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Help Gallery Book Press win Book Cover of the Month
Sharrye Schlerf  ---  Gallery Books Press Sharrye Schlerf --- Gallery Books Press
Richmond, VA
Wednesday, December 2, 2020

"Direction in an Age of Confusion"
Thrilled to participate in the December Book Cover competition hosted by AllAuthor.com featuring my epic thriller, "Direction in an Age of Confusion".
The AllAuthor site is an awesome platform for both new and established authors. It assists promotional efforts and features worthy contests for additional visibility.
Did you know that our publisher Sharrye Schlerf is also an ordained chaplain well versed in biblical studies. Whether unique vision these days amid headline turbulence foreshadowing historical timeline.  
Do you savor historical works.  Mysteries. Christian genre?  
Discover Christian prophetic thrillers as "Direction in an Age of Confusionthat study historical timeline.
Reading matters.  So does history. Searching for "Direction in an Age of Confusion" also discover the "Prophet's Blog" as Storyteller background.  
An epic work, years in the making, Chaplain Schlerf has also created a new blog as backgrounder insight relaying scripture parallels.  http://ow.ly/vujl30rka7V
Here's some thumbnail summaries of recent blogs.
blog 27 theme  
Is this the Great American Awakening?  Or Churches silently rising to challenge "Separation" issues. This blog edition also features suggested Bible study with the Book of Jeremiah.
blog 28 theme
Does your belief in heaven change the way you live on earth?  Shall we recall the "underground churches" based on the political persecution of Christians. Historical bloodied inquests and blame.
blog 29 theme
Our Thanksgiving post, celebrating cultural heritage of the Native Nanticoke Nation.
Stay connected these days.  Meet us online at our assorted social pages.  
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