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Gaslighting as a Political Tactic Supporting Biden
Brian Davis -- Concerned and Patriotic Senior American Brian Davis -- Concerned and Patriotic Senior American
, MN
Saturday, October 17, 2020

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Gaslighting, a term first depicted in a 1930s British play, is psychological manipulation by making small changes daily, weekly, monthly, but then denying those changes happened.

Gaslighting aims to control people by sowing seeds of self doubt, making them question their own memory and perceptions.  It attempts to destabilize and delegitimize the target's own beliefs, instilling cognitive dissonance.


Gaslighting as a Major Political Tactic to Manipulate Voters

The 'alternative reality' advanced on most mainstream news channels is inconsistent with our own sensory observations and common sense. We see riots, looting and arson, but are assured it is "peaceful protesting."  Those who question the false 'alternative reality' are oftentimes vilified as 'racist', or 'crazy'.

False allegations that President Trump colluded with Russians in 2016 had repeatedly guaranteed that "proof of Trump's guilt would be produced."  Failing to ever produce any evidence of impropriety with Russians, the Democrats and mainstream media switched to baseless allegations of Ukrainian collusion, which were disproved by official telephone transcripts.

Meanwhile, convincing evidence of Hillary Clinton's email-based crimes and of the Obama Administration's illegal spying on the Trump candidacy and Presidency were documented by DOJ Inspector General Reports, but ignored by most media as being "already debunked."  They were never debunked! 

Perhaps those false claims against Trump were diversions to deflect away from REAL collusion and worse by Democrats.

Newly disclosed evidence indicates that Clinton initiated not only the E-Mail Scandal Cover-Up, but the phony dossier of Russian disinformation and lies she paid for, and that our corrupt FBI Leadership subsequently used against Trump.


The Mainstream Media's Unprecedented  Denial of the Truth Using Psychological Manipulation by Repeated Lies 

When Biden repeatedly says, "Trump has never repudiated white supremacists," the media largely fail to point out that he is lying.  Fact checkers know: "Trump Has Condemned White Supremacists" Robert Farley, Feb. 11, 2020. FactCheck.org. 

In fact, Trump has repeatedly restated his repudiation of white supremacists on video and in writing. Yet, Biden continues to lie.  And the media parrots his lie, as recently as October 15, 2020 at an NBC "Town Hall."  See the attached video for a clear 2017 example.

Additional deceptions occur daily regarding Joe Biden, his son Hunter, and additional Biden family financial relationships with foreign governments and oligarchs. The appearance of impropriety that was created, with criminal implications, is documented by the September 18, 2020 U.S. Senate report "Hunter Biden, Burisma, and Corruption: The Impact on U.S. Government Policy and Related concerns."

Our heightened awareness of Leftist political tactics can prevent such Gaslighting efforts from subverting our political system.


We must trust ourselves, our senses and common sense.

Don't let yourself be Gaslighted!

Brian Davis


Concerned American Senior Citizen.
Holds a Master of Arts in Sociology, and a Juris Doctorate in Law from U.S. Universities in Illinois.
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