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Honoring Sacrifice During Memorial Days Health Crisis
Jon Paul -- Cause Marketing PR Venture Group Jon Paul -- Cause Marketing PR Venture Group
Kansas City, MO
Friday, June 4, 2021


Dr Margaret and Rev Katie Speaks 6-5-21

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Tonight's Topic: Honoring Sacrifice in Healthy Ways


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BIO: Margaret Rogers Van Coops Ph.D. DCH(IM) Ph.D. DCH(IM) 

Metaphysician, Medium and Healer Seen as highly accurate and sensitive, Enjoys the challenge of working with individuals to overcome their issues and is highly involved in training therapists to become teachers of her work. Next project is development of affordable webinars for those seeking education online, leading to educational conferences and more...Professor of Alternative Medicine & Therapies in addition to doctorate degrees for Integrated Medicine, Medical & Clinical Hypnotherapy and Behavioral Science. Ordained minister of the Universal Christ Church, of California since 1983. Honorary Membership with Spiritualist Association of Great Britain and founding member of the British Astrological and Psychic Society. Professional memberships in The American Board of Hypnotherapy, International Hypnosis Federation, American Counseling Association and Director of Education of the Universal Christ Church (School of Spiritualism). Lectures and workshops in U.K, Japan and the U.S. have led to regular invitations to speak and participate in international events. Author of The Book of Crystal Acupuncture & Teragram Therapy Diagrams and thirteen other metaphysically oriented texts. Currently, a Pinnacle Speaker recognized in Continental Who's Who, as well as an honored member of Worldwide Leaders in Healthcare as a Metaphysician in Alternative Medicine and Integrated Medicine. Screenplays include The Regenesis Trilogy, Seeing Blind and The Survivor. Negotiating production of several reality TV series treatments. TV series, Psychic Chit Chat, has been aired weekly on many public access channels in the greater Los Angeles area and in hometown of Lake Havasu City, AZ. Has appeared on many international and American radio and TV shows. Current radio show, Journey Into An Unknown World can be found on:








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Reverend Katie Kamara ORDM, ABNLP, ABHYP is an Australian native whose writes continues to reach a worldwide audience while she continues breaking ground in alternative metaphysical science, thought and research, journalism, public speaking, illustration and soulful emotional therapy. Katie is an active Advocate of Human Rights and Access to Justice, the Development of Healthy Interpersonal Relationships, Trauma Healing and Sovereign Empowerment of men and women to reach the highest human potential to help people see themselves no longer as victims of any situation or hardships they encounter throughout their lives. As a multi/interdisciplinary in applied social sciences, psychology, alternative therapies, a business leader, and healer with a firm base on the scope of the human mind, body and soul. Katie through the art of full expression and expanding her designed growth, has appeared as a speaker, conducted numerous interviews, and has been interviewed by a many prominent speakers in the frontiers of consciousness, spirituality, personal growth, the emerging paradigms in psychology, health, various sciences and innovative philosophies that reflect commitment to the advancement of individual, social and global awareness. With the belief that an enlightened audience enables a continuous transformation of the conscious thought and the subconscious mind. Katie observed that she had finally chosen a path that directs her to assist others with their dynamic psychological and holistic needs and concerns. Spiritually inclined with various gifts and guided by her highly empathic abilities, Katie has taken root and has grown from child to woman to a mother for those in need of guidance, motivation, inspiration and healing for all humankind.

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