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Got COVID-19 ?.?.? Try This !.!.!
Jon Paul -- Cause Marketing PR Venture Group Jon Paul -- Cause Marketing PR Venture Group
Wednesday, May 06, 2020

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Hi, I'm Jon Paul, PR Guy of CharmWishPR.com. Here's my client Dr. Margaret to answer your question...


Professor Margaret Rogers Van Coops, Ph.D. DCH(IM). Founder of Sumaris Education Center & Clinic since 1976 in both UK & USA.states, "I have been, in the past, guests on Various American and British news, ABC, NBC & BBC from 1970 - 1990 approx. Later I was interview for Japanese, Spanish and other programs as well as many radio shows across the US, UK and Europe and Japan... Author of 15 metaphysical books, the latest to be released: "Donald Trump: The Enigma of Society." And, featured in the "Optimize Mental Health," "Women in Wellness" and "Thought Leadership" Series on AuthorityMagazine.co, Founder—YitziWeiner.com, websites and on ThriveGlobal.com too. And, also on Frupping.com where my book "The Rejection Syndrome" was featured in the "Conquer Your Insecurities With These 18 Powerful Books."

"This virus is very complex. You will notice the little red proboscis that appear symmetrical around its ball shape. These proboscis are like antennae that sense its surroundings, seeking fuel (food) from its host. The nature of this virus is to survive anyway it can by using these proboscis as sensory stations to collect information. Its core (nucleus) is fed this survival information to adapt and mutate accordingly, making it a very difficult virus to obliterate."

"In the picture above, you will notice that all proboscis are symmetrical around its form. Now pay attention to the dandelion to notice the symmetrical form of the flower's petals, all leading to the central stamens, where germination takes place. This Corona virus, interestingly named, is liken to the flower. Its sensory proboscises chemically stimulate the central core of the nucleus to be in adaptive survival mode, resulting in attacking various areas in the human body where it is weak and easily available to feed off the cells that are either mutated or dying."

 "If you look at the seeds of the dandelion, the stems are attached at its core and are released by movement. In the same way, These proboscis of the virus are hooked together around its form where each proboscis is linked to the next, as well as to link with opposite proboscises on the other side. It is able to do this through the Nucleus. In geometry, this symmetrical form creates many links and routes, both around its form and across its form to provide a network or circle that keeps it alive and active. If one proboscis is deformed or dead, it will adapt to the closest or opposite proboscis to keep the nucleus of the cell alive."

"This virus is not only dangerous to many parts of the human form, but also is viral in its ability to regenerate itself frequently. This is its natural way of surviving and in continuing it species."

"Each Proboscis is a single cell structure that is capable of separation and regrowth into a new fully developed cell with a nucleus. Thus it procreates itself by separation, stimulated by an imbalance in the human body."

"People with bad digestion, chronic IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), and a subsequent liver, pancreas and spleen imbalance are an ideal environment for the virus to mutate and adapt to its bio-chemical intake. "

"To prevent infection, the digestive system must be cleaned throughout the body. Colloidal silver will cleanse the digestive system, killing the natural flora and fauna that makes an environment unsafe for the corona virus, since there is nothing to feed off. It feeds on bacteria. Colloidal Silver will kill anything in the digestive system, including bacteria, worms, infected tissue etc."

"This Corona virus, while inhaled, can also be found on various foods, meats and dairy products. Therefore, all such foods should be well cleaned and well-cooked, not eaten raw! All foods should be natural to the human body and Mother Earth. A healthy diet is vital, making it impossible for the virus to live."

"If colloidal silver is used, it should be added only to distilled water and drank on an empty stomach, preferable upon awaking on an empty stomach. This allows the blood to carry the colloidal silver around the body killing any bugs, virus, bacteria etc. Never use tap water or bottled drinking water with this method. We emphasis that it must be distilled water which provides nothing for the virus to feed off."

"Avoid eating for 2 hours after drinking to allow the cleansing. Then with a breakfast, add a good pre and probiotic to your meal, thus returning the natural bacteria to your body. For those with serious digestive problems, drink colloidal silver as described above for three weeks until the tract is healed, and normal session are witnessed. (More on this Corona Virus in Part II.)"

