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Green Marketing Expert: How Green Can Get Traction with Nongreens
Shel Horowitz, Marketing Consultant - Going Beyond Sustainability Shel Horowitz, Marketing Consultant - Going Beyond Sustainability
Springfield, MA
Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Shel Horowitz's latest book, Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green
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HADLEY, MA: In the most recent (July, 2013) issue of his internationally syndicated column, Green And Profitable, best-selling author Shel Horowitz argues that green businesses have to reach beyond the green market.

In the first edition of the column (December, 2010), Horowitz noted that businesses that don't focus on the green market, including Walmart, are profiting handsomely by going green and marketing green.

Published continuously every month since 2010, Green and Profitable helps business owners succeed by going green and marketing green.

Here are excerpts from those two columns:

Convince on Climate Change with Nonenvironmental Arguments (July, 2013)

It's not just that they have less of a carbon footprint because they don't have to be transported great distances. The arguments that will persuade nongreens are how much better they taste, how many more nutrients are accessible in really fresh foods, and—among the more forward-thinking—how much more of a boost buying local provides to the local economy.

Going Green: Private Sector Must Take Up the Slack (December, 2010)

Walmart has taken numerous major steps toward sustainability in both its operations and its product line. Why?

1. Walmart's always been awesome at slashing the cost and boosting the efficiency of its logistics. So the dozens of green operations initiatives that actually save the company millions of dollars are a no-brainer. Examples range from fitting its long-haul trucks with separate temperature systems so the big diesels don't have to run just to heat or cool the cab, to switching to LED parking lot lighting in some stores–which slashed energy consumption by 48 percent and maintenance costs by 75 percent-to saving 678,000 barrels of oil and 290,000 metric tons of greenhouse gases a year just by cutting plastic shopping bag waste by a third.

2. The company realized that bringing in green product lines (from energy-efficient light bulbs to organic food to healthy cleaning and body care lines) opened up enormous revenue and profit potential. In other words, the company realized it could both save a fortune and make
a fortune. So what's not to like?

And this is the future of going green…

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