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Here’s The Brutal Truth About What Really Works With AI
Terry Brock -- Achievement Systems Terry Brock -- Achievement Systems
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Dateline: Orlando, FL
Friday, May 12, 2023


AI has a brutal truth about it that most people miss.

It is probably not what you’re thinking and this can make a difference in what you’re doing with your videos, audios, and other messages you send out to the world.

Check out the examples I cite here from those who are doing some brilliant work with AI that most don’t even consider.



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there’s a brutal truth that you need to know about Ai and it’s more than just what you think it is and it might not be exactly what you’re thinking oh I know this is where it’s going this world is moving fast and what you’ve got to do is you’ve got to stay on top of it and be able to see what’s happening that’s what we’re going to show you in this video I want to show you something that you need to know that really is going to be a delightful surprise and that’s what
we’re all about here at Stark raving entrepreneurs I’m Terry Brock your guide on that we’re going to show you exactly what you need to know with AI because it’s good for writing yes it’s good for making those great pictures and those videos I like that it’s great for making the the graphics going in tools like mid-journey and tools like stable diffusion canva doing great ideas with that and it’s more than just the audio that we get from tools like 11 Labs or Murph or other tools that are really
good what we’re going to do is we’re going to take you to the next level of AI in this particular video and stay with me to the end because I’ve got some tools for you that are going to really help you want to give these available to you my partner and fiancee Gina Carr and I put together Stark Raving Entrepreneurs and we got a special set of tools we want to give you that we’re going to make available to you so you can use it in your business in some powerful ways you see ai’s at a point
right now where it’s more than just doing the writing it’s about understanding your customer sensing their needs listening to them growing bigger ears as Chris Brogan has said so well you want to listen to your customers what they’re saying and be able to customize your responses in a wonderful way to help them it’s about being able to analyze customer choices and preferences and here’s the real key you want to be able to predict what they’re going to want before they even know it so that you can start
anticipating that think about that benefit my buddy Dan Burrus talks about being anticipating anticipatory lifestyle he talks about decision making we always anticipate what’s coming and by doing that you’re going to be able to get farther ahead you’re going to be able to say hey we knew that it was coming customers are going hey I was looking for new blue widgets and they had them right there nobody else was looking at Blue widgets but this company did you want your company to be that way now there’s some
tools that you can use to make that happen we’re going to show you some of those and what companies are doing right now to make it happen what you really want to do and make this your goal is you want to personalize the user experience it’s not just something they’re reading the stayed copy that they’re getting everywhere else it’s just boring what you want is something that is so personalized that they go they know what I want I like this in a way it’s kind of like with the wonderful
people at Amazon do I like it when they give me items that I have asked for before I’ve inquired about and I went over and I said okay maybe this is a good thing and I look at and then they come back with you like this here it is now it doesn’t always matter what I chose before maybe sometimes it was a random search or I was looking for it for a client at the time or for an article but it’s nice when they say here’s something we thought you would like it’s customized to me we’ve often said in
virtual reality in what we’re doing that you want to make sure you can make it as much as possible like the real world what you want to do is you want to humanize the virtual experience I think that’s important when you can humanize that virtual experience even more you’re going to get a competitive Advantage because think about it your competition can use the same tools that you can I tell you oh hey mid-journey is good for creating some graphics or I say stable diffusion is good for this or Dal E2 is
good for this guess what all of your competitors can do the same thing so you’ve got to go to the next level and that is the brutal truth about AI right now see it’s moving very fast you can’t sit back and just write wait and go okay hey I’m just going to sit back here and rest I’ve got AI I don’t have to do the work no you got to get with the program Sparky it’s going to be up to you to get moving with it but what you want to do is you want to customize that and make sure that it’s really ideally suited and
customized to what your customer wants and what they are going to want in the future anticipate what their needs can be one of the ways that you can do that is you personalize the chats the email the interaction they have with you and you can use the Bots to do that the chat Bots done right it’s almost like a real human being is there sometimes you do need that real human being I get it we really want that but a lot of questions a lot of inquiries a lot of customized thoughts that we’ll have and the
inquiries that we have really can be answered by those chat Bots the chat Bots can come in and make sure that it’s really set and the customer goes hey I like that click I want to buy it and that’s ultimately what you’re shooting for see here’s the real key you want to automate as much as you can so that you believe that human contact for something that is really special you’ve automated the common task you know the kind of questions that people are normally asking in your company use that and
automate that as much as possible and then when it comes time that they want to talk to a real human being you or someone else then you’re there to be able to help them in a personalized way and the automation is taken care of as much as possible build the systems that you need Gina my fiance my partner had her undergrad degree from Georgia Tech in industrial and systems engineering matter of fact Georgia Tech is the number one school in the world in that area systems engineering industrial system engineering that’s key and what
you want to do is develop those systems matter of fact one of the ways that Gene and I got together is because we both like that that was just we had another thing we both like I named my company 40 years ago looking at Achievement System actually it was a little bit later than that but uh I named that and have had that name both in Georgia and here in Florida with a full C corporation achievement Systems Inc think about how you can get systems that will help you to achieve and these are the ways that you want to start thinking about AI
