Ina Hillebrandt -- Author, Publisher, Writing Coach, Speaker Ina Hillebrandt -- Author, Publisher, Writing Coach, Speaker
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: Los Angeles, CA
Saturday, May 6, 2023

A day full of laughter and conversation at the DPA pre-Emmys event before the BIG NIGHT. So many special moments. Kandi Krush, on client and friend Chester L. Richards' right, in the Lady Wrestlers from Total Divas pic, impressed him with the firmness of her grip. Being surrounded by the bevy of beauties connected with the show...well, as a friend told him, he was clearly livin' the good life.

I had a fun back and forth with actor William Sanford Davis, of the swell best comedy nominated Abbott Elementary. He was attired in pristine white ripped jeans. I complimented him and asked with a slight smirk, "Did you create that design?" He told me his mother would have taken one look at him and said, "You paid money for those jeans?'" Just like my grandmother. Lovely moment in time.

When I realized I was talking to not just your average guy with a dog in a fancy hotel, but the creator of Ozark, Mark Williams, the  writer in me was overcome. Told him how hooked I'd become. Though at first I'd been turned off by how dark the show seemed, my daughter kept telling me it was must-see. So I tried again, and in case you are one of the three or four people on the planet who hasn't seen Ozark, this is for sure binge TV. It was informative and fun talking with Mark a bit about his work on the show (he has a finely tuned sense of wry) , and  what he sees coming in the world of The Biz.

Then there's Better Call Saul, yet another binge-worthy series of course. The show's masterful Giancarlo Esposito and Chester had a deep personal conversation. A bit I caught before stepping away to give them privacy was the actor's surprise that the author knew how to spell Giancarlo. Chester told him it was easy. His mother's family was from Sicily.

Gotta tell you I was totally thrilled to meet Alex Borstein. Her character is just phenomenal in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, which is so well done in every respect. Story, character development, writing, acting, set design, costumes, editing, all that goes into production, and the entire cast. What a treat to meet this particular fave actress.

Christopher McDonald, the acting veteran up for his role in the terrific show Hacks, loved Chester's story about his involvement with Star Trek, and they, too had a lively conversation. And of course the show's leading lady Jean Smart carried the day with her knockout acceptance speech. 

The people whom we met were a diverse lot indeed, and all had their own fascinating stories of course. Chester's proud to say many seemed genuinely intrigued when hearing about the tales in his book. Looked that way to me. In fact, that stack of books had greatly dwindled by day's end.

Will be showing more photos and sharing more stories soon, both here and on Chester's Site.

From the author two days before the 2022 Awards were announced and presented: "What an eye-opening experience. Another adventure. My editor tells me I'll be writing about it one of these days.  Meantime, wishing luck tonight to the brilliant nominees."

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