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Get Your AI Edge — 5 Traps And 5 Tips
Terry Brock -- Achievement Systems Terry Brock -- Achievement Systems
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Dateline: Orlando, FL
Saturday, November 18, 2023


You are going to love this episode where we’ll be exploring the exciting world of AI and how you can get a strong edge by avoiding 5 traps and embracing 5 tips.

You’ll discover new tips with AI tools like Chat GPT and Perplexity.

I discuss AI tools that you can integrate into your business for just $20 a month, and I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the importance of continuous learning and community support in the realm of AI.

I also explored how AI can be used to generate images with text (this will blow you away!) You’ll get some practical examples of creating images through AI prompts. This is worth its weight in gold!

Plus, I’ll address the common fear and misconceptions surrounding AI, and I’ll share my insights on embracing and utilizing AI tools to enhance your entrepreneurial endeavors.

And of course, you’ll get some helpful tips and resources for you to make the most of the AI revolution in a way that benefits your business and supports ongoing learning.

So grab your favorite beverage, get comfortable, and join me as we explore the world of AI for entrepreneurs. Let’s dive in!


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Here are some key time-stamped events in the episode that can help you.

00:00 Avoid AI pitfalls. Terry Brock provides advice for success in business.
04:21 Generated pretrained transformer creates new information, but should avoid 5 common mistakes when using chat GPT.
09:35 Using prompts and plugins in ChatGPT can greatly improve results. Prompt perfect plugin is recommended for better AI responses.
11:20 Clay Shirky emphasizes filter failure, not information overload. Focus on what’s important.
16:16 Learning is ongoing with community support, resources, and mentorship. Offered at Star Creating Entrepreneurs.
18:06 AI can provide medical and legal information, but it doesn’t replace professionals. It helps consolidate information for review.
21:58 Use AI to improve prompts for clients in real estate and other industries.
24:44 You get to see how to get answers to your questions as I did here learning a new term for my clients.
28:43 How to use video for marketing, sponsoring local events, creating compelling content, and learning new business technologies.
31:36 Learn about Yoodli offers training and speech coaching, Learn about Stable Diffusion graphics, and AI tools for business.

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For your convenience, here is the full (unedited) transcript of this post. Please let us know what you think and if this is helpful to you.

Terry Brock [00:00:00]:

There are 5 things you want to avoid when you’re working with AI that can really harm you. I’m gonna give you those, and also gonna show you what you can do in order to succeed, what marketing steps, specific nitty gritty tools you can use, how to make them went, and I’ve got a special gift for you, and you stay with me right through to the end of this. We’ve got some good things. This is a video you wanna catch, an audio you wanna catch, however you’re getting this, whether it’s on video or audio, whatever it is, to help you get ahead and do the kind of things you need. Hi. I’m Terry Brock, your guide here at Star Craven Entrepreneurs. I’m gonna show you how you can use this technology, what to do and what not to do with it, how you can start making progress that you need to make and get ahead in those areas that are really important for you. What we wanna do on this is we want to share with you some of the things that you need to know for your business.

Terry Brock [00:00:47]:

I recently did a program for a client, and I wanna share with you, some of the things that they’re doing that you can do in your own work, showing the kind of, items, kind of things they’re getting practice with and how they’re making this work. Even for those who don’t know a whole lot about AI, there’s a lot of important principles that you can use. Because when you look at artificial intelligence, it’s huge right now. And really what it means for you and me in our world today is we’re connecting ideas worldwide. Right now we’re getting able the ability to you share real fast, real quickly. It’s faster than any human. And so rather than competing with it, let’s use AI to help us kind of like machines. Cars are faster you have any human being.

Terry Brock [00:01:28]:

So I’m gonna go really, really fast, but that doesn’t mean they’re against us, we use them. Also, you have a large data pool worldwide. That’s good particularly in medicine, good in many areas where you’ve got a large data pool, it’s not just this happened one time to 1 person. You know. It’s looking at what’s going on in a worldwide there and looking at what’s happening in many different areas there. And there’s good and bad, you so we’re gonna deal with that in this video so you can see what is it like and what you need to do to succeed and to get ahead with it. I think the way you wanna approach AI is not all you doing everything, you doing everything, and it’s not all AI doing anything. Everything that’s out there, really, it’s about balance.

