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HeavenSentHemp Surprises Attendees at Southern Hemp Expo
HeavenSentHemp TEAM Dr. Brent Davis -- HeavenSentHemp
Nashville, TN
Wednesday, October 3, 2018

HeavenSentHemp Surprises Attendees at Southern Hemp Expo

Dr. Brent Davis & Ed Harrison, founders of HeavenSentHemp™, a budding Tennessee industrial hemp growing, research, and processing enterprise, received an enthusiastic welcome at the Southern Hemp Expo (Sept.28,29) in Nashville, TN. Attracting a constant crowd at the HeavenSentHemp™ display area was the intriguing experiment Dr. Davis was conducting. After forty years of clinical practice, he has developed a unique skill set enabling him to quickly assess the neuromuscular system of a person based on analytic questioning re his/her history and symptoms, followed by neuromuscular testing.

Expo attendees were treated to mini exams by Dr. Davis to discover areas in the upper or lower extremities having muscular weakness, potentially due to nervous system impairment. He was fascinated to learn that in spite of the fact that many of his volunteer participants had sampled a number of whole hemp and CO2-extracted isolate CBD products during the day just prior to seeing him, nevertheless, they were still exhibiting muscular weakness. However, when he applied HeavenSentHemp™ artisanally extracted transdermal organic olive oil hemp extract, in virtually every case the initial weaknesses disappeared immediately after topical application (and after taste sampling of the oral products as well). The subject in this video, Terrence, is one of about 20 attendees who exhibited this remarkable, transformational response. His experience was recorded spontaneously as follows:


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