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How Positive Methods of Persuasion Can Increase Your Profits for Long-Term Success
Jeffrey Gitomer  ---- Sales Expert Jeffrey Gitomer ---- Sales Expert
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: Charlotte, NC
Tuesday, November 23, 2021


If you’re in the Insider’s Club then you know, but if you’re not, you need to come join the conversation. Both Jen and I look at our Diehards as family and we want to have the opportunity to connect with you. I want to be able to hear your experiences and share what we can with you on a more personal level. We discuss more in depth the content of The Little Green Book of Getting Your Way and how it can help you, but we want to share an important concept with you here.

In chapter four, I talk about how every aspect of your delivery from appearance, posture, and tonality, is being judged subconsciously. We forget that humans are intuitive, so as much as we are sizing up our clients; they too are looking at us through the same lens. 

So, what I want you to do is focus on your positive methods of persuasion. I want you to put on your best outfit and go to your clients with a different frame of mind. A frame of mind that you’re not there to sell by manipulation; but that you’re actually selling to help them win. You’re creating a positive environment where they’re going to feel great about buying from you and proactively tell other people about their experience. 

If you want to challenge yourself even more, I challenge you to get The Little Green Book of Getting Your Way, turn to page 54, and have someone else take the test and rate you in your methods of persuasion. It doesn’t matter how you see yourself as much as it matters how others see you. That’s the value of this book, it points out the reality, not just of who you are, but who you’re becoming.

When you act better and persuade best; you make more sales, you become more successful, you’re happier internally, and people begin to really like and respect you. 

Thank you so much for listening to Sell or Die! We hope that this episode helped you to transform the way you view the challenges you face along your journey to success so that you can win your customers all the way to the bank.

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