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Georgetown Crawl: Unleash Fun, Friends & Nightlife!
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Washingto, DC
Saturday, April 1, 2023


Introducing Georgetown Crawl, a fun and lively event that combines a tontine-inspired party game with a bar crawl through the historic neighborhood of Georgetown in Washington, D.C. This unique experience brings together friends and strangers alike to explore some of the most iconic bars and pubs in the area while participating in challenges, trivia, and games.

Objective: Visit various bars in Georgetown, participate in challenges and mini-games, and collect points to outlast your fellow crawlers and become the ultimate Georgetown Crawl winner.

Event Components:

  1. A curated list of bars and pubs to visit in Georgetown, Washington, D.C.
  2. Georgetown Crawl game cards, featuring a mix of challenge, trivia, and mini-game cards.
  3. Point tokens, representing each participant's accumulated points.
  4. Georgetown Crawl wristbands or badges to identify participants.


  1. Participants gather at a predetermined starting location in Georgetown and receive their wristbands or badges, point tokens, and a list of participating bars and pubs.
  2. The event organizer, known as the Georgetown Crawl Master, explains the rules and introduces the first challenge, trivia question, or mini-game.
  3. Participants visit the listed bars and pubs in Georgetown, either individually or in groups, and participate in challenges, answer trivia questions, or compete in mini-games at each location.
  4. Successful completion of challenges, correct trivia answers, or winning mini-games earn participants point tokens. In some cases, participants may lose point tokens based on their performance.
  5. Participants can choose to form alliances, trade point tokens, or collaborate on certain challenges or mini-games, fostering cooperation and strategy.
  6. The event continues throughout the night, with the Georgetown Crawl Master introducing new challenges, trivia, or mini-games at each location.
  7. The Georgetown Crawl concludes at a predetermined final location, where the participant with the most point tokens is declared the winner and receives a special prize or title.

Georgetown Crawl offers a unique and entertaining way to explore the vibrant neighborhood of Georgetown while engaging in friendly competition and building camaraderie among participants. Please note that participants should drink responsibly and be aware of their limits. Always arrange for a safe way to return home after the event, such as a designated driver, taxi, or rideshare service.


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