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From Near Death to Devotional Mission to Enlighten: Rick Pribell Discusses Wide Range of Issues in Series of Radio Show Podcasts
Rick Pribell, Biblical Expert and Author Rick Pribell, Biblical Expert and Author
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Thursday, April 23, 2020

From Near Death to Devotional Mission to Enlighten: Rick Pribell Discusses Wide Range of Issues in Series of Radio Show Podcasts

Ft. Lauderdale, Fl—Life is a series of choices made by and for us, sometimes through our own volition a path is chosen while all too often mysterious events sweep through to alter everything. In 2020 the unexpected C-Crisis is turning billions of lives worldwide upside down and sideways, which in turn brings up the inevitable questions of the meaning of life and God's purpose? Rick Pribell, author of Amazon bestseller Imagine God, has been pondering such questions ever since his own life was upended by a near fatal heart and life-saving quadruple bypass surgery. Massive inflection points in life create many results, and in Rick's case it produced a decidedly intense devotional mission to enlighten.

During a recent appearance on the James Lowe Radio Show, broadcast on the iHeart network, Rick candidly discussed the most important aspects of his book, why he chose a new path in life and how he approaches each new step in the process (edited podcasts below). Rick Pribell's passion can be felt in a voice which transmits a calm demeanor laced with assured confidence in messages of hope. Not sugar coating his beliefs or how God wants us to react to challenges, he related to the audience how "we should fear God but nothing else"

He emphasized that Imagine God, in comparison to his future books, is targeted for a much wider audience in order to get across one key factor; it is our emotional responses to what life throws at us which brings us closer to God's Spirit. Rick Pribell said his soul searching, travels and research led him to conclude this was the intention of God in our creation, and to him this seemed entirely logical. Here you have belief mixed with a science of deduction approach which results in a conclusion born from Rick's suffering, remorse, reflection and redemption.

Despite Rick's absolute mastery of Biblical history and text, one feels they are being spoken to as an equal. Insight from his own perils has brought him to millions with a primary and urgent message; don't wait to embrace God. Nearly robbed of that opportunity, Rick Pribell's devotional mission to enlighten comes through with heartfelt resonance in the radio show podcasts below.    

Visit his website at https://www.ImagineGodBooks.com.

01 Rick Pribell Explains Premise for New Book, Imagine God, on James Lowe Radio Show

02 Where to Get Rick Pribell's Book Imagine God & A Prayer in Covid Crisis

03 Rick Pribell on Writing New Book & What Imagine God Can Do for Those In Doubt

04 What You Should Get from Imagine God by Rick Pribell, Author of Other Spiritual Books

05 Rick Pribell & Near Death Experience That Changed His Life & the Aftermath of Spiritual Growth

06 Universality of Our Relationship with God Through Our Experience & Emotions with Rick Pribell

07 Imagine God by Rick Pribell for Everyone, Contains Messages for Religious & Non-Religious

08 Rick Pribell's Book Compared to Other Spiritual Books, Using Emotions to Relate to God's Spirit

About Rick Pribell:

Born and raised in a Jewish family from central Florida, Rick Pribell came to accept Jesus as the Messiah, which went against everything he was ever taught. It was on a business trip to the Caribbean island of Trinidad where he met his wife, Joyce, from a Hindu-Christian family of East Indian descent.

Pribell realized that people everywhere have the same basic emotions and desires, those that mirror God's image. This realization, he believes is the bedrock for developing a personal relationship with God. His new book