 1 here, I’ll blow that up a little bit so you could see it real well on the screen. And those of you that are listening to this, you might wanna check out the video side, but you’ll be able to catch us also wherever you’re getting it.

Terry Brock [00:01:46]:
It says you want to leverage more user generated content, call that UCG, than high production content. Think of high production content as social media stock photography syndrome. When something looks too polished, it must be fabricated. Generation z thinks about that way. So you wanna stay away from that. But the mentality sometimes leads to reduced trust in the brand, and your goal is to increase that trust so that what happens is they See you and they say, hey. I wanna hear what you got to say. Gina, what are your thoughts on that from based on the work you’ve been doing with clients here at Store Craving Entrepreneurs and elsewhere? Well,

Gina Carr [00:02:23]:
Well, interestingly, the more that they produce content that is from their real life, from their normal experiences, Everyday experiences, the those are getting more views. And a lot of times, people are trans our clients are translating those into YouTube shorts, Which are getting a lot of views. And so we’re seeing that as a real successful strategy, and those are often very casual, Not edited, not polished, except that on YouTube shorts in particular. It’s a good idea to make sure your captions are showing through there because more people will watch it with that. But this, idea that you need to have these videos highly edited and add a lot of b roll and all those kind of things, I think it’s becoming less and less important, not just with Gen z, but but with everybody who’s watching videos. I know it’s true for me.

Terry Brock [00:03:11]:
Yeah. I know there’s a place for it, and we do that also. Matter of fact, even right now, nitty gritty, as we’re doing this, those of you that are catching this on video, you see we’re cutting back and forth. I’m using Ecamm for this, and there’s a place for that. But also, there’s a place for saying, wait a minute, we’re just gonna have us. Well, what we’ve done kinda combine them. Here’s something I would say to content creators, Get a tool that is comfortable for you. For me, it’s Ecam.

Terry Brock [00:03:32]:
I like that and I also use C Mac, Camtasia for Mac. And using that, I know how to use them. I’ve been doing it a long time, so we can do this quickly and put some value in there for you with b roll sometimes and with the extra features that are gonna be in there. But what you wanna do is you wanna make sure that it’s really got a lot of good content and make sure that it’s like user to user showing people what’s going on. Matter of fact, what I wanna do here is I wanna show you another a quote that was here in that article also as I make this a little bit larger here. A quote from Lucas O’Keefe with a content creator and social media strategy. See, that’s what he is. He says brands will see the value in shaping UGC, that user generated content, as cost effective way to get content That also seems more authentic.

Terry Brock [00:04:15]:
There is a word you wanna remember. Underline that one and red flag it. Authentic then high production quality through content. Customers trust fellow customers more than the brand itself. Likewise, content creators We’ll find a great opportunity to create and to share UGC for brands. And what this means here’s the thing. I love the way they wrote this article. So you can see what it means is that Semrush social media trends report they’ve got, which I would recommend go ahead and get.

Terry Brock [00:04:44]:
This, this is part of what there is in that trends report, an ebook that I found really good. I read through the whole thing. They said that, you know, they engage more with user generated content than polished professional content. That is important. Here’s the real key. Write this one down. The authenticity and trustworthiness of UGC resonates more with them. Simply put, social media users will listen to the voice of everyday individuals rather than wanting brands to describe their offerings.

Terry Brock [00:05:12]:
Consumers will prefer hearing about it from peers and fellow customers. Well, this is something that we’ve known for a long time. When you get someone else talking about it, then you’ve got a real person who’s just like me talking about it. I think there’s some real good features on that. Gina, you’ve used some of that and some testimonials that you’ve received from some of our clients and people we’ve worked with. How have you seen that been received in the audience and with our market?

