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HO HO HO It’s Holiday Gift Time Again !!!
Steve Greenberg --  Gadget Guy aka Innovation Insider Steve Greenberg -- Gadget Guy aka Innovation Insider
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: New York, NY
Saturday, November 6, 2021



Holiday Shop and Have a Laugh at the Same Time

Check out my YouTube Gadget Game Show—

The show is called — “WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?

It’s sort of “Shark Tank” meets “What’s My Line?” / “I’ve Got A Secret”

During each episode panelists try to guess the identity of a mystery gadget

Here’s the link to the show: www.youtube.com/c/whattheheckisthat

Maybe you’ll find a HOLIDAY GIFT while watching the show !!!

Reindeer Ring Toss 3D Ugly Christmas Sweater – This very ugly holiday sweater includes two ring pockets, two detachable reindeer antlers, and six plastic toss rings.  It is made from 100% Acrylic. It’s $59.99 from www.uglychristmassweater.com Here’s the link to the sweater: https://www.uglychristmassweater.com/products/reindeer-ring-toss-3d-ugly-christmas-sweater

Pawz, The Calming Pup by hand2mind — is a calming companion teaching kids ages 3 and up how to manage their emotions through social-emotional learning (SEL). Kids practice mindfulness and breath awareness with this pup’s auto adjusting light that guides children through engaging breath activities; inhaling when the light gets brighter and exhaling as the light fades. Along the way, kids are exposed to the nuances of social-emotional learning as Pawz encourages them to be fully present and bring awareness to their thoughts and feelings. Priced around $20 on Amazon. Pawz The Calming Pup also doubles as a night light, glowing in five colors and has different timer options for a calming bedtime routine.  Available now on Amazon.com

Kinoo – is a video chat app with a wireless wand to make video calls between kids and adults (i.e. grandparents) more engaging, meaningful and fun. The app is filled with interactive games, stories and play-prompts enhanced by the motion-sensing wand, designed to bridge the gap between children and adults on video chat. For children as young as 3 and adults as old as 103, Kinoo is designed for family members of all ages to connect, communicate, play and learn together.  Kinoo has been honored with an AARP 2021 Innovation Award. The iOS app can be downloaded in the Apple App store.  The Kinoo wand and year’s subscription are bundled together for $99 at Kinoo.com

Pinwheel Phone with Bark-
Overwhelmed thinking about which cell phone is right for your kid, especially if it’s their first one? Wouldn’t it be nice to know someone did all the hard work for you to know your kids are protected from digital dangers and will have a positive experience the minute they unwrap their device? That’s exactly what Pinwheel and Bark have done by teaming up to ensure your child’s first digital experience is a healthy one! Designed especially for kids ages 6-13, Pinwheel phones come pre-installed with hand-selected apps­ (everything from games to educational) endorsed by a team of educators and therapists. One of those apps is called Bark, a top monitoring and filtering software that monitors texts, photos and lots of other platforms, but ONLY alerts you when there’s cause for concern. That means you don’t have to slog through a gazillion texts or pictures, and more importantly, you’re establishing trust by not having unfettered access to all of your kid’s accounts. Bark is a leader in the online safety space, protecting more than 5 million kids online (at home and in close to 3,000 schools & districts nationwide). Together, the Pinwheel phone with Bark is a great way to introduce your child to the digital world with a completely customizable experience and safety monitoring. Our holiday deal is for $129 for the slim model phone (regularly priced at $149) and is valid between November 15,, 2021 and January 22, 2022. You’ll still need subscriptions to both Bark and Pinwheel (they’ve got special pricing on that, too), in addition to choosing a cellular carrier. Your kids finally get the phone they’ve been begging you for this season and YOU get peace of mind! WIN/WIN! Everything can be found online at www.pinwheel.com/bark

OttLite Achieve LED Sanitizing Desk Lamp — This bacteria killing desk light also charges your devices.  This holiday season, shine a light on your home office or e-learning space with the OttLite Achieve LED Sanitizing Desk Lamp with proven, patented SpectraClean technology that safely breaks down harmful bacteria to create a healthier and more productive space. Plus, with two ways to charge your devices (wireless charging and USB port), it’s a gift they’ll use all year long. Research shows that more than two thirds of office workers are at risk of sickness due to dirty desks. The average desk contains 400 times more germs than a toilet seat and cell phones are covered in germs: 25,127 bacteria per square inch. The OttLite Achieve LED Sanitizing Desk Lamp features patented technology that breaks down bacteria at the cellular level making the bacteria unable to reproduce and infect. Safe for skin and eyes, it is blended with eyestrain-reducing OttLite ClearSun LEDs to create a clean, white light ideal for reading, working, studying, crafting and more.  You can find more information at ottlite.com/sanitize-achieve. This OttLite Desk Lamp is under $50 exclusively at Walmart.com and Walmart stores nationwide.

OWC USB-C Travel Dock — is 5 essential ports, up to 100W of pass-through charging, and just one cable. The OWC USB-C Travel Dock is ready to display, charge, connect, and import while you’re on the move or working from home. It is palm-sized and lightweight. It slips easily into your bag and stays neat with built-in cable storage.  OWC USB-C Travel Dock helps lighten your load of adapters and dongles while expanding your connectivity options – USB-C, USB-A, SD Card, and HDMI ports. With minimal gear, you can find inspiration anywhere, download your SD card quickly, and keep covering the moment. In addition to USB Type-C connectivity, the OWC USB-C Travel Dock is also fully compatible with Thunderbolt 3 equipped Macs and PCs and iOS, Android, and Chrome OS devices and may be connected directly through a Thunderbolt 3 port on a computer or Thunderbolt 3 device. Having power and charging options can help keep your work flowing when you’re on the go. The OWC USB-C Travel Dock can be used via bus power when you don’t access a power outlet. Or use your notebook’s USB-C adapter to deliver up to 100W of pass-through power and use the open port on your computer to connect another device.  Purchase: MSRP $54.99 and available on MacSales: https://eshop.macsales.com/item/OWC/TCDK5P2SG/ Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/OWC-USB-C-Travel-Power-Through/dp/B07W74D2QR

Capresso Froth Select — prepares café quality frothed milk for rich cappuccinos, lattes, flat whites and other specialty beverages.  Plus, it is ideal for creating rich, frothy hot chocolate using chocolate chips, chunks, syrup or powder. It’s easy to use, featuring simple one-button operation with illuminated control. There are four settings to choose from: cold froth, hot froth, hot milk or hot chocolate. Capresso’s special hot chocolate function allows the user to add chocolate chips or chunks directly into the pitcher during the frothing process. $99.99. Available at Capresso.com.

Culture Greetings — is a Black-owned greeting card brand. Customers can pick a card online and write a note inside using handwriting fonts that mirror real penmanship. Through innovative technology, Culture Greetings will print, stamp and mail the cards directly to the recipient – saving the sender a trip to the store. The platform also offers same-day greeting card pickup in partnership with Walgreens.   Culture Greetings has over 2,000 greeting cards spanning all mainstream and cultural holidays and occasions, life milestones, social justice, LGBTQ+, and photo-card templates for customized personal greetings.  Customers also have the option of adding a gift-card inside of the envelope from Target, Amazon, iTunes, Starbucks and other brands. Cards start at just $3.99 and that includes postage.  Go to: https://culturegreetings.com/collections/christmas

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