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Great Father’s Day Idea: The Father and Son Talk that Starts with Some Father and Son Fun
How to Beat a Bully How to Beat a Bully
Los Angeles, CA
Friday, June 3, 2016

Grant McLellan and Eric Lauritzen in How to Beat a Bully

Great Father's Day Idea: The Father and Son Talk that Starts with Some Father and Son Fun

This year, Father's Day can include an important shared experience and valuable teaching moment… with a humorous twist.

Make Father's Day 'family movie night' with the new family film, "How to Beat a Bully."  It's a light-hearted comedy with a message about the issue of bullying, and is a great jumping off point to have a meaningful "father-son" talk about the subject and how to deal with bullies.

"How to Beat a Bully" is a "Home Alone" meets "Big Fat Liar" kind of movie with an anti-bullying theme. The film was just released on DVD at Walmart stores nationwide and is also available on Amazon, Vudu, Google Play and iTunes.

"How to Beat a Bully" revolves around a 12-year-old boy who moves to a new town and gets picked on by school bullies. In order to protect himself he uses his brain instead of his fist, and comes up with an idea that not only stops the bullies, but gets them to be his new BFFs. Along the way, there are humorous adventures, in which he gets his dad in trouble with some bad guys, who want to do more than bully him. The relationship between the boy and his dad is at the core of the story, with one of the lessons learned: "Words can be just as dangerous as fists if you don't use them right."

The film is recommended Family-Friendly by the Dove Foundation and was awarded "Best Feature Film" at the L-Dub Film Festival.

The filmmakers are excited about the movie's release. "We know watching the film will be fun for all but more than that, it can be a shared experience that opens up a discussion on the subject of bullying.  What better way to begin a conversation than with something that can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike – and get them in a mood to feel good and embrace each other's individuality and differences."

The Huffington Post and Examiner recently published articles about "How to Beat a Bully" and Splash Magazines Worldwide gave it a glowing review that lots of big studios would be thrilled to get for any of their new movies.

Splash's review called "How to Beat a Bully" "a delightful 83-minute comedy… that can give kids and parents smiles and laughs …a classic farce that is fun, whimsical, and absolutely enjoyable.''

The film also shares a good message about stopping bullying and shows a relatable family that has to overcome moving to a new town and assimilating with new neighbors, and a young son having to make new friends and fend off bullies.

The movie has smart laughs for dads, as well as humor that will delight the 7 to 12-year-old crowd.  Watching it together is an opportunity for a bonding moment that can last a lifetime.

The value of this experience is increased through the various ways to view the film. Watching "How to Beat a Bully" at home on Google Play costs from only $1.99 to rent or from $2.99 on Amazon Video...or for members of Amazon Prime, it's even free.  The DVD retails for $19.99 but Walmart stores are now carrying it on sale for $9.96. 

Families can have a great day together, enjoy a backyard barbecue, and round out the celebration with laughs and a thoughtful conversation about a serious topic.

The "How to Beat a Bully" filmmakers say they love making people laugh.  But they are happy that this film is also an opportunity to get the word out on the topic of bullying.

Photos and interviews with the actors, writers and producers available.


"How to Beat a Bully" is presented by Dream Factory Entertainment. Starring Grant McLellan, Bryan Yoshi Brown, Kade Pait, Ian Tucker, Pearce Joza, Griffen Beebe, Eric Lauritzen, Elise Angell, Vince Donvito, and Micah Lyons, with Amy Lyndon, Pamela Munro, Kim Hamilton, Robert Weiner and Kenn Schmitt. Directed by Doug Bilitch. Written by Marilyn Anderson & Richard Rossner. Produced by Sofia Monroe and Paul Rocha. Executive Producers Robert Dudelson, Stephen Langford, Marilyn Anderson, Jackeline Olivier and Wes Underwood. Musical score by Emmy-Award winning composer, Misha Segal. Songs by REVERSE ORDER, a semi-finalist on America’s Got Talent. Title song by Chase Rossner. U.S. distributor Indie Rights; Foreign Rights handled by Blairwood Entertainment. 

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