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How Jesse Cannone & HBI Team Helped Save My Life: Knowledge Gleaned from Their Radio Shows was Vital During Major Health Crisis
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Marina Del Rey, CA
Thursday, October 11, 2018

Jesse Cannone, Co-Founder of Healthy Back Institute

A little over two years ago I faced a major health crisis, brought on by a variety of factors, that involved significant major organ damage, a collapsing immune system and a number of chronic conditions, some more serious than others. In an interesting twist of fate, just before facing that crisis, I edited a significant number of radio shows with Jesse Cannone, co-founder and visionary CEO of The Healthy Back Institute and author of The 7-Day Back Pain Cure, both as host and guest. The topics were wide-ranging and, during the process of editing and breaking the shows down into subject based podcasts, I received a concentrated education in achieving good health and well-being based on a variety of disciplines.

For example, from Mark Wiley, a lifetime migraine sufferer with a Ph.D. in Oriental Medicine, I learned about all the different types of foods that have inflammatory properties and how they effect various bodily functions. From Dr. Greg Fors, I discovered how adopting a "Warrior Spirit" is required to overcome Chronic Pain Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. The story of how he became involved in combating Fibromyalgia, after his daughter contracted it during a trip to Mexico, was scary, educational and inspiring.

From Jesse Cannone and Steve Hefferon, co-founder and product development specialist at The Healthy Back Institute, I learned about the five hidden causes of back pain; from muscle imbalance to spinal compression to nutritional imbalances and negative emotions and more. From Rob Berkley, I learned the important aspects of successful goal setting. His work with Jesse Cannone and the radio show proved a wealth of fantastic guidance, suggestions and wisdom won from years of experience.

From Jesse's interview with health radio show host Maggie Phillips I learned about the mechanical aspects of how people overcame severe back pain and injuries as well as the importance of "carving success pathways in the brain." From Dr. Robert Thompson, author of The Calcium Lie, I learned how common assumptions about calcium, many perpetrated by mainstream medicine, are actually false and causing pain as Calcium Overload often proves fatal.

When my health broke, and I moved to change everything, all those lessons proved invaluable as my mind and body began to clear and change under a punishing fitness routine that would alter my body in ways I never imagined. Having learned that many so-called experts and doctors are often mistaken and how much of the mind-body connection is still misunderstood, I often discounted advice from those who couldn't know what was behind my burning desire to create a new entity from the previous wreckage.

All those radio shows can be heard at https://soundcloud.com/losethebackpain/sets

One of the more fascinating shows, featured below in subject based radio podcasts, involved Jesse Cannone interviewing Steve Chandler about the language of being of a Victim and an Owner, about those who control their lives and story and those who don't, about how owners embrace life lessons and victims don't, on how the word commitment is important and the difference between being and doing.

No stranger to creating a new life, Jesse Cannone brought his knowledge from personal experience that helped along my path of new creation. In the conversations it is emphasized that one must be a complete owner and that no one can make "you feel inferior without your permission."

Millions of people get stuck in ruts of life, personal and professional, and blame themselves for failures that might not be entirely their own. Owning their victim hood prevents them from taking any risks in life to break free from the emotional, physical and invisible bonds that imprison them.

Steve Chandler Defines Owner & Victim, Those Who Control Their Lives & Story & Those Who Don't

Owners Take Lessons from Life, Victims Just Try to Get Thru It, Attitude & Programming Defines All

Steve Chandler Explains Language of Victim & Owner, Differences Set the Pace in All of Life

Owner-Victim Differences Emanating from Word Commitment, A Decision or Feeling says Steve Chandler

Owners Take Ownership of Problems & Thus Control the Solutions, Victims Don't Like Problems

Owners Ask Who Do I Need to Be, Victims, What Do I Need To Do, Difference Between Being & Doing

Victim Word Swamped Explained by Steve Chandler, Creator of Owner-Victim Choice Self-Help Program

Major Victim Word is Try Says Steve Chandler, Creator of Owner-Victim Choice Self-Help Program

Be an Owner Not Victim in Response to Situations, Says Steve Chandler, Author Reinventing Yourself

About Dr. Jesse Cannone:

Jesse is the co-founder and visionary CEO of The Healthy Back Institute®, the world-leading source of natural back pain solutions. His mission as a former back pain sufferer is to help others live pain free without surgery and pharmaceuticals.

As a personal trainer and post-rehabilitation specialist, Jesse's hands-on work helped hundreds of clients with special conditions including stroke recovery, Parkinson's and back pain. His success at helping his clients avoid back surgery led him to collaborate with massage therapist Steve Hefferon and a hand-selected board of medical advisors to create the world's first self-assessment and self-treatment program for back pain and sciatica, the Lose the Back Pain® System.

Jesse's earned certifications include Post-Rehabilitation Specialist, Specialist in Performance Nutrition, Advanced Level Fitness Trainer and Master Fitness Trainer. Yet that was only the start of his ongoing journey of discovery. Jesse's passion for helping others find relief and improve their lives has led him to travel the world and interview dozens of world-renowned health experts in search of natural solutions for pain and improved health.

Over the past decade, Jesse has introduced millions of people in over 100 countries around the world to a better way of living pain free through improvements in mind, body and diet. His desire to help even more led him to write and publicly offer 1 MILLION free copies of his groundbreaking book, The 7-Day Back Pain Cure.

See more at: www.losethebackpain.com/medical-advis…AeyPy9sX.dpuf

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