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Holiday Shopping for Family Can Include Long-Term Care Plan
Matt McCann -- Long Term Care Expert Matt McCann -- Long Term Care Expert
Kansas City , MO
Tuesday, December 03, 2019

Matt McCann - Long-Term Care Specialist

Experts are suggesting that Cyber Monday sales will top $9.4 billion. This total doesn't count many billions spent at brick and mortar stores. The holidays seem to be all about shopping. However, the reality is the season revolves around family and friends. These relationships help fuel the power shopping most Americans are expecting to finish before Christmas.

So why would long-term care planning be a part of holiday shopping? According to Matt McCann, a nationally known speaker and expert in long-term care planning, planning for the financial costs and burdens of aging is really all about your family.

"Often people seem surprised that the holidays are one of my busiest times of the year. What better gift to give those you love than the peace-of-mind knowing that your future longevity will not burden your spouse and children and their families," McCann said to a group of accountants.

McCann explained that when no plan for long-term care is in place it is usually a daughter or daughter-in-law that becomes the caregiver or the manager of paid care services. This creates a tremendous burden on the whole family and the loss of control and independence of the person needing care adds to the depression of aging.

"As accountants, you see the end result. Families spending down their hard-earned life savings to pay for the expensive costs of care either at home or in a facility. This has an adverse impact on both lifestyle and legacy. In addition, the strain on the rest of the family also takes a big toll. There is a better solution," McCann said.

Long-Term Care Insurance provides the tax-free resources to pay for long-term care services in a person's own home as well as the variety of facility options which are available today. McCann says these affordable policies safeguard savings and income in addition to reducing the strain on family members.

"People tend to be focused on family members during the holidays. What a great gift for the family than to tell them they will not have to worry about being your caregiver in the future nor do they have to worry that the assets will disappear. Since the chance of needing care at some point in our life is so high, why would anyone ignore this issue," McCann said.

McCann said some people think Long-Term Care Insurance is expensive. McCann explained the facts.

"Today's Long-Term Care Insurance is easy, affordable, and rate stable income and asset protection. There are so many available plans and options to choose from. Plus, many people are unaware that Long-Term Care Insurance is custom designed. This is why speaking with a specialist is so critical," he said.

Most general insurance agents and financial advisors have little or no experience in long-term care. They often just work with one or two companies. They also no little about policy design, underwriting, and claims. The recommendations and quotes they offer are usually not very accurate and often lead to purchasing plans which cost way more than they should.

"Premiums can vary dramatically between companies, well over 100% for the exact same coverage. Every insurance company has its own underwriting rules which also affects the costs or even the availability of coverage. For accurate quotes and expert recommendations American families should seek the help of a qualified and experienced Long-Term Care specialist," McCann said.

McCann is licensed nationwide and uses a unique process that allows an individual or couple to view his computer screen on their own computer while speaking to him on the phone. It's an easy and pressure-free way to learn and compare all the options from all the companies.

"Getting accurate quotes is essential to your research in obtaining coverage. The best time to plan is in your 40s or 50s when your health is better and premiums are much lower. No matter your age, we still may be able to find the right plan to give your family the tools needed to take care of your future extended care needs," McCann said.

He recommends several online resources to assist in your research. One of them provides a cost of care calculator so you can determine both the current and future cost of care in your area. You can also see if tax incentives are available. Plus, your state may be one of 45 states which offer special Partnership Long-Term Care Insurance policies which offer additional dollar-for-dollar asset protection. Access the site here: https://www.ltcnews.com/resources/states

Consumers can learn more about long-term care planning at McCann's comprehensive website: https://mccannltc.net/resources/faq. On his website, there is a link to obtain free and accurate quotes from all the major companies.

McCann also works with financial advisors, insurance agents and professionals like accountants in order to help their clients plan for longevity.

"Most people I speak with end up thanking me for giving their family a plan which gives them the time to be family in the decades ahead. You can't sit and wait, take action and make a successful future retirement a reality without the fear of the consequences of long-term care," McCann added.

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