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Help Business Readers Succeed in Green Business (Rapidly Growing)
Shel Horowitz, Marketing Consultant - Going Beyond Sustainability Shel Horowitz, Marketing Consultant - Going Beyond Sustainability
Hadley, MA
Thursday, September 26, 2013

 Did you know...

* Even while the overall construction industry was contracting 17 percent, the green building sector skyrocketed 1700 percent from 2006-2011

* The organic food market jumped 238 percent, while sales of non-food organic jumped 400 percenτ

* Walmart alone opened up a $15.44 billion/year market, selling organic food to people who mostly don't go to natural foods stores

* From 2002-2011, renewable energy use increased 456 percent

* Western Europeans typically use about half the energy per capita as people in the United States, and their per capita carbon output ranges from 1/3 (France) to 1/2 (IK) the US; thus, Americans can easily slash their carbon footprint and energy consumption without any significant effect on lifestyle

For your business readers, this means they need to embrace green in both marketing and operations, or they will be left behind

--> Green and Profitable Column Helps Those Readers Succeed in the Rapidly Growing Green Marketplace

Running monthly since 2010, the monthly column, "Green and Profitable," by multiple-award-winning author Shel Horowitz, provides concrete help for business owners seeking success with green products and services. The Green And Profitable column gives your business readers an edge in profitable marketing and operations.

Trained as a journalist, Horowitz provides 600-800 words of well-written clean copy every month, on time and ready to run in your publication.

Using how-tos, case studies of success, and news/trend pieces, "Green and Profitable" demonstrates that...

* Green and ethical businesses can turn their commitments into marketing advantages--using the full array of outreach techniques

* Green practices can actually be cheaper than continuing to pollute

* Green companies are better placed to survive in today's cultural climate

--> How to Run the Green And Profitable Column (or the Consumer Column, Green And Practical):

The column is available at a cost of just $6.25 (two-year subscription to Green And Profitable and its sister column for consumers, Green and Practical) to $10 (one-year subscription to just one column) per insertion.

To run the business-oriented Green And Profitable column in your publication, read sample columns, and preview the headlines and leads of all columns published since 2010, please visit http://greenandprofitable.com/green-and-profitable-column/

To run the consumer-oriented Green And Practical column and to read sample columns, please visit http://greenandpractical.info/green-and-practical-column/

If you'd like to run both columns, either link will get you started.

--> Horowitz's Credentials:

Horowitz's award-winning eighth book Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green (John Wiley & Sons, 2010, $21.95, co-authored with Jay Conrad Levinson) has been on the Amazon.com environmental category bestseller at least 30 months since its release--two months at #1. He also wrote the e-book Painless Green: 111 Tips to Help the Environment, Lower Your Carbon Footprint, Cut Your Budget, and Improve Your Quality of Life-With No Negative Impact on Your Lifestyle. Six of his books have won one or more awards and/or been translated and republished in other countries (Japan, Korea, Italy, Turkey, Mexico, India). His green profitability expertise has been endorsed by top names in the green business world, including Joel Makower, founder of GreenBiz.com, Jacquelyn Ottman, author of The New Rules of Green Marketing, and Priti Ambani, Managing Editor, Ecopreneurist. He has published more than 1000 articles and has been producing steady monthly content since 1997 when he founded the first of his e-mail newsletters.

As a public speaker, Horowitz has been acclaimed by audiences from

Switzerland to San Francisco, and has given his "Making Green sexy" talk at national and international events such as Forum Davos, Green America's Green Festival, Bioneers-By-the-Bay/Connecting for Change, SolarFest, Gulf Coast

Green, and international conferences of the PRSA, ASJA, ABC, IBPA, and others.

Horowitz's consulting clients include the National Environmental Hall of Fame, Better World Club (the green alternative to AAA), and Healthy House Institute, among others.

Horowitz has been in both the green world and the marketing world since the early 1970s, and he walks his talk. He even solarized his 1743 farmhouse--possibly the oldest solar home in the United States.


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Summary: Eco-marketing journalist and author Shel Horowitz launches "Green and Profitable," a monthly column helping green business owners achieve success.

Contact: Shel Horowitz, 413-586-2388, shel@greenandprofitable.com

Twitter: @ShelHorowitz

Website: http://greenandprofitable.com/green-and-profitable-column/

Keywords: green and profitable, syndicated column, green marketing, guerrilla marketing goes green, shel horowitz, jay conrad levinson, book awards

Summary: Eco-marketing journalist and author Shel Horowitz launches "Green and Profitable," a monthly column helping green business owners achieve success, and "Green And Practical," another monthly column helping consumers lower their carbon footprint and go green affordably and easily.

Sources of statistics: Bullets 1, 2, and 4 were taken from Green America's August 2013 report, "The Big Green Opportunity for Small Businesses in the United States." Bullet 3 was extrapolated by Shel Horowitz from public data about the size of the organic food market, and Walmart's share of that market. Carbon footprint information in bullet 5, and energy consumption information is found on page 23 of Oil and Security: A World Beyond Petroleum, edited by Ernst G. Frankel (Springer, 2007).

Subscribe at no cost to Shel Horowitz's monthly Clean and Green Newsletter and get these powerful bonuses: Seven Tips to Gain Marketing Traction as a Green Guerrilla, plus Seven Weeks to a Greener Business: tips on going greener with printing, energy saving, waste reduction, water conservation, transportation, going deep-green, and of course, green marketing (on tip a week for seven weeks). Plus, of course, the informative monthly newsletter, published steadily since 1997.

To sign up for the newsletter, opt in at the top-right corner of: http://GreenAndProfitable.com/

Do you edit a publication or media channel? Shel's syndicated monthly column, Green And Profitable, will enlighten your readers on green profitability.

To see sample columns and learn how to run Green and Profitable in your publication (or its sister, column for consumers, Green And Practical, visit: http://GreenAndProfitable.com/Green-and-Profitable-Column/

Follow Shel at: @ShelHorowitz
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