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Greater Commitment Needed for American Families and Caregivers
Matt McCann -- Long Term Care Expert Matt McCann -- Long Term Care Expert
San Diego, CA
Thursday, July 30, 2020

Matt McCann - Long-Term Care Specialist

The aging of America and the recent events of the current virus crisis underscores our need to have a greater commitment to families and caregivers of current and future older Americans. In a Zoom meeting with San Diego professional and family caregivers, one of the nation's top experts in long-term care planning made clear that the issue of long-term health care is not going to disappear.

"At one time, we could ignore the problem of long-term care. Today, we see the financial costs and burdens American families face due to the consequences of aging and health issues. Former First Lady Rosalyn Carter was ahead of her time when she said there were only four kinds of people in the world; 'those who have been caregivers, those who are currently caregivers, those who will be caregivers, and those who will need caregivers.' She was absolutely right, but too many people fail to plan, and the results are dramatic," said Matt McCann, a leading Long-Term Care Insurance specialist, speaker, and publisher of the website LTC NEWS.

When he purchased LTC NEWS, McCann said he was thinking about the many families who are impacted by long-term care and those who take care of their loved ones.

The website LTC NEWS provides articles, tools, and other resources to learn about long-term health care, aging, health, and retirement planning. 

"When I formed the company to purchase the assets of LTC NEWS, it showed our commitment to American families and caregivers, both unpaid caregivers and many people whose profession it is to take care of our loved ones. There are many affordable long-term care solutions for those who are preparing for a future retirement to choose. However, many people have not planned, and their families face how to best care for their Mom, Dad, spouse, or other loved one," McCann said.

LTC NEWS will continue to offer the resources to help both those who are researching plans to address aging's financial costs and burdens. It will also offer resources and tools for those looking for care options.

McCann said his company, McCann Insurance Services, Inc, will continue to offer affordable Long-Term Care Insurance solutions from all the major insurance companies. LTC NEWS will provide many resources to help people nationwide in their research. However, LTC NEWS will also have tools to help families deal with a declining parent or spouse when no advance plan was put in place.

The two companies are operated independently of each other.

"Whether we like it or not, we all are getting older. Just the other day, the CDC's National Center for Health Statistics tweeted an interesting and scary statistic. They said an 84-year-old woman in America could expect to live another 7 1/2 years on average, about a year longer than a man of the same age. Many of us will live well into our 80s. As a result, we will need help with everyday living activities or supervision due to cognitive decline," McCann said.

McCann said many family members across the country quit their jobs or reduce their hours to be a caregiver. They had little choice as they were forced into crisis management. Unlike the many trained professional caregivers on this Zoom meeting, they received little or no training and no pay for their efforts. The result is physical and emotional distress on the family caregiver and their family. Often, McCann added, there is financial strain as well.

"Professionally trained caregivers also face tremendous pressure and little pay when compared to their awesome responsibility. There is a way to provide quality care and reduce the burden American families face. However, this means facing reality with advance planning," McCann stated.

Forty-five states have active Long-Term Care Insurance Partnership Programs in place. Partnership Long-Term Care Insurance offers dollar-for-dollar asset protection. In some states, total asset protection is available. With a Partnership Long-Term Care Insurance policy a family can custom design an affordable plan and safeguard savings and ensure their choice of quality care at home or in a facility.

"In California, there are limited options with the Partnership Program, and the policies are expensive. There is talk of making changes so that California plans can have the same flexibility available in most states. As a result, the policies will be substantially more affordable. However, affordable LTC Insurance exists. No matter where you live, if you are age 45 to 65, you have many affordable options to consider, but you can't wait until your health changes or you get much older," McCann added.

McCann called for additional tax incentives on both the federal and state levels to encourage more people to purchase these affordable policies. He said too many people, including financial advisors, know little or nothing about the partnership program. McCann said too many think Long-Term Care Insurance is too expensive, and they fail to mention it to their clients.

"The fact is Long-Term Care Insurance is custom designed and very affordable for many American families. Yet, we see many professionals say otherwise. Premiums can vary over 100% between insurance companies for the same benefits. Plus, unlike the policies sold decades ago, today's Long-Term Care Insurance is easy, affordable, and rate stable income and asset protection.," McCann said.

McCann said that as more people own policies, it will reduce future pressure on the Medicaid budget allowing for more money for those with little or no assets. 

In 2019 the top insurance companies paid over $11 billion in Long-Term Care Insurance benefits. These benefits helped people stay in their own homes and avoid or delay the need for a facility. If a person needs a facility or desires one like assisted living, they will have the tax-free resources to choose quality care without draining savings or adversely impacting income.

"We, as a nation, need to support the people caring for our parents. At some point, it will be us – we will need care. I encourage consumers across the country to learn the facts. Unfortunately, most financial advisors and general insurance agents lack expertise in this area. However, Long-Term Care Insurance specialists, like myself, help families find affordable coverage, so they are prepared for their longevity. We want our families to have the time to be family and not be placed into a crisis," McCann said.

He recommends using some of the tools available online to start your research. The LTC NEWS Ultimate Long-Term Care Guide is an outstanding resource, according to McCann. He also suggests visiting his website, which has many tools available.

McCann works with consumers nationwide that seek his assistance in helping them plan for the financial costs and burdens of aging. He is licensed nationwide and works with the major insurance companies and their many long-term care solution products. 

Consumers can seek his assistance directly by contacting him from his website or calling his office – 866-751-7957. He is licensed in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. 

LTC NEWS offers many marketing and advertising opportunities, including sponsored content and sponsorship of key areas of the website. This is ideal for businesses, including home health agencies, assisted living facilities, adult day care centers, rehab facilities, and nursing homes who wish to reach the decision-makers who are researching care options for a parent or loved one. Contact the advertising department at https://www.ltcnews.com/support/advertise

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