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Health Expert Insists on Only 'Single Ingredient' Foods
Randy Rolfe - Parenting, Family and Lifestyle Author and Speaker Randy Rolfe - Parenting, Family and Lifestyle Author and Speaker
West Chester, PA
Thursday, May 16, 2024


We Are Not To Blame For Our Addiction to Ultra-Processed Foods, Says Expert

With all the confusion and conflict about eating habits and what foods are good or bad for health, nutritionist and family health expert Randy Rolfe claims that the only way to get back to a healthy relationship to food is to avoid industrialized processed food altogether and build a diet around only single ingredient foods that you might have found in your great grandmother's kitchen.

Claims that the obesity epidemic can be explained by eating too much and not exercising enough, the calories in and calories out mantra, ignores the fact, says Rolfe, that today's processed food products are deliberately designed to cause over-eating by manipulating our taste buds and hormones to make us want to eat more than we need.

With 74% of Americans at an unhealthy weight, up from 48% just 45 years ago, and with over half of adults suffering from one or more chronic diseases known to be related to poor diet, Rolfe urges policy makers to slow down the mechanical, chemical, and genetic manipulation of foods and to prioritize those single ingredient foods which retain their original structure and nutrients from nature, free of chemical residues from agriculture and needing no extra sugar, salt, seed oils, and chemical additives.

Rolfe is the author of The Single Ingredient Diet: Transform Your Relationship to Food in Just 21 Days. She made that transformation herself 53 years ago, and has been teaching people ever since about how to create healthy happy families, with her many books, courses, seminars, and counseling.


Randy Rolfe, JD, MA, Institute for Creative Solutions. Author of nine popular books on parenting,nutrition and family life, Randy Rolfe has appeared on over 50 TV network talk shows and hundreds of radio and online shows, and has hosted her own show Family First. She grew up in a beautiful mansion, went to the best schools, and traveled the world every summer with her parents. But both parents suffered from alcoholism. So she is dedicated to showing people a better way to lifelong happiness and health. She draws on her wide experiences as a lawyer, nutritionist, therapist, educator, and theologian to uplift the lives of others. She's known for her friendly, compassionate style and direct, practical advice. Contact Randy at https//randyrolfe.com.

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