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Gamification and Engagement Signals
Randall Craig, Business Growth, Thought Leadership, Marketing Strategy, Digital Randall Craig, Business Growth, Thought Leadership, Marketing Strategy, Digital
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Tuesday, June 4, 2024


Can you imagine a future when your prospects are so engaged with you that they would never want to leave the fold? That they were magnetically (and perhaps hypnotically) so attuned to you at the highest possible level? That they were so “sticky” that they couldn’t help but consume your content, engage your services, and refer others?

Gamification and Engagement Signals

How might this even be possible? Gamification can help. This is the family of signals that you build into your engagement processes that rewards behaviors that are aligned with your goals.

Gamification started with — and remains a staple of — the gaming world. About a hundred years ago, pinball games rewarded a high score with an extra ball or a free game. Casinos reward players with the promise of riches, often improving the odds as you wager ever higher amounts. Today, video games are the most sophisticated venues where one can see gamification in action. Kill a few bad guys and you get points. Get many points, and you receive upgraded capabilities and status. The endorphins flow, and you are hooked!

For marketers, the signals that you can use are as varied as the underlying marketing initiative itself. And depending on the underlying technology platform, much (or at least some of it) can be automated. Here are some ideas:

  • Give points for adding comments or posts on a discussion board.
  • Give visible awards for having a certain level of engagement.
  • Send an email congratulations to the person when they have achieved a milestone.
  • Send a physical real-world item upon achieving a milestone: card, promo item, etc.
    • Give additional real-world benefits for achieving milestones: free webinar, group or private coaching, etc.
    • Build competition and status with visible leaderboards, badges, competitions.
    • Time-limited competitions to achieve certain goals.
    • Give awards, certificates, or other benefits for participating (or achieving) X days in a row.
    • Allow people to form teams, and then use gamification at the team level.
    • Use contests that encourage engagement.
    • Negative signal: cut off access with timed content
    • Use visuals and audio cues to celebrate achievement
    • Use marketing automation to provide engagement cues
    • Reward people for making introductions
    • Use progress bars and checkmarks to show completion status
    • Give status for longevity

This week’s action plan:

Gamification can be used far beyond online courses, discussion groups, or events. This week, look at every marketing initiative you have on the books, and use this list to see if you can make your efforts more “sticky”.

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