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How To Get Your Customers Swearing BY You, Not AT You
Nancy Friedman -- Telephone Doctor Nancy Friedman -- Telephone Doctor
St. Louis, MO
Monday, June 7, 2010

How To Get Your Customers Swearing BY You, Not AT You
By Nancy Friedman, The Telephone Doctor

Motivational Speaker/Author/Trainer

(June 2010 St Louis MO) Have you ever called your office or business and asked for yourself, a service or a product?

That's just one question Nancy Friedman, customer service expert and president of Telephone Doctor Customer Service Training asks businesses in her new book: How To Get Your Customers Swearing BY You, Not AT You.

YES it's tough out there. YES it's difficult. YES jobs are being lost. YES people are spending less. But the good news is they are still spending. And customers want to spend their money where they are welcomed and appreciated. So NOT training employees to handle customers and situations is a big detriment to business.

True Story: Appalled by the lack of service in an upscale property, Friedman wandered the halls getting rude answers and poor treatment. Everyone was 'too busy.' She noticed, too, no one smiled. She stopped a hotel executive, and said: "Excuse me. I know this is an upscale hotel, but the service has been horrific. In fact, there really hasn't been any from check in, to room service, to now. I'm curious. What happened?"

"Well," said the executive quickly, "We just let 400 people go." "Well," said Friedman, just as quickly, "I think you let the WRONG 400 go."

Now is not the time to stop training employees. You still have customers. You still have employees. You need to treat both better than ever.

How To Get Your Customers Swearing BY You, Not AT You addresses simple day-to-day, relatively inexpensive, yet effective methods of improving customer service in your organization. Available at Amazon.com, HRD Press and Telephone Doctor Customer Service Training.

Book Summary

Faced with the challenge of developing effective customer service training? Not sure where to start? Whether a novice at the customer service game or an experienced facilitator, this book will make the development process fun and a whole lot easier. How to Get Customers Swearing BY You, Not AT You is an invaluable source of customer service material, tips and ideas all geared toward keeping the customers you worked so hard to get. The book is highly readable, the suggestions are easily adapted and the information is serious, yet presented in a lighthearted manner. Step-by-step, Telephone Doctor walks you through the process of creating a formal customer service training program:

Analysis: Find out what your customers like and don't like.

Design: Decide what topics you'll teach your employees so they know what they need to do to provide the service customers want.

Delivery: Determine the best way to convey the information.

Evaluation: Be sure what you teach them works.

Topics include barriers to training, management involvement, content, budgets and costs, icebreakers, workbooks, role-playing, lecturing, questions, problem attendees, classroom evaluations, testing and more. Throughout the book the author offers short commentaries on aspects of training and customer service that will help you look at the subject in a fresh, new light. How to Get Customers Swearing BY You, Not AT You covers a lot of ground. All common sense, it will empower you to create your own customer service training program and make it as basic or elaborate as you wish.

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Nancy Friedman has appeared on Oprah, Today Show, CNN, Fox News, CBS This Morning, GMA, and other. She is an author and speaker on sales, customer service and communication skills. Nancy is president and founder of Telephone Doctor Customer Service Training. (www.telephonedoctor.com)

Attention journalists: For a review copy or for a fun, fast paced interview call Nancy at 314-291-1012.

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