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Integrity Research Institute -- Researching Scientific Integrity Integrity Research Institute -- Researching Scientific Integrity
Washington, DC
Thursday, May 7, 2015

To start on a lighter note, check out the two minute DC edition of Game of Thrones called  District of Thrones
It's a nonverbal tour de force of the Washington Post's view of our government. Since our readers know that I was a witness at the 2013 Citizens' Hearing at the National Press Club, you will be happy to learn that event was the impetus forSenator McCain's office and Congressman Cook to facilitate full medical disability for another witness and US military veteran,John Burroughs, who was injured during exposure to prolonged UAP (unidentified aerial phenomenon) radiation. This is a first for our country and his book is worth reading
Now that  2014 has been recognized as   the hottest year on record, the Washington Post published an article about 
climate deniers in retreat, and Pope Francis had a 

Global Warming Summit, the need for accelerated development of clean fuel-free energy and propulsion is paramount. That is where our institute stands out above the usual renewable lobby. You are invited to experience the 

cutting edge scientists at COFE7  who are helping to define new energy for public appreciation which is the only hope for a discontinuous jump in technology. See Story #1 for the great lineup of our speakers for the Seventh International Conference on Future Energy (COFE7) and an announcement of my latest journal publication.

Story #2 gives us hope for the spacefaring younger generation, thousands of whom want to go into space and go to Mars. The new Dream Chaser spacecraft will usher in a new era of shuttle service to near earth orbit with help from NASA. Video included.


Story #3 is an exciting breakthrough using energy (future energy is here folks) to put out fires. A low rumbling sonic frequency extinguishes flames in seconds, thanks to engineering majors at George Mason University. Video included.


Story #4 tells us that electric vehicles (EVs) are here to stay and getting more affordable. Only ten years ago, IRI featured the movie, "Who Killed the Electric Car?" and star of the movie, Chelsea Sexton, at COFE2 and now the rebound is tremendous. Since it is getting to be cheaper to charge a 300-mile EV (about $10) than fill an equivalent car with gas, thinktanks are predicting a "potential paradigm shift in vehicle technology" with Tesla driving electric car innovation.


Story #5 leads us into the more esoteric energy realm with the hunt for dark matter and its cousin, dark energy, said to make up the majority of matter and energy in the universe. Of course, more physicists are recognizing the link to vacuum energy and its surface interface, zero point energy, as the most likely candidate for the dark mystery of a "one force controlling everything." Harvard University agrees that zero point vacuum energy is the most likely candidate for dark matter and dark energy. Come to COFE7 to learn more!




Thomas Valone, PhD, PE.


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