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How Jimmy Fallon Selects Books for The Tonight Show’s Book Club
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How Jimmy Fallon Selects Books for The Tonight Show’s Book Club
By Scott Lorenz
Westwind Book Marketing
How can you get free promotion for your book? The answer is simple: have people connect over your book and talk about it. That’s why book clubs are such an effective tool for authors. Book club members go out and buy your book, read it, meet up to talk about it, and then recommend it to their friends. It’s good old fashioned ‘word-of-mouth’ marketing every book needs. You can learn about this approach to promoting your book in a more extensive article I wrote about it here: book clubs.
There’s one book club with a huge national following and it was started by Jimmy Fallon of the Tonight Show.

About the Fallon Book Club Segment

Jimmy Fallon hosts a book club segment where he and his viewers choose a book to read together. Jimmy starts by giving the audience their options. The choices range from debut novels to New York Times Best Sellers, with genres ranging from love stories to murder mysteries. In 2018 when Jimmy started the segment, it was called The Tonight Show “Summer Reads,” but in 2022 Jimmy coined the official “Fallon Book Club.”
Up until this year, Jimmy has picked out five or six books for his viewers to choose from, none of which he has previously read. To compile his list of competitors, Jimmy does research on each of his selections and their authors to ensure he chooses a mix of both established authors and those publishing for the first time. Jimmy has stuck strictly to fictional stories, and he tends to choose either love stories, psychological thrillers, or murder mystery stories as contestants.
As he stated, “Summertime you want the murder mystery, or you want the love and romance.” After Jimmy read the description of each, viewers could scan a QR code or visit the Fallon Book Club website to cast their vote on the story that most appealed to them.

FBC’s March Madness

This spring, Jimmy decided to switch things up. Instead of only doing a Summer Read, he put together a March Madness style bracket with 16 of his favorite finds. From the initial “Sweet 16,” the viewers voted to determine the “Elite Eight,” then the “Final Four,” followed by the “Terrific Two,” and finally the one winning book, which would be the Spring Read for the FBC. Jimmy’s original bracket was made up of 16 action-packed, thrilling mysteries.
The champion that has become the Spring Read is Nightwatching by Tracy Sierra, a debut novel. According to LateNighter News, there were about 1 million total voters involved in determining the winner, with each viewer allowed to vote up to 10 times on the Fallon Book Club website.

Winner Takes It All

The Fallon Book Club has helped debut authors become New York Times Best Sellers. Having your book selected by Jimmy Fallon could change the trajectory of your career as an author. Thanks to the publicity from the FBC, Nightwatching’s sales have made an outstanding increase. When Jimmy first introduced the novel as a contestant on the bracket, it was #20,143 on Amazon’s list of Best-Selling Books.
A couple days after the voters proclaimed it the winner, it jumped to #46, according to LateNighter News. Jimmy also announced that he would invite the author of the winning book onto the show, which will even further promote Sierra’s novel.

Bring A Social Life to Your Book

Today, people are using social media to connect in ways beyond the traditional gatherings. Connect with Jimmy and the FBC by following along on Facebook and Instagram @FallonBookClub and tagging him with mentions of your book.
Use the hashtag #FallonBookClub and ask friends and family to do the same. Doing this will help build community around your book.

Getting Fallon’s Attention

Multiple attempts to contact the show were futile, so they must want their selection method to remain a secret. It is likely a combination of publisher contacts, agents, and serendipity. The show’s mailing address is 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, New York.
Jimmy Fallon mainly looks for either love stories or mysteries for the Fallon Book Club. If this aligns with your books, you could be a contender for the segment!
The Bottom Line: A plug on The Tonight Show can be a life changing event. The opportunity is in your hands. Go for it!

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