Terry Brock [00:02:07]:

Imbalance is a real important thing. I know about balance and you might know that I have, joined, riding my unicycle. Matter of fact, I was out riding your unicycle at our condo here. Security guard said. Hey. Can I get a video of that? I said, sure. Go for it. And so he got it here and he sent me a copy of this.

Terry Brock [00:02:22]:

I was out there, and you see with, unicycle, you you gotta be in balance. You can’t go too fast or too slow. You can’t lean too far to the left or too far to the right. If you do, you fall off, but otherwise, you can control the situation and make sure that you’re doing the right thing. Same thing with chat g p t and AI. What you want to do is realize what it is. You chat g p t is a natural language processing tool driven by AI technology that allows you to have a human like, that’s key, human like conversations with and much more with a chatbot. Not.

Terry Brock [00:02:56]:

So you’re talking with I’m loving it right now. I’m using my phone, and with the latest version of chat g p t, I literally am talking to a person who responds back to me, and it sounds like it’s a real person. I mean, this has real serious ramification. They got rid of that robotic thing because they use natural actors. The folks over at, OpenAI who, who own ChatGPT had a recent upgrade audit that is phenomenal. I’m gonna talk to you about even more of that, how you can use these tools to build your business, and what you’re gonna be able to do with it, but also to be able to talk and find out all kinds of information for education, for you and me, education your children it is phenomenal what we can do with this. We’re seeing that there is a huge amount of capability as we look at what is available. So chat EPT is the real key to learning how this stuff works.

Terry Brock [00:03:44]:

And have you used it yet or not? I would imagine you have, but please let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you what you’re doing with chat GPT, how are you using it, and have you used any other AI tools that are particularly important. Share that below, what whatever platform you’re getting this on so you can help others. They’ll be able to say, oh, hey, you’re doing that. You’re letting them know what you’re doing. That will help them you need to know about you. And, hey, those of you watching this, connect with each other so that you can grow a bigger community and be able get the kind of things that are gonna be important. Well, if you look at GPT, the GPT stands for generative pretrained transformer.

Terry Brock [00:04:21]:

You and you might think, well, what in the world is that, Terry? Well, a generated pretrained transformer is something which means it’s going back and it’s generating this, it’s creating new information. Pre trained, you’re kind of telling it what to do. Here’s what it is. Here’s what you’re feeding it so that it learns from what is given to it. And it’s a transformer, and then it takes that information and turns it into something even more beneficial. So it takes it and makes it something that’s going to be real, real useful. But in regard to all the good uses there, there’s 5 big mistakes that I was telling you about before we wanna avoid when you’re using chat GPT. I’m gonna help you out with each of these so you can say, alright, let’s make sure we don’t do those things.

Terry Brock [00:05:03]:

Number 1 is don’t have that fear of change. We often are that way. But with artificial intelligence, yes, it is understandable to be like that. Sometimes we’re fearful that it’s gonna harm us, it’s gonna hurt us. We watch too many movies that showed AI in a bad light. But really change has been normal using technology. Even my old buddy, Aug, way back in the cave, long ago, when he came up with this thing called fire. Hey, fire is good.

Terry Brock [00:05:28]:

It can heat things up and keep you warm. It can cook your food. Hey, that’s a good thing too, but also dangerous. Hey, fire can kill, you know, it can destroy. You know? So you gotta use it the right way. It’s just like any technology that we’ve seen with airplanes. When Wilbur and Orville Wright you came up with the 1st airplane. They had some challenges, but they were able to make it alright, and they worked with it.

