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Hear, See and Enjoy upcoming Scottish Artist Event at the Mayflower Club on Sept 9th
Bo Lebo -- NEO,Inc. -- Literacy Matters Bo Lebo -- NEO,Inc. -- Literacy Matters
Los Angeles, CA
Saturday, August 27, 2022

Show your support and appreciation- pledge at KPFK today and get online to get your I Fyfe tickets
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Hear ye, one and all, Pacifica Programming featuring visiting Scottish Artist, Iona Fyfe in honor of her touring show September 9th at the NOHO Mayflower Club presented by the Celtic Arts Center today.

Fall is upon us, and Saturday is a day to hear your favorite songwriters, players, performances, and Americana to traditional labels et al. Mary Catherine can be reached on the phone now to say hello and take part in the pledge drive.  Appreciate their long term show and house concerts….become a member or a monthly contributor.

From John Prine to Iona Fyfe, pledge and become a member and remember to book tickets for Iona Fyfe's show.

Roots Music and Beyond- raises money for KPFK and promotes Iona Fyfe show this morning. 

Here's  a quick reminder to pledge to forward the Pacifica network and get on the net and order your tickets for the Mayflower Club- Celtic Arts Center celebration and cultural arts fund raiser as soon as you can.

They also are promoting Lawrence Lebo at McCabe's coming up on the 3rd!!

Thank you to the Saturday hosts and the ongoing education, community call outs, and craft and practice of folk, blue grass, and international instigation of styles, languages, picking, strumming, humming and a shout out to labels, promoters, venues, gatherings, and visiting traveling players, storytellers, performers, fiddle contestants that keep this music and the station alive. 

You will see new friends, some of the Scottish Fiddlers of LA, and the new Mayflower Club when you come out on September 9th.

Hear Iona Fyfe featured singing Matty Groves on Roots Music and Beyond today on KPFK…come to see her on September 9tth and get your tickets now. If you missed her, you can use your phone and hear the show on the KPFK 90.7 online archives.  Scroll down and find the show.  Listen to Iona and her record and make a pledge keep this kind of music and community celebration alive 818-985-5735.

Get tickets, cds of celtic music (ask for the grab bag), last day of this pledge drive from your member supported station.  Call and ask for your gift.  Keep Pacifica and this music show supported for festivals, venues, performers, fans, upcoming artists and sooooooo much more. Slainte! (To your Health!)

Scottish Language Instruction online:

Gaelic Language & Culture - Gael-Talk

A BBC Interview regarding Scots being recognized because of her successful Iona Fyfe campaign:

Iona Fyfe - Banks of Inverurie [Official Video] - Bing video

(20+) Iona Fyfe | Facebook

Find her work on Spotify where Scots is now recognized as a world language submission option.  




Pledge now at KPFK.org.com, keep this show on the air and  the station and network in the black.

Get your ticket for Iona Fyfe at www.celticartscenter.com and check out the weekly services, classes, and upcoming events!

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