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Gloria Loring & Darlene Ouimet Join Cast of “The SECRETS of the KEYS”
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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Actress/Singer/Songwriter Gloria Loring and top blogger Darlene Ouimet are the latest personal development experts to join the cast of The SECRETS of the KEYS - the newest fun self-help film from writer/producer Robin Jay. Jay said, “I am thrilled to share this news with the world! These two experts are superstars when it comes to bringing incredible experience and wisdom to the film. I know their contributions will make this story even more compelling, engaging, and entertaining – which supports the Key Movie Series tag line: Taking the ‘Hell’ Out of Self-help!” 
Gloria Loring is as talented as she is beautiful. As a singer, her voice will lift you up – whether she’s performing with a symphony orchestra or in a club, singing everything from rock to pop to standards. She is highly recognized for appearing in countless television specials, in theatrical productions, and has even toured with Anything Goes. Gloria Loring is the recording artist of the #1 hit song Friends and Lovers; she is co-composer of television theme songs Diff?rent Strokes and Facts Of Life; she was an audience favorite as ?Liz Chandler? on Days Of Our Lives; she is a spokesperson for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation; she’s the author of five books that benefit people with diabetes; she’s an engaging keynote speaker for corporations and non-profits; and, she is one of few artists to sing two nominated songs on the Academy Awards.
It’s easy to see why Jay was so excited to have such a talented expert as Gloria Loring share her experience in her new film. Jay explains, “‘The Key of Vibration’ can be difficult for some people to understand. But, anyone who has ever heard a song that changed their mood can appreciate the power that music has over us. That is because it raises our vibration! No one understands this more than a successful singer-songwriter like Gloria Loring. She appreciates all aspects of music and entertainment – whether it’s the impact that a love song can have on us or even how a television theme song can take us back to an earlier time in our lives and fill us with happy memories of that time. That is the ‘Key of Vibration’ and I’m so grateful that Gloria will share how we can tap into the power of music whenever we want to elevate our feelings.”

Darlene Ouimet is a blogger whose messages resonate profoundly with her readers. The Canadian writer launched EmergingFromBroken and it took off like a rocket. Her unique, candid, and heartfelt messages touch readers deeply. Today, she improves countless lives each and every day by delivering hope and inspiration to her readers. Darlene believes that, “Living, really living, is not just getting from one day to the next coping with those issues. Living is fully embracing life and participating in it. It is about knowing who I really am and not being defined by my past or by any other person.”  It’s easy for anyone to see why her fan base is growing exponentially. Darlene Ouimet suffered exactly the kind of abuse that her readers understand. Even the name of her blog, “Emerging from Broken,” inspires a message of understanding and experience.
Gloria Loring, Darlene Ouimet Join .

Gloria Loring, Darlene Ouimet Join “The SECRETS of the KEYS”

Darlene is a certified professional life coach, emotional healing expert, and inspirational speaker. She says, “I am happily married to the man I used to be unhappily married to and together we share life with our three children on the wide open spaces of Southern Alberta, Canada.” And, she encourages her readers with this: “If I can do it, YOU can too! There is Freedom on the other side of Broken.”
“Darlene Ouimet is definitely someone the world needs to meet,” says Jay. “And, her message is not just for women; it’s for anyone who has ever suffered any kind of abuse – mental or physical – and who struggles every day to find happiness and overcome the old messages that they’ve come to believe. She is going to share her expert insights on ‘The Key of Harmony’ in the film. Harmony represents the way we interact with each other,” Jay adds. “Darlene Ouimet has found many techniques for improving our interpersonal relationships. Once we accept and love ourselves, we are then able to achieve harmony in even the most challenging relationships.”
Jay says, “I could not be more excited about The SECRETS of the KEYS! And while I love the whole filmmaking process, there is a big part of me that wishes the film was ready for release right now because I know it’s going to help and inspire everyone who sees it. It’s going to be incredibly insightful AND it’s fun… it will make people laugh. To be in the position to create a film that will change lives and empower viewers on a global level and to be able to showcase so many powerful experts and help them reach more people than ever possible before is humbling. I’m deeply grateful that these experts have put their trust in me to bring their messages to the world.”
For more information about the movie or to become a part of the “Key Movement,” email Robin at RobinJay dot com.
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