Gina Carr [00:05:39]:
Well, one of the services that we offer is helping people get more good reviews on Google, Facebook, and other services. That’s really key. And so to this point of people believe the users. People believe the, people that are like them more than they believe the brand. So for small, medium, or large companies, the more that you can get your users to create content for you, user generated content It’s going to be a great way to, get more engagement. And so one of the things you can do is you can have a Testimonial contest. You can, this is something that’s been done very successfully in the online course world that I’ve seen. And then, certainly, there’s ways to get your clients, your users, the people who are using your content, using your Products and services to create some sort of a contest that they use a certain hashtag and they show themselves using your product Or talking about your product, posting about your product.

Gina Carr [00:06:40]:
So that is also user generated content, and that’s something we really wanna focus on today more than ever.

Terry Brock [00:06:48]:
And there was a 2nd item that they talked about that you are gonna want to know about even more. Said insight number 2, The winning social media formula is UGC, that’s user generated content, content quality plus AI equals successful content creator. That’s what you wanna do. You wanna make sure of that. And then you look at what they said here. Thought it was really insightful. Just take a look at this here. Brands and content creators don’t embrace who don’t embrace change will be will fall behind.

Terry Brock [00:07:17]:
According to the reports, full expert tips, and you can get all of those in that handout that they have for this. Marketing in 2024 will be dominated by super powered social media managers who not only embody human connection, authenticity, and a pulse on high quality, but are also equipped with the quick thinking power of AI. What you wanna do is you wanna have the tools that are gonna help you in this, that can give you the ability to connect with people, but you wanna have content quality. You can have The most sincere, memorable video that you create and it’s you coming from the heart. But if you’re not dealing with the issues that your target market wants, They’re gonna leave. They can click away from that. Hey. You’re competing with the entire Internet when they’re watching your video.

Terry Brock [00:08:03]:
So you wanna make sure that you give them something that solves a problem, solves a pressing problem or entertains them or gives them real value in some way. If you do that, then you’re gonna be able to say, alright, people like that and where They’re gonna get real value from it. Gina, what are your thoughts on that about using the user generated content, the UGC, plus the quality of the content that It really has some good information in there, plus using AI.

Gina Carr [00:08:29]:
Well, one of the main ways that I see using AI To to help with that is in the brainstorming phase. So as you mentioned, the urgency or the entertainment value. So with your content, as you’re creating a video or you’re creating posts or images or text or whatever, You can use AI to brainstorm. Hey. How could I make this content funnier? So you could put A draft of what you’re planning to talk about or an outline or even a a transcript of something you’ve written and maybe you’re gonna turn it into a video form. How can you make it funnier? How can you go back to the written content and make it funnier? So that’s that’s one idea. Because If you’re out there in the educational world, as so many of our viewers are, there’s a lot of education out there and people don’t wanna be bored. They I say don’t live on never boring lane.

Gina Carr [00:09:23]:
You want to be entertaining as well as as well as to be educational. And a little something that I just did right there added a little bit of entertainment to what we’re doing, and that’s smiling and Kind of laughing a little bit that I got a little tongue tied there. So that’s a little more interesting than just talk, talk, wonka, wonka, wonka, the teacher in front of the Charlie Brown, class. Right? You wanna add a little humor, a little fun, a little levity to what you’re doing, and so that’s where Using AI to do your brainstorming can can really help to think of those ways to reach your customers about their pain point, about the problem that you solve, and the people that you serve.

Terry Brock [00:10:03]:
Yeah. I think, Gina, what it is, it’s the combination. Well, you wanna make sure that you have the content that people want. Something that is of value. You’ve got the credentials, you’re bringing in the content, And you’re also doing it in a casual authentic, important word, authentic way. You’re not trying to be some robot up there talking. We got enough robots with the AI. You wanna make sure that it’s you and you’re doing that, and then use AI to get the ideas.

Terry Brock [00:10:26]:
I know as a writer, as a journalist who’s written for many years I mean, many, many years doing that. I have found that sometimes you get that writer’s block. Well, what you can do with AI is you can put down your basic ideas of what you want. Let it come back then with lots of good information. We’re using Content Cloud. That’s a tool that, we have with some of our clients that gives us the ability to find all kinds of information from many different sources, and I like that. That’s what this article is talking about. And it goes on and says a lot of different, applications that we can use on this and how it works and what it means and how it’s going to be there.

