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Future of Eldercare is Now
Matt McCann -- Long Term Care Expert Matt McCann -- Long Term Care Expert
Birmingham, AL
Friday, March 8, 2024

Matt McCann, long-term care specialist

The morning following the State of the Union address, Matt McCann addressed financial advisors and general insurance agents in the Birmingham, AL, area.

Matt McCann is one of the nation's leading Long-Term Care Insurance specialists, helping clients nationwide plan for the costs and burdens of aging.

Here is a transcript of Matt McCann's comments:

"Thank you for joining me this morning. In light of last night's State of the Union address, where caregiving and eldercare were highlighted by President Biden, it's timely to discuss the vision for the future of elder care. 

The President said, "Imagine a future with home care and elder care so seniors and people living with disabilities can stay in their homes."

But this is a future we don't have to just imagine—if we plan for it. Long-Term Care Insurance already provides for in-home care, not only covering nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Some policies even offer cash benefits, allowing family members to receive payment for their caregiving. 

This isn't a distant dream; it's a present reality.

The truth is, most people prefer not to have their family members shoulder the burden of care; they'd rather see them simply as family. However, a lack of conversation around Long-Term Care Insurance and a general absence of urgency in securing coverage means that many families are caught unprepared, leading to a crisis where personal savings are drained until Medicaid becomes the only option—by which time, assets and income are nearly depleted.

We have the power today to prevent such crises, to protect our income and assets without burdening our loved ones or the taxpayers.

I understand the concern that Long-Term Care Insurance might seem too expensive for some. The reality is, for most people, LTC Insurance is very affordable. 

Acting in your 40s or 50s makes the premiums more affordable and easier to obtain coverage, even get preferred rates. 

For those without millions in savings, the Long-Term Care Insurance Partnership program offers an ideal solution to protect assets with a modest policy. This program isn't widely known, even among financial advisors, yet it offers dollar-for-dollar asset protection, allowing you to qualify for Medicaid without losing everything should your LTC policy benefits be exhausted.

Why is it crucial to think about long-term care now? In her response to the State of the Union, your U.S. Senator Katie Britt pointed out, "Hardworking families are struggling... they're also struggling to plan for tomorrow." 

We want as many guarantees as we can. Long-term care Insurance offers guaranteed tax-free benefits, and in a world of economic uncertainty, that kind of guarantee offers peace of mind. 

The reality is, with the high likelihood of needing long-term care, planning to safeguard our income and savings, ensuring access to quality care, and relieving our families from the burden of care is an essential part of a comprehensive retirement plan. There are so many ways to design an affordable LTC Insurance policy. Even a small policy can provide significant protection.

So, we certainly can't afford to wait. Let's take action now, ensuring a secure future for ourselves and easing the path for our families. Planning for long-term care isn't just about protecting our assets—it's about preserving our dignity and independence in our later years. Thank you."

Need to Talk About Long-Term Care

McCann encouraged financial advisors and insurance agents to discuss long-term care with their clients. Most importantly, McCann noted, Americans need to be proactive and find a Long-Term Care Insurance specialist to help them add an LTC policy to their retirement plan.

In response to a question, McCann said aging is a reality we all must address. 

"At some point, due to a chronic health event, a mobility problem, dementia, or frailty, we will need help with our activities of daily living or supervision due to dementia. The question is, are you prepared?"

McCann added that delaying only makes the solution more expensive, or it will be too late, leaving the full responsibility for families and finances. 

"We must avoid the crisis," McCann said.

McCann suggested that financial advisors and general insurance agents can take steps to help their clients.

"Many financial advisors and insurance agents will contact me and team up with me as a Long-Term Care Insurance specialist so we, together, can help."

McCann says he works through Platinum LTC Solutions, a company that can be your long-term care partner for financial advisors and insurance agents wanting help with Long-Term Care Insurance. They can provide as much or as little assistance as you need to identify your client's long-term care needs and provide solution options.

When asked about finding quality caregivers and facilities, McCann suggested the LTC NEWS Caregiver Directory. The directory is accessible at www.ltcnews.com/care. The website has also made arrangements to help anyone process a Long-Term Care Insurance claim without cost or obligation - Filing a Long-Term Care Insurance Claim.

Help is Available

McCann emphasized the importance of seeking advice from a seasoned Long-Term Care Insurance specialist who can assist anyone through the various available policies.

McCann, who holds licenses in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, represents the top-rate insurance companies that offer long-term care solutions. His innovative approach enables clients to consult with him via phone while viewing his computer screen, making the education, exploration, and selection of options convenient and transparent.

You can get free and accurate quotes from all the top companies, along with professional recommendations -  Free and Accurate Quotes.

Media Availability

McCann is available for radio, TV, and podcast interviews. He also speaks to groups and organizations worldwide on the issues of aging, caregiving, health, and long-term care. Contact McCann through his website for information.

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