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Hollywood expert has anecdotes galore about stars, scandals, cinema and more
William A. Gordon William A. Gordon
Rancho Mirage , CA
Sunday, May 26, 2019


Whether you plan to visit Hollywood or just enjoy reading or talking about it, William A. Gordon can entertain your audience with all kinds of anecdotes about stars, scandals, cinema, and much more.

Gordon's book "The Ultimate Hollywood Tour Book" is loaded with stories about where today's Hollywood lives, works, and plays. He calls the book a work of "investigative sightseeing" because his background was in investigative journalism and because he was able to find what the standard guides never cover. "We would rate this Hoilywood Tour Book as number 1+ of all the tourist guides that have been published on Hollywood," opined John Austin of the Hollywood Inside Syndicate.


William A. Gordon has released the fifth edition of "The Ultimate Hollywood Tour Book." Hollywood's tour guides who rely on the book call it "the bible of the tour industry." Gordon calls it a work of 'investigative sightseeing," paying homage to Hollywood's past, but focuses [sic] on how today's Hollywood lives, works, and plays. This edition is complete with color photographs, maps, and all the inside information a Hollywoodphile could hope for. Readers are offered a bonus: email updates to those who register. Gordon holds the record for the longest-runnning self-published tour book, now in its 27th year.


1. How did you disover where all these movies and TV shows were filmed?   

2. Why do some tour companies play "musical houses" (like "musical chairs") with celebrity homes?

3. For some people renting out their homes to movie or TV companies is a big business. How much money can L.A. residents make by renting their homes? How do people advertise their homes?          

4. What is "The Flying  Saucer" house and which movies has it appeared in?

5 Are there any secrets to finding spots where star sightings are almost guaranteed?             

6. How much did Hugh Hefner pay for the crypt next to Marilyn Monroe? How is he turning it into a threesome? Who is on top?

7. Your book helps tourists find all kinds of unusual sites visitors to Hollywood always overlook, incluing sites that inspired songs. Tell us about "Our House," "Dead Man's Curve," and "The Sunset Grille." What is the story behind the death of Bobby Fuller ("I Fought the Law and the Law Won")?

8. Is getting a star on the Walk of Fame anything like getting into baseball's Hall of Fame? How much does a star cost and who pays for it? Which star is so vain that he put a star on the walkway of his own home?                                                                                        

9. The Apollo 11 astronauts were honored with a star, but not for being the first men on the moon. What were they honored for?                                                                                  

10. Donald Trump's star on the Walk of Fame is catcycorner to another alleged sexual harasser, Kevin Spacey.  How close is it to Michael Jackson's star? 

William A. Gordon
North Ridge Books
Rancho Mirage, CA