Terry Brock [00:11:00]:
Like, what it means? Well, organizations will employ full time professionals who specialize in creating internal business to business, b to b content and or have excellent storytelling skills. That’s really important there. Community engagement and human connections is what will reign. That is the key. You wanna make sure that you’ve got those community connections and you’ve got people that are in a community working with you and helping you out in many different ways. And point number 3, their insight number 3, very important, AI delegation. Pick the right social media tasks to give to generative AI. Knowing how to safely give task to AI is the key to reducing your social media manager’s time spent and freeing up their day to execute these expert social media insights.

Terry Brock [00:11:51]:
With AI, content creation will be accomplished with impressive speed and efficiency. Its benefits are genuinely inspiring. Matter of fact, that’s something that we see often. And, Gina, I wanna get your thoughts on this that we see AI giving us the ability to create this much much faster. Why is that speed so important in our highly competitive world?

Gina Carr [00:12:15]:
Well, it’s just going to allow the brands, allow the companies to get their content out and To increasingly, have more text based, intellectual based content, that can be spun into video, into audio, into images. And so in the past, it took a lot of time, money, and effort To hire writers to do these articles. And so now you can at least have the base of the article, that you can add your own stories too or add your own client examples too that can can fuel the content creation that you’re doing. So this can be really helpful as well as using tools like the bulk create function inside Canva. Your team can use that In order to really create a lot of content quickly, it takes text from the chats and puts it into, An AI tool inside Canva as an example, and many other tools have have these examples as well or have this type of functionality. And then you’re able to quickly create all these different images and different, posts that you can use for your marketing.

Terry Brock [00:13:30]:
Yeah. Exactly. And then you wanna use those tools, some that we’re using right now. If you’ve been watching the video here and listen to us on the podcast, you know, we talk about cast magic. Cast magic is just something I can’t say enough good about. It’s so phenomenal. Giving us the ability to take the audio interview or the YouTube channel, read the audio of that, and then create Instagram reels, LinkedIn post, tweets that we could put out on x now. They don’t call it tweets anymore.

Terry Brock [00:13:55]:
Use that, and give you stories. It’ll give you all of this information just from a few words that you said in audio, and it’s your words. You’re not stealing Anyone? It’s you. So those are some tools that I recommend. They’re gonna be really really strong, and they can help you in many many different ways. And And here’s 1 more point that we wanna share with you that I think you’re gonna enjoy when you see what it is and how it really relates to the most important part of social media, how YouTube and others or really tracking how you’re doing. Insight number 5, shift your social media KPI, those key From what, Gina, what is that? Key performance indicators. Key performance indicators.

Terry Brock [00:14:35]:
I’m gonna leave that in just because, hey, there it is. I just said your mind will go along with But, yeah, it does. That’s what it does. Those key performance indicators focus toward here’s the keyword. I want you to circle this 1 and red flag it, engagement plus shares to monitor authenticity. This is brilliant. Listen to what they say here. Said engagement is currently a global trend in social media content.

Terry Brock [00:14:56]:
True social media engagement, such as comments and conversations on shares, can’t be bought. That’s huge. This is a great marker for social media success. For all you multi hat wearing marketers, think of it as link building authority. The more shares and engagement on those shares you have, the better the content must be according to updated algorithm logic. So in other words, you want people clicking and sharing this. You want them engaging with you on it. That is most important, and that’s the major takeaway.

Terry Brock [00:15:33]:
I want you to remember in today’s world that you are going to get more people, more juice from the algorithms, and more business from getting that engagement. Gina, what are your thoughts on that and getting engagement and maybe even some ideas that you have on how to do that?

