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Give Dad a Bucket List Gift This Father's Day- A Hot Air Balloon Ride!
Hot Air Balloon Ride Michigan Hot Air Balloon Ride Michigan
Detroit, MI
Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Give Dad an Experience Gift This Father’s Day- a Hot Air Balloon Ride Over Michigan
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This Father's Day give Dad a gift on his Bucket List, one he'll never forget, a hot air balloon ride over Michigan.


"A balloon flight is the perfect gift for most dads because a balloon flight is an 'experience' gift, says Scott Lorenz, President and Chief Pilot of Westwind Balloon Company of Plymouth, Michigan."


"The main reason 'experience' gifts are so popular is that in the end all we have are memories and the balloon ride provides a vivid and lasting memory.  I have noticed that people really want to make special occasions 'special' so they are more interested in collecting experiences than knick-knacks to put on a shelf," says Lorenz, "and a balloon flight is the perfect experience gift that both dad and mom can enjoy together because each flight is for two people."


"Nobody forgets their first balloon flight. It is truly an experience that cannot compare to anything else. The sensation of flying over trees, lakes and streams, spotting deer and other wildlife is unique and inspiring. When a gift touches someone both emotionally and on a multi-sensory level people remember who gave it to them. If you really want to make a lasting impression," says Lorenz, "a hot air balloon ride over Michigan is the ultimate 'unforgettable' gift."


Flights cost $695 for a private ride which is two passengers and the pilot. All flights are pre-paid. Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover and PayPal are accepted. Gift certificates are available.


To really appreciate all the beautiful scenery Michigan has to offer, call a balloonist and schedule a flight today, the view is really better from above!


Westwind Balloon Company- Plymouth, MI, Flying over Kensington Park, Brighton, South Lyon and Milford. 734-667-2098 http://www.WestwindCos.com/Balloon   Scott Lorenz, Pilot and Owner. 

About Scott Lorenz

Scott Lorenz, a commercial balloon pilot since 1982, has logged 1,850 + hours in-flight.

He has flown over Niagara Falls, The Great Wall of China, Disney World, the Olympics, Austria, Japan, Spain, Red Rock Canyon NM. He co-piloted a Guinness World Record flight to 19,000' and a 20 hour-Gas Balloon flight from MI to KY. Westwind has been featured by FOX-2 Detroit, WDIV, WJR, NPR, The Detroit Free Press, Oakland Press and Hour Detroit Magazine to name a few and was named "most creative date" by It's Just Lunch. In 2012 Westwind was named one of America's Most Romantic companies for the balloon engagement flights. Scott's Westwind Balloon Company offers unforgettable rides over Michigan's breathtaking countryside. Balloon rides make terrific gifts for Moms, Dads, Grads, the Boss and anybody who wants to enjoy life!!


Call 734-667-2098 or visit: http://www.PureMichiganBalloon.com  

News Media Interview Contact
Name: Scott Lorenz
Title: Chief Pilot
Group: Westwind Balloon Company
Dateline: Plymouth, MI United States
Direct Phone: 734-667-2090
Cell Phone: 248-705-2214
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