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Getting Ready for Your Next Gig
Gayle Lantz - Leadership Expert Gayle Lantz - Leadership Expert
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: Birmingham, AL
Friday, January 20, 2023


The average tenure for leaders in C-Suite executive roles is 4.9 years according to a Korn Ferry report. The average age for CEO’s in the U.S. is age 59.

But regardless of your age or leadership experience, it is time for you to get serious about taking charge of your career and doing what you need to do to thrive in the “gig economy.” 

Gayle Lantz shares insights for leaders who want to be more proactive about navigating their own career paths. Clearly there are external factors driving the need for executives to prepare for what’s next and avoid being blindsided. Change is happening fast. Disruption will continue. 

But there are internal personal factors to consider as well. 

This episode covers:

  • Unique challenges senior executives experience directing their own careers  (e.g., concern about sharing their career aspirations publicly) 
  • Key questions to prompt possible ideas for your next gig
  • Six personal factors that can affect an executive’s desire or ability to successfully navigate the gig economy. They include:
    • Stage of life
    • Level of self-awareness 
    • Degree of self-esteem
    • Power of your imagination
    • Level of optimism (belief about what’s possible)
    • Conviction to something you care strongly about

Ultimately “gigging” equals growth which is something all executives should be pursuing to achieve the greatest fulfillment in their work and highest value for the organizations they serve.


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