Gina Carr [00:15:49]:
Well, certainly, it’s important to have people commenting and sharing. And one of the best ways to do that is to have What I call a keen insight. And so you’re let’s for example, we’re sharing an article and we’re sharing where we agree with it, where we disagree with it, where we find it confusing. When you’re sharing a controversial point of view, something that goes against the grain in an area where you are Objectively an expert where you have a lot of knowledge. That’s the type of thing that people will often share because they’ll say, well, I agree with this or I don’t agree with And and in fact, give your viewers, your listeners, your readers a call to action and say, hey. Do you agree with this? Ask them to comment below. Ask them to share it with their community and get feedback as well. So when you’re People will be reading it, but unless you specifically ask them to do that call to action, then they may not do it.

Terry Brock [00:16:48]:
Yep. I think that’s very important. Well, think about that and go back and the work that you are doing in your own work. Gina and I are doing a lot here, but what you’re doing look at how you can get that engagement more, how you could start using these tools. And this is something that we do regularly here at Star Craving Entrepreneurs to help you out on that. And if you would, yes, please, share this one because as you share it, that’s gonna let the algorithms know people are interested in this. They want to be more authentic, and as they see More people are interested in the authenticity. That’s important.

Terry Brock [00:17:17]:
And our live and let live idea, the way that we underpin everything we’re doing here with that, it’s very important. And we’ve got a lot of good things with that. And so what we’re gonna do is we invite you to join us in some key ways here. Looking at this article, we’ll put it for you there in the description so you could see it. And we also invite you to come over and to see us at starkravingentrepreneurs.com. Please like, share, and subscribe to this, because this lets you know that we’re coming up with something else that’s gonna help you and give you some real work that you can get some benefit from having all of that, being able to use it. And we talk about the live and let live. That’s what you wanna look at.

Terry Brock [00:17:55]:
How can you do this to increase your freedom? And by doing these steps in being authentic, bringing people, you’ll get a lot more done as well in some major, major ways for working with this. So I see that there’s a lot of capabilities and a lot of things that we can do when we are able to talk with people and and be able to get the kind of information that we need in a particularly important way. Gina, before we leave, any final words that you have as we look over this whole thing of using social media and enhancing it with AI and other tools now that we’re in 2024.

Gina Carr [00:18:29]:
Yes. Well, we shared some of our thoughts, and we’d like to know what do you think. What is the main strategy that you’re going to be implementing, the main social media strategy that you’re going to be implementing in 2020 2024. Do you agree do you agree with us? Do you disagree with us? What is your area of focus or your platform of focus? What will you be doing to get engagement? So we would like to hear from you. Put it in comments below. We’re gonna keep a look on it. Keep a lookout on it, and we will be responding as we see your comments. And certainly share if it’s appropriate and you Feel compelled to do so.

Gina Carr [00:19:06]:
We are inspired to do so. We would love that as well. And we have a great Tool for you guys, if you wanna know more about how to use AI to market your business, to grow your business, which is what we’re all about here at Start Craving Entrepreneurs, We have a tool for you at AI tools for biz, that’s biz.com. So I think, Terry, you may have a graphic for that or QR code or something. There we go. AI tools for biz.com with the number 4 and, all kinds of tools that we talk about in there That will really help you and your teams to get more done and to get the message out into the world about this about what you do to help people.

Terry Brock [00:19:48]:
Yes. Indeed. Well, we got a lot of good for you. And by the way, if you happen to we watch this on video, you can catch I know you got your phone with you. There’s a QR code for you and you can go over to, as Gina said, AI tools, the number 4, biz.com, and that will help you as you get access to this. No charge for it. We wanna help you out and be able to give you a lot of good information you can use. So think about this, take action on it right away, and in taking action, we Want you to take a look at the video over here.

Terry Brock [00:20:16]:
Take a look at this one. We’ve carefully selected that. It ties in with AI that’s gonna help you come along well. On behalf of Gina Carr, I’m Terry Brock. Thank you for being with us today.

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