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Generate more cash for your next bluebird opportunity or risk mitigation
Gary W. Patterson -- Big 4 CPA, Stanford MBA Gary W. Patterson -- Big 4 CPA, Stanford MBA
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: Atlanta , GA
Wednesday, December 04, 2019


You and I are seeing more and more CEO and CFO surveys and articles re WHEN, not IF, the economy will turndown and asking how prepared you are.

As you andI know, both in good times and bad times leaders always have a use for morecash. Bluebirds abound when turbulence occurs, for those who can quickly accesscash.

Searchingthrough my vault, I found and updated my 7 best tips list on quickly gettingmore cash. Consider these 7 sure-fire tips on how to improve cash flow andfortify your company’s position in the marketplace.

  1. Scrutinize and update, (or Obtain) yourRolling Operational Operating Statement.
  2. Learn which products now haveunacceptable margins or even worse, are loss leaders. Determine appropriatetactics, such as to either get rid of them or, at the very least, considerraising prices.
  3. Ask employees for suggestions. Heed the classicadage, “Ain’t any of us as smart as all of us.”
  4. Postpone even slash purchases, where possible.
  5. Review inventory levels using current orreasonably conservative projections by how many days’ sales and adjustoutstanding and future orders appropriately.
  6. Send out all accounts receivablestatements monthly AND make collection calls where appropriate.
  7. Do more with less. There is a reason whythis tried-and-true phrase remains tried-and-true.

Ensure youtimely and accurately receive the management information reports to easilycomplete these reviews. What other key information might you be missing? Hard to have too much cash.

Pull thislist out every six months to see where and how you can better manage yourcompany’s cash flow.

At best,you will find and correct the inevitable fat and sloppiness which always creepsin during booming times. At worst, you will invest a limited amount of time andeffort for which your improved cashflow will thank you.

When theeconomic climate changes as dramatically and as frequently as it seems to benowadays, remember that cash is better than king – it rules.

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Thanking you inadvance, Gary

Gary Patterson
FiscalDoctor, Inc.
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