going Beyond just writing I want to give you some tools like I mentioned at the end that you’re going to be able to get and be able to start using these in a profoundly wonderful way so here’s the process you want to go through first of all you want to analyze the customer data that you have in the information let machines do this you might think well I think I know what they want and that’s good or my gut tells me that we ought to do that well with all due respect to your gut sometimes it can be wrong it’s better to
touch many millions of data points that’s where AI can do it it can be out there saying okay what is happening here what’s happening there a lot of tools out there are doing that right now we’re seeing tools like dscript that goes out there and they look around the world to find out what people are looking for right now in your Niche and they’ll get that we also see that there lately is doing that Gene has been experimenting with that a little bit and seeing some really good results another one I like
is the vidyo.ai v-i-d-y-o-video dot AI gives you the ability to go out and find lots of data points of what people are looking for and then customize the message that way this is the way you’ve got to do it it’s the brutal truth of what we’ve got to do about AI it’s not just about writing copy for us easier then we copy and paste it don’t do that if you’re just copying and pasting you’re missing the boat you want to use that as a starting point and then you customize it and then once you’ve analyzed your customer data
you want to then be able to predict what they are looking for be able to take some really good prediction based on the data not just based on what you think not just based on oh I heard three guys at the bar talking about that that’s not the way to do it you want to do it in the Smart Way looking out there getting thousands hundreds of thousands millions of data points and that’s where AI can do it it can do it much faster than you and I ever can so let’s use that as a tool to get ahead there’s companies that
are doing that right now and I want to show you some that are doing that one company that’s doing that very well is Olay matter of fact here’s our website Olay where you get a chance to personalize my routine I like that the way they say that you can look at that that you’re going to be able to do it so whether you’re new in the skin skin care or you just want to boost your current product lineup we can help you build the skin routine of your dreams now that’s a pretty bold promise but you see what
they do is down here they make it real because what they do is they give you their skin advisor evaluation look at this it says tell me about your skin concerns and let our advanced technology well guess what the advanced technology is it’s AI yeah that’s their advanced technology but they’re saying let our advanced technology evaluate your selfie for a routine that meets your needs that is nothing short of brilliant I think that what Olay is doing there is they’re allowing their customers to analyze what’s going on I
love the way they do this here on the website when you look at it or here they give you the ability for the regime Basics so you look at follow this easy one two three guide to structure your own routine or choose from our top routines below so you see what you’re doing here if you’re looking at you’re cleansing it I hear that’s a good thing to do you hear the cleanse you have the cleansing then you treat your skin with the right serums and boosters to customize your routine to your skin goals layer from thinnest to thickest
what they’re doing is they’re saying hey we’re going to make this work for you in a profound way and I’m a person who believes this is what you need to do oh and then finally on their final Point here you moisturize and protect if your skin routine were a movie your moisturizer would be the star and don’t forget to to use SPF during the day so you see what they’re doing is they are helping their customers people who are interested in their skin to analyze what’s needed and they’re using AI to do
that I’d recommend bounce over there to olay.com that’s o l a y olay.com I’m not getting any compensation for this however if they want to give me some money that’s fine too start craving entrepreneur but no seriously go over there to olay.com look at what they’re doing seeing how they’re doing start thinking okay how can we use that same idea and the Technologies for what we are doing in our business another way that companies are using AI is with very intelligent chat Bots by building in the common questions that
are asked you can make your routines much easier for your customers they get the answers they want faster and you’re able to do it there’s something I want to share with you here that I think is pretty good it’s from v24 this is a company that’s put together some interesting things here they make a promise here look at this automate conversations to drive efficiency free up precious Agent Time hey that’s really important and provide fast convenient customer service and sales support conversational AI helps you meet greet
and complete customer request 24 7. now that is one whale of a promise and guess what they meet it because they’re using AI to satisfy these needs what they’re doing is they’re anticipating and you think about it I’ll bet you in your business there’s a lot of questions that come over and over regular questions and you know the answer is that and you’re going okay I’ve answered this 500 billion times well automate that so that now it can be answered in a friendly customer-centric way to solve that issue
and I think they do that very well over here when we look at what v24 is doing notice what they’re saying here when they say you can free up agent time with intelligent chat Bots I like that let intelligent AI powered chat Bots handle any volume of online queries freeing up valuable time for your highly trained agents this is the key you see what they’re doing is they’re saying we’re going to save that precious one-on-one human time for those wonderful people that work for us but we’re not going to
take up their time with things that a chat bot can do if the chat bot can do it let’s let a chatbot do that very thing they say the chat bot enjoys engaging in small talk understands natural language and provides answers quickly and in compliance with your business policies this is what you want to do you think it through carefully you say okay how can we put all this together to make sure that we’re answering the questions that our customers have that people who are prospects that are looking at what we’ve
got they’re going well I want to check it out a little bit and you’re right there almost as if it were a person this is a challenge and this is where you got to start working harder we’ve got to say okay how can I use these tools called AI get to know those tools so that we can humanize them as much as possible so that the people think when they’re when your prospects or your customers are interfacing with them and they go hey this is a real person I think although you let them know this is a chat dot hi