Terry Brock [00:05:50]:

Here’s another picture of this, you landed. They were able to take off and get some transportation via the air. Wasn’t real far at first. And were there dangers? You are. People have died in airplanes, but that doesn’t mean we stop using them. It means we study them and we learn what needs to be done. So when you’re gonna replace that fear of change with, first, an inquisitiveness to wonder and to ask. Start getting more curious.

Terry Brock [00:06:16]:

What can we do with this? How can we you’re at. And learn new and adapt accordingly. Learn about new technologies that are out there that can really help you. Then you wanna improvise, you adapt and overcome. United States Marines talk about that and I agree with that strongly that you wanna be able to be the one who could say, okay, this is new, it’s different, we improvise, we adapt, we overcome on this, and we make sure that things get better as we see what’s happening. Because there’s an important thing that you’ve got to remember, and that thing to remember is change equals opportunities. When there is change out there, wise entrepreneurs I’m talking to you right now. Yours are the ones who say, okay, this is something that’s different.

Terry Brock [00:06:57]:

Here’s what I’m going to do to make it better and to get better with it all the way around. This is what we have to do, regulate. And you wanna constantly improve and get better. Constantly looking at how can I make this better? In a way, it reminds me what I remember seeing with calculators back in the laters. Back in the 19 early 19 seventies, 1973 or so, I remember there was this thing out there that had this big old box they and you had to plug it in the wall, and it could actually add numbers and subtract them. Yep. That was a pretty amazing thing. Oh, and the real advanced ones would multiply you divide.

Terry Brock [00:07:31]:

Hey. Hey. That was good. Now they’re pretty expensive, but, I remember they banned those in schools because they said this is not real math. You have to do it with a pen and paper, and you have or a pencil and paper with a good eraser on that pencil. And this is the way that people thought to do it, so they banned calculators in some schools. Eventually, we realized, wait a minute, we are going to use these. They’re part of what we do, and there’s something that we’re going to have in our your possession and something that we’re going to use.

Terry Brock [00:07:58]:

So think of it like calculators in 1973, and then where we were then and how we got better. Another problem people have is they think you can just sit back, prop their feet up, relax, take it easy, and copy and paste. And that is not what you wanna do. You do not wanna copy you paste. Think of chat g p t as your copy assistant and you as the copy chief, as a person that’s working with it and making decisions. See the results of chat GPT as a first draft. Look at it as this is the initial out of the box ideas, and then you take it and do what I I like to call you, Isaac. By you, Isaac, I mean, if you’re Bob, I want you to Bob Isaac.

Terry Brock [00:08:38]:

If you’re Jane, I want you to Jane Isaac. For me, I carry eyes it. Okay? You wanna make sure that it’s got you in there, your voice, your experiences, your thoughts, and experiences that you’ve had. Share those and let chat g p t be something that helps you to understand, hey, this is good. We’re gonna be able to get a lot done with it, but we’re not gonna depend on it exclusively. I I want you to think of yourself as the copy chief. People are feeding information to you. Yeah.

Terry Brock [00:09:04]:

This is a good one. This is a good idea here, but I like that one not this one, but over here at this time. We’re gonna do something a little bit differently. Look at it as a copywriting assistant that is helping you to make decisions, advising you, saying, okay, try that one over there, do this, etcetera, but your assistants are there are the AI. And then you want to ask the right questions. That’s what the prompt is really all about. The prompt is what you’re putting in there to get the information, you gotta ask the right questions. Remember that prompts are the key to unleashing the magic.

Terry Brock [00:09:35]:

By asking the right questions, putting in the right prompts, you can do very well. And by the way, as a side note on that, one of the things I would recommend strongly is with chat g p t, get the plugins. Now you have to have the paid version of chat g p t for that, it’s $20 a month right now, but there’s a plug in you can get called prompt perfect. And prompt perfect, I’m not getting any commission on this. I’m just a user of it myself. You can have the prompt that you put in as just an initial take off point. And then from there, you’re able to let the AI come up with even better prompts all the way around. This is something that can be really, really helpful as you move forward with it and you start moving in the right direction doing what needs to be done.