Part II...

"Because this virus is able to mutate, adapting to its environment, it must be starved of bacteria, fats and proteins that are known to cause bad health in the human body. So avoid foods that have preservatives and adaptive compounds used to embellish taste. i.e. pizza, bread etc. that has yeast in it. Yeast provides a good environment for the corona virus to spread. Avoid all alcohol too. When yeast is rampant in the body, IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) results, making a person begin to develop many maladies. Those who have died have had weakened tracts resulting in diabetes, heart and lung issues too."

"So, let us give you some more information about this virus!"

"The nucleus of a cell has the DNA of the virus that consists of proteins that are adaptive to the source that arrives from the proboscises. Somatic DNA protein is very adaptive and can transform the genetic changes of the cells. Bacteria grows and does so very quickly in 30 minutes, providing a good feeding ground for the virus. The DNA of the virus must be able to replicate and mutate itself in order to survive, while living on bacteria in the body. DNA proteins provides the expressions and mutations in a variety of ways. While some genes can be beneficial, others can be dormant and seemingly non-functioning. In this virus, we see these non-functioning proteins being activated since a virus normally has a short life. In the case of the Corona virus, its life is prolonged as it adapts by stimulating these dormant proteins. As the virus eats more bacteria, so it is able to divide itself by launching proboscis akin to rebirthing a part of itself, thus multiplying itself, rather like an amoeba that divides itself in order to survive."

"The DNA strands of this virus have many proteins that will transform bacteria into more viruses, thus multiplying itself many times. The new chromosomes that develop in the cells of this virus become adaptive and thus prolong life. Isolation of the virus from its food source is practically the only way to annihilate it at this time. Hence our suggestion in using colloidal silver to clear the digestive system of any food sources for this virus. Those who are instinctive or  inspirational know that this virus will regenerate itself and have insisted that greater research be done into the form and working of this mutated virus which was once an ordinary virus that quickly died long ago and has awaken in your time to cause you all to isolate and yet unify in the dawn of the new Aquarian Age, where the world as you know it must change for the better."

Channeled from The Master Of The Oneness by Prof. Margaret Rogers Van Coops, Ph.D. DCH(IM)  profmargaretrvc@gmail.comhttps://youtu.be/NEFlZatPquw video about the virus.

Note from Dr. Margaret:

"I channeled this inform in Part I & II and am sharing it in the hope that the blogs will be shared and arrive in the ears and eyes of scientists around the world, as well as to help doctors and others to do the research to prove all that has been given here from The Oneness. Always remember, a healthy digestion leads to a healthy body. Do read the labels and clear away all bacteria that is also a negative for healthy life, which in turn has in the past created an unhealthy environment that has led to this lesson with the Corona virus. If we all follow this guidance, the virus will die out within three weeks. Then we can focus on unity for every country in this world to develop new standards, ways and means to harmonize our species."

Jon Paul, PR Guy of CharmWishPR.com says, "Thank You Dr. Margaret for your response. Hi, Jon Paul, PR Guy here. For an epic interview, please contact me below. And, I'll share Dr. Margaret's Bio, pics, and etc. to help your readers live the best life possible, okay? You can go to DrMargaretSpeaks.com where she monitors the news with her "Metaphysical Spin On Life" like her show on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/id383183988."


Contact: drmargaretrvc@gmail.com for help and a free download of two audio recordings.


Follow her: www.sumariscenter.com & www.easypeasysolutions.org for classes. Instagram: DrMRVC


Prof. Margaret Rogers Van Coops, AKA Dr. Margaret is available to give counsel and guidance with crystals. Contact: www.sumariscenter.com or email: drmargaretrvc@gmail.com with your questions. Instagram: DrMRVC


Dr. Margaret can be contacted by email: Profmargaretrvc@gmail.com or by cell phone 928 486 1893. Her website is www.sumariscenter.com. If you search her name Margaret Rogers Van Coops on google you will find many sites about her.


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