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Global Tech Expert Says It’s Time to Move All American Elections Online
Michael J. Freeman -- World Renowned Inventor & Tech Genius Michael J. Freeman -- World Renowned Inventor & Tech Genius
New York, NY
Wednesday, July 13, 2022

“We Have the Capability to Make the U.S. Voting System Irrefutably Safe, Secure and BELIEVABLE” says Dr. Michael Freeman

New York, NY—World renowned inventor and technological genius Michael J. Freeman says it is time to bring American elections into the 21st century with online voting for all.

"Sadly, tens of millions of Americans have little to no confidence in how American elections are run and most Americans think the election process is flawed and rigged against everyday people," says Freeman. "For the sake of our democracy we must restore faith into the election process, and it starts with an iron-clad online voting system."

Dr. Freeman believes the online system would eliminate any doubt and be as secure as your bank account. Before a person considers themselves to be a Democrat, Republican, or Independent, they are an American first. The solution is a bi-partisan approach, which, based on current politics, is a breath of fresh air.

Dr. Freeman's inventions have touched nearly everyone living today in some way. He created touch-tone telephony (i.e. voicemail), the core technology that made computers speak, and invented the first smart-toy, the 2-XL Robot, considered by the toy industry as one of the top 10 most significant toys ever. Freeman sees technological trends ahead of his peers and has been called "one of the few living inventors having affected the most people."  Freeman is also a noted expert in artificial intelligence and robotics.

HOW IT WOULD WORK: Citizens could vote at their leisure up to 30-days before Election Day from anywhere in the world. Military personnel, American travelers, shut-ins, those lacking an official government issued ID (but eligible to vote) or those displaced would all be able to vote from anywhere using any smart device, a hotel computer, a library computer, or even a touch-tone phone.

Anyone who has filed an IRS tax return, applied for Obamacare (Affordable Care Act), had a COVID shot, received a stimulus check, been arrested, gotten an unemployment check, filled out a census report, paid social security tax, attended a public school, and more, are already in an accessible database. Those few not in any such database, who wish to vote, would have to identify themselves and register. The system will take it from there.

Once on the voting site (such as AmericaVotes.gov) users will have to generate a username (perhaps their email address or social security number) and create a password. After inputting their name and current address, the system will determine their congressional district, voter eligibility, and display the applicable slate of candidates. Electoral College and referenda are inclusive. Referenda could be on any topic and provide a good poll of what the nation thinks. Voters then simply check off the boxes of the candidates of their choice (or answers to referenda), can vote down party lines, or even write-in (type in) candidates would be accepted. According to Freeman the system would be easy, secure, and enjoyable.

Freeman says "The overall software that tallies votes would be open architecture and verifiable at every level and at any time."

"America is the democratic stalwart of the world, so if its elections are not fully trusted here, democracy will fail globally," says Dr. Freeman. Democracy is under pressure worldwide and some elections are more suspect than others. An online system such as Freeman is proposing would bring much needed integrity and trustworthiness back to voting. Freeman says "It makes no difference if past US elections involved cheating or not (as some have claimed); either way the system must be secure and above reproach and my proposed system will work."

Dr. Freeman says he has no desire to make such a system proprietary or for profit. He would license the cornerstone of the system to the U.S. government on a royalty free basis and do the same for other democratic governments worldwide.

About Michael J. Freeman, PhD. Dr. Freeman received his bachelor's degree in Economics and Management from the City College of New York, an MBA in Economics and technology from Bernard Baruch College and received his doctorate from the City University of New York in 1977. He has taught at Baruch College, Hofstra University, and Cornell University NY Extension Division and holds 42 commercialized patents. He is married with five children and three grandchildren.

He has been featured by many media outlets including Time Magazine, Business Week and Kiplinger's Magazine. He's been interviewed by the late Larry King and was a guest on the Phil Donahue Show talking about his numerous inventions. Larry King said, "Dr Michael Freeman is a National Genius" and Leonard Nimoy (Mr. Spock) said Dr Freeman had "Uncanny Insight." Learn more about Dr. Freeman at: FreemanBook.org or on Wikipedia at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_J._Freeman or Baruch Magazine: https://blogs.baruch.cuny.edu/bcam/2015/11/03/making-learning-fun/ or go to www.KingTranscript.com. Watch for Dr. Freeman's new book this Fall.

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