Terry Brock [00:10:20]:

Now another thing we gotta be careful of is too many people are afraid of AI, and I I would say stop being afraid of it. Instead of fearing something like that and what it can do, I want you to look at it and say, hey, how can I use this instead? Instead of being fearful, which is understandable, but you want to be able to deal with that. This is often the case when we have something that’s unknown. Study it, don’t fear it. Don’t think, oh, gee, it’s bad. And also understand the downside and then determine how you can address that. If there is a downside, like for instance, with flying, we’ve got flying now, the safest form of transportation. We know that quantifiably it is because people have died.

Terry Brock [00:10:59]:

Yes. There have been crashes, but we study and learn from that. And then we build on top of that so that what we do is we make it better all the time. And realize also with AI, it’s here to stay. Yes, this is not going away from us. So to say, oh, gee, I’m not gonna use it, I’m gonna stay away from it. You can’t do that, you need to embrace it in the right way. And also don’t be overwhelmed.

Terry Brock [00:11:20]:

It’s easy to look at and just go, oh, my goodness, how am I gonna handle all this? What can I do? Well, I would say instead of getting overwhelmed, there’s a saying from Clay Shirkey that I think is just right on target. What we wanna do, it works with how you can deal with AI overwhelm known as well as others. And this is an important important piece of information. Clay Shirky said this when he said, the problem is not information overload. The problem is filter failure. This is when you might want to get a screenshot of this, and if you’re listening to this on audio, rewind just a little bit there, go back just a little bit and write that down. The problem is not information overload, the problem is filter failure. You wanna make sure that you’re able to handle it and realize, okay, what can I do? What is right for me? Not those things that are b minus or activities what is an a plus and a category for you that you can focus on and make sure you get it.

Terry Brock [00:12:17]:

This is where you should focus your attention. Make sure your your focus there on those things that are important. Clay Shirky, if you ever catch this, Clay, I really appreciate you saying that. Very good information, helps us in many areas. And number 4, thinking AI will destroy all jobs. Well, that’s not good because we don’t wanna get fired. We don’t want to have someone say, oh, gee, you’re out of here, you’re let go. That is distraught.

Terry Brock [00:12:38]:

But AI is going to replace dumb jobs that we can learn on what to do. I love the saying here from Baroque Espinosa. He was a philosopher, lived back in the 1600s, I believe, and, was from Spain, and so he went to to Holland. He said, if you want the present to be different from the past, you study the past. And we’ve got to remember that. Make sure we study it and learn from the past on what we can do to get ahead and to get farther ahead. You don’t want to be like the Luddites. The Luddites were real people who were good at sewing clothes, putting them together, but then when these looms came out in the early 1800, nerds they’ve started losing jobs to the machines.

Terry Brock [00:13:21]:

So they would get these sledgehammers that went in and destroyed the looms, you’re thinking that’s gonna solve it. Just destroy the looms and we’re okay. Well, guess what? They built more looms. What you’ve got to do is understand this is the way it works. This is history. It is what is. As a matter of fact, it’s a real place over in England. They have a memorial status on Halifax Road in Liver’s Edge UK.

Terry Brock [00:13:45]:

Over in the UK, Liver’s Edge, I hope I’m saying that right, and it gives people a way to say, hey, they really did this, they tried to destroy it, you and we should not do that. When new technology comes out, don’t try to destroy it. Instead, focus on what you can you do to make it part of you. Get expertise in those areas like AI. So when we look at technology and human progress, we’ve done very you will. I don’t think many people would say, hey. We ought to go back to the way that we did it before with farming, where you had someone behind 2 oxen or 2 mules or whatever, be they’re working with it. No.

Terry Brock [00:14:19]:

Instead, we’re using something different today. We use tractors and it’s much safer, we get a lot more done, it’s faster, and we can use these tractors to get more done with less time and be better off. This is where machinery, AI and other tools come in. And number 5, thinking AI why is too difficult. Well, it’s not difficult. It’s it’s just something we’ve gotta learn, but it’s easy to think that way, and there’s ways that you can overcome that. Instead of being frustrated and thinking, oh, no. How am I gonna handle this? I just can’t do it.