I’m a chat bot Terry and I’m here to help you and we’ve got a real human being standing by to help you but this can help you right now in a profound way so I like what they’re doing here on this they’re giving some exceptional customer service and notice here’s a real key 24 7. to put people there 24 7 is a lot of work and what you want to do is be able to stay away from that it’s a lot of work and it’s also very expensive when you can let machines do it you get a chance to do that and here’s what you do
you elevate and upsell with co-browsing use co-browsing to guide the customer to a relevant web page for information you’ll see increased average order value using this powerful capability to close upsell and cross-sell opportunities the chat bot understands customer intent and gets smarter over time using v24’s AI enabled architecture this is the key and this is what you and I need to start thinking about how can we do this now even if you say hey I don’t have that in the budget right now okay that’s cool we
understand that but start moving in that direction besides you and I have been around Technology Long if you’re watching this you know because you’ve been around technology for a while it gets better and it gets cheaper so I want you to start thinking that way how can we do this to make the customer experience even better and there’s another way that you can use AI to get further ahead that helps you and your sales people and that other way is really really helpful for human beings it’s coaching we know we need coaching
in different areas whatever you want to learn hiring a coach is a good thing it’s something that Gina and I do a lot we coach a lot of people a lot of entrepreneurs on how to use the tools how to present yourself on video many things like that well here’s something that has come up that I think is pretty incredible from G2 they Illustrated it over here where you can get a good best sales coaching software you get sales coaching software that gives sales people and managers the ability to analyze sales calls and help refine
technique establish best practices and improve sales close rates hey that sounds like a good idea sales coaching tools enable continuous training with features such as conversation intelligence live feedback from observers and the signaling of upsell or close opportunities hey this is something that I remember we had with real human beings years ago when I was fresh out of undergrad school I worked for a radio station and I got a chance to do some selling I loved it I actually did on-air work at the farm and Country
show where I went through and talked about farming and what’s going on prices on Commodities Etc I loved it it was wonderful and then in our staff meetings we would have the seasons coaches the station manager that would give feedback when we do role play try to sell him on this get another sales person and I’m going to try to sell this person on that and then our sales manager would come in and say Terry instead of saying this phrase try it this way or here’s another way that you could do it do it this way
well now what we can do is we can use a sales coach to make that happen that is AI so that way you’ve got someone that’s available 24 7. I don’t have to wait until next Tuesday when the station manager is going to have time finally to do some sales training this is where everybody benefits because when you do it that way you’re going to be able to do it and he says here these platforms may also provide a repository of previously recorded sales and here I’m going to click on the show Morris Park
so you can see that sales calls as well as a list of upcoming sales deals in the pipeline this provides greater visibility over which sales calls may have a direct influence over Revenue in some cases live feedback and review is offered by a third party representative or artificial intelligence with help from these tools teams can reduce ramp Time by quickly identifying areas for improvement and align out aligning the messaging and approach among client-facing salespeople I like that I think that kind of approach gives you a
real Advantage it gives you the ability to get more done by using AI to train sales people with the commonly asked questions this is a game changer and this is where our world is today you’ve got an opportunity to go ahead farther than ever before usingtelligence the artificial intelligence as well as the human intelligence let’s use both of them I think by using this we’re going to be able to do a whole lot more I like this what they’re talking about here and I’d encourage you to take a look at that
see what’s available and how you can use it in some profoundly wonderful ways and we’ve got some tools that are going to help you in many different ways matter of fact one that I want to tell you about is our Stark raving entrepreneurs program that gives you the ability to get a lot done don’t just fast forward on this this one’s important for you for your business because we’ve got meetings every week you go over to start craving entrepreneurs you’ll see about star cravingevent.com where every Wednesday
at 4 pm U.S eastern time we give you the chance to hear from amazing people we just had some this week they were showing us great tools that are going to help you to get more business but how help you to get more customers happy and get the things they want and a lot of good things there but also would like you to let the algorithms know hey you like this you want to share it with others and subscribe to this so that way you’re going to get more information and you’re really letting the world know that our live and and Let Live policy is
the way to live life this is a peaceful way to say hey we’re tired of all the violence and the the yuck that’s going on in the world and we’re going to embrace something that is much more profound peace and being able to create an abundance as an entrepreneur and matter of fact here’s that tool I was telling you about take a look at this it’s AI tools for biz.
com AI tools and that’s the number four b-i-z.com matter of fact here make it a little bit easier for you also here’s a QR code for those of you are catching this on video if you’re watching listening to this on audio you’ll want to go over there maybe catch the video but it’s AI tools the number four biz.
com and that’ll give you some tools it’ll help you in writing tools in creating the images that you need tools will help you in audio and even more so a lot of good things are there and we want to hear from you please let us know you can leave a comment below on whatever platform you’re getting this and let us know your thoughts your questions we want to hear from you and a matter of fact even more goodies right over here we’ve got another video for those of you catching this on video a video that’s going to help you with AI we’re getting a lot of good response on
this particular one and we want you to be part of it I’m Terry Brock thank you very much for joining me

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