Terry Brock [00:14:49]:

I’m finished. You’ve seen mistakes that are there. You but now I want you to focus on what you can do and look at other options that are gonna help you. This is where you wanna really get ready here. We got some tools that you can use that are gonna be really good for you. First of all, table stakes today is chat g p t. You wanna have chat g p t working there for you, helping out to get things going. And I would say this is one to get.

Terry Brock [00:15:13]:

I recommend the $20 a month version of it so you get full access to all of the tools that are available and many more wonderful tools there. And another tool as well called Perplexity. I want you to get this and learn from it. Here’s one where you can, make sure you write these down, chat.openai.com, if you haven’t been there already. And Perplexity, another tool that works in a similar way. I find using both really helps a lot. You wanna expand your mind and your attention space with both of these, and realize even though with that, it doesn’t know at all. Matter of fact, we know that chat g p t can make errors, so can perplexity.

Terry Brock [00:15:52]:

I find that by using the 2 of them together, I got a better combination. You shouldn’t, because sometimes chat GPT might not be working. I had that just yesterday. There were times it just couldn’t get done, so I went over to perplexity and got the job done over there. Sometimes perplexing can’t do it. So I come back over to chat GPT. I’ll use both of these because, hey, they both are really good and have some good features built into them. And you wanna prepare for learning.

Terry Brock [00:16:16]:

Learning is an ongoing lifetime process now. It’s not something you do just once. You want to prepare for learning with the community, you’re getting mentors, videos, websites. This is something that we do at Star Creating Entrepreneurs. We have courses, we have workshops, we’ve got an AI lab job every month that’s available for our members that come on board, and they can ask anything anything related to AI we not only say here’s how here’s what it is, but here’s how you do it. Nitty gritty, getting the answers you need, and you got 24 you can support on that through our Facebook group and through other means of communication and a community. So others are there as well helping you to learn. Do you wanna find a community like that is right for you.

Terry Brock [00:16:59]:

So I would recommend look into perplexity dotai, not in place of, but in addition to chat g p t. And you wanna get a guide. This is what we do. We’re helping out and our star craving entrepreneurs, Gina and I, to help you. You wanna find out more about that? Go yours .com, and you’ll get a chance to see, what we have and how we can offer and help you. Now one of the best ways that chat g p t and perplexity and other tools help you. I love this. It’s so good.

Terry Brock [00:17:27]:

You get to smash writer’s block. That’s it. Sometimes when you gotta write something you don’t know what to do, we can smash through it real fast with chat GPT is it gives you the ideas that you need. It can help you to get moving in the right direction. And remember, it’s not doing it for or you don’t just copy and paste. What you do on this is you use that as a first draft. And another way that they can help is having world class experts ready to help you. You can find medical doctors, you can find illegal people you can find in laboratory experts, experts on diseases, experts on how to do this or that, whatever it is.

Terry Brock [00:18:06]:

Now this does not mean they replace not at all. This does not replace your medical professional, your doctors, or nurses. It does not replace a real lawyer when you need it, but it does get you moving in the right direction, and it gives information that they can use. Right now, I remember Peter Diamandis mentioned this, there are over 7,000 publications in medicine that are published, peer reviewed every day. No 1 person can keep up with all that. Not at all. But you can consolidate that and let AI consolidate it for you and give you the essence of it, and then you take that to your qualified real physician, board certified, honest to goodness, real doctor, they can look at it and go, oh, okay. That’s it.

Terry Brock [00:18:49]:

I knew that. I knew that. Oh, I didn’t know this one over here. That’s okay. Made. We learn and we grow from that. This is how we grow, this is how we learn. And with chat GPT, you’re gonna be able to get a host of people that can help you in many many different ways.

Terry Brock [00:19:05]:

And when you do that, you’re gonna be able to have that feeling of confidence. You try something and then you look at it and go, yes. This is what I want. I can do it. I’m gonna make it happen. Another thing, by the way, that you can do with this is get your own cliff notes. You can then have the chat give you a summary of books, of websites, web pages that are too long, of a PDF. It can summarize it so you get the essence of it.

Terry Brock [00:19:31]:

Really well, I wish we would have had this when I was going to school. That would have been a whole lot easier all the way through. But let it get that for you and you’ve gotta be relentless in your learning. Get out there and go for it. Relentlessly keep struggling with it and do it the right way, getting the right help that you can get. Another way that you can use this in your marketing is using text to images. You put in the text, and the image will come out the way you want it. Here’s one that I did just recently here to create the perfect image.

Terry Brock [00:19:58]:

I saw a picture of a robot an arm with a bird perched on hand. Now that was kinda nice, and it was an article about AI. I think this was in the, Harvard Business Review. Now to if I were to take that picture, get a copy of it, and put it out there and sell something with that, that would be wrong. It’s probably illegal. And it’s even if it weren’t illegal, it it still may wrong to do that because you’re taking somebody else’s work that belongs to someone else. Someone else created that with their brain, with their artistic style, whatever they put into it. Harvard Business Review looked at it and said, hey, that’s good enough.

Terry Brock [00:20:29]:

We will pay I would imagine they paid the money, said here’s some money, we want to use that and be able to use it in our magazine. Everyone’s happy. Every the, Harvard Business Review is good. They’ve got a nice ethic the person who did it is good, they got business out of it. Those of us that were reading it learned from that and said, hey, this is really good. I like it. And you so you wanna create your own pictures, and to do that, what you need to do is go beyond that. So what I did is I used this as an end is a way to spur me on to do more.

Terry Brock [00:20:58]:

So I created this prompt in chat GPT, which then went through to DALL E you 3. I said create a picture of a robot arm extended and place a red breast robin standing on one of the fingers, and this is the picture it gave me, which is nice. Okay? Now I can use that, and that is a picture I can use in a professional situation. It’s good, but I wanted to do a little bit more of that. So I said, hey. I wanna go another step. We generate this and show me the full robot with hand extended and place the bird on the hand. Okay? I wanna make that a little bit more, kinda like you might have talked to an expert you’re talking to.

Terry Brock [00:21:35]:

They give you an answer, you go, well, not quite that. I wanna do a little bit more this way. And when I did that, here’s the picture it gave me. So I regenerate it, put it in like that, gave me this picture, it looks really good. And if you’re you’re catching this on audio. You might wanna, catch this over on YouTube as well so you can see it on that way. The the picture is a little bit better, but I want to go even matter. After 3 iterations, I finally came up with something I think was even better.

Terry Brock [00:21:58]:

Here’s my final prompt that really helped a lot. Create the robot robot with a head, 2 arms, 2 legs, and I wanna see the full robot. Have the bird perched on the robot’s extended hand, and this is what it gave me. Now that one is one that I can use wherever I created that with the help of I by using my words, and then eventually AI took it and changed the words around also, and it made the meaning even better. This is where using tools like prompt perfect can help you. They’re using something similar to that with chat GPT on this, and it it took the words that I had you and made them even better. I use this also for clients who are creating in the real estate industry. Create a picture of a 3 bedroom, 2 story home with the front porch on the right side, a lake behind it with trees and green grass.

Terry Brock [00:22:50]:

And this is what it gave me. Real nice. So we can say this is the concept of what it looks like, and this is a product that I can use in a professional situation. And then I wanted to change it a little bit. I said, now create the same house you only have a porch on the right side and give me a closer view of it. And you’ll see a little bit different picture, little bit different house. And you see, this is what you you do with these prompts that you can use to chat GPT into DALL E three, also you can do it with Canva, you can do it with stable diffusion with mid journey. Many tools are out there that are wonderful to give you the ability to type in text or talk it in there if you’re going to use dictation, and then you create pictures.

Terry Brock [00:23:29]:

Remember this important concept. You’ll need to do it several times, several iteration to make it just the right thing that you want done. Because when it comes out initially, it’s not always good. But after a while, you get something that looks really really good and can be used a lot. So I’d encourage you to use chat g p t or perplexity to gain an understanding of the topics, words, ideas, and more. You can use this now to start understanding more even beyond Google. A simple Google search, this becomes a real instructor for you. For instance, I wanted to do this here using takeoff to illustrate how to get the most from chat GPT and other AI tools.

Terry Brock [00:24:06]:

It’s because takeoff was a two a term they use in construction I had not heard of, so I asked it to show me. And here’s the prompt that I gave you. So you’re using or let’s say here’s the graphic make of a layout plan so we can use that and tell it this is what we’re going to need for this particular area. Well, I said explain to need in detail, what the term takeoff means in construction. Explain it in terms that a 12 year old would understand. Give me the details of what it is and why it is important in the construction of a home. I want you to pause for just a moment and notice what I did there. This is using the concept that you can use in whatever problem that you’re facing.

Terry Brock [00:24:44]:

Explain to me in detail what the term blank means, term that you wanna my doubt in blank, the area that you’re involved in in biology, in medicine, in the legal area, in economics, whatever it is. And I like this, explain it in terms that a 12 year old would understand. Hey, that would be me. You figured out something real complicated. I wanna see it and have brought it to me so I can understand it in easy to understand language, and give me specific details of why it’s important in the blank problem solving the problem, getting it done. And then what it came back with, so I won’t go into all the detail on this, you look what it answered. Imagine you’re building a really cool LEGO house. Before you start, you need to know exactly how many pieces of each type of LEGO you’ll need.

Terry Brock [00:25:29]:

Right? You wouldn’t want to start building and then realize you don’t have enough pieces to finish your house. That would be super frustrating. In construction, when people are getting ready to build Real House, not one made with Legos, they do something similar called a takeoff. There’s my explanation. And it tells me a takeoff is it’s like making a big shopping list of all the materials they need to build a house, and it shows the different elements that are there. So this is where it’s important. Then it give me some pointers here as to why all of these ingredients are really important for knowing what you’re going to buy. It helps you to stay on budget, and it helps you to save time.

Terry Brock [00:26:07]:

Okay. There’s the reason why those in construction use the term takeoff, which is different than it is in the airline industry, whole different thing. Use that concept for you. Think about how you can make this happen. You use that basic formula of explain this you’re gonna go back to that, place on the video and or go if you’re listening to this in audio, go back and listen to that again. Write it down. What you’ll need to know. That’s the basic formula you’ll use for whatever it is that you’re putting together, and I think you’re gonna find some real success with that.

Terry Brock [00:26:37]:

And another thing you wanna do when you work with this for it’s real good for those in construction, you avoid waste. So having a takeoff, I think, is something we all need to do in whatever project we’re doing. Start with what you’re gonna need, make an assessment of that, and go from there. Build into it, make it better all the time as you work with it. So it shows you here it’s a plan that helps make sure the house can be built smoothly without any surprises like running out of bricks or spending all of your allowance on windows. 12 year olds are aware of that and very important. Now other things you can do with it on your mobile unit, you can take this like, here, I’ve got my smartphone. I can use this and I can take a picture of something and get an explanation back.

Terry Brock [00:27:15]:

This is incredible, what’s possible. Look what I did here. There are my crocs. I’m getting real personal with you here. These are the crocs that I wear. I took a picture of it, and I simply asked, what is this. And then put it in there, chat GPT came back and told me the items in the image are a pair of classic style Crocs. Crocs are a type of lightweight, comfortable slip on footwear known for their distinctive holes on the top and strap on the back, etcetera, etcetera.

Terry Brock [00:27:40]:

Think about what we’ve got here. You got something now with your mobile unit. They don’t have it available yet on laptops, but on your smartphone, you can do it right now. And whether Ios or Android, they both work. You get a picture of something and say, what is this? Now it doesn’t mean it’s gonna do it every time, but it will often be able to do it. I can tell you it does it you crocs. I just found out those wonderful shoes that we wear. It can give you the information you need, and it can help you to find out what needs to be done, and how you’re going to do it.

Terry Brock [00:28:10]:

So having said all of that, I wanna help you on what you’re gonna need to succeed in today’s market. Today’s market is changing rapidly, label. What you wanna do is design and execute your digital marketing strategy. It should include search engine optimization, SEO, pay pay per click ads. So you have the PPC, email marketing, social media marketing, and custom tent creation. Use video, YouTube, and other sources to take advantage of the visual impact and repurposing. Make sure you’re using that. I recommend for a lot of clients I work with.

Terry Brock [00:28:43]:

You start with video, and we show how to do that, how to make video work for you, do the kinds of things that you need. When you think about it, you can take video and then repurpose it with tools like OpusClip and Cast Magic, and others that we’re working with clients right now on and getting really good results. So this kind of thing helps you to see what needs to be done, how you can do it. Secondly, find a unique way to market to your local community, consider sponsoring key events in your area. And a bonus, creating compelling, dazzling content that highlights the unique aspects each of your neighborhoods. Whatever your neighborhood is, I’m using that in a physical sense, but it can also be areas that people are thinking about worldwide. 3, make it a habit to learn more relevant business building technologies. These will include AI tools to generate leads, each of them and more.

Terry Brock [00:29:35]:

It’s amazing what we can do with the chat GPT, letting it create the kind of leads that we need, making them better. And then number 4, develop a strong email outreach program provides solid usable content that buyers want. Think interviews, commentary, hot issues, and more. Work. And number 5, make learning AI a part of your job. Learn about it while focusing on how to make it work for you and for your business. So So I want you to make AI a part of your ongoing learning, what you’re doing, how you’re doing it, and what’s gonna happen for you. This is critical.

Terry Brock [00:30:09]:

Learning is now not just an option or something kinda nice, it is an essential part of what we do in our world today. I encourage you to do that. And as you do it, you remember, it’s important to have that live and let live attitude. That’s what we do here at Stark Raving Entrepreneurs. We’re talking about a way that you can live your life the way you want. Don’t harm others and don’t hurt them. Don’t take their stuff. That’s not the thing we want you to do, and instead you want to move forward it was what we call the non aggression principle, NAP.


erry Brock [00:30:35]:

You don’t hurt others, you don’t initiate force or coercion against them. Now if they initiate issue you have a right to strike back, defend yourself. Absolutely. But you do not initiate and you don’t take their stuff. This is the critical area, and we’ve got a lot to offer you as well. Bounce over to starcravingentrepreneurs.com. Find out what we’ve got there. We have some some help out on this.

Terry Brock [00:30:56]:

Matter of fact, appreciate a little love here wherever you’re catching this to share it, to like it, and subscribe because we’ve got information coming for you every week that you can use. Good ideas that are gonna help you in many ways. And that gift I promised to you, we’ve got a tool called AI tools for biz.com. Go over there. It’s treated as one word. Aitools, the number 4, b I z .com. You’re gonna learn about tools like chat g p t, Canva, lexica dot art, great little location for building graphics. OpenAI, we talk about, of course, as we chat GPT and with DALL E three they now have DALL E 3.

Terry Brock [00:31:36]:

Yudly is a great tool for training and learning and getting a speech coach to help you. Stable diffusion also can help you by getting graphics that you can create and get those in a profoundly wonderful way. And if you got your QR code, availability there on your phone on your phone, just take a picture of that. You’ll see we’ve got, AI tools for biz.com. Here’s a QR code that you can use as well. So thank you for joining me today. Got a lot of good that we have for you. And also, we’ve got something available right over here, a video that’s gonna help you do even more with AI that I think you’re gonna like a lot.

Terry Brock [00:32:09]:

I’m Terry Brock. Thank you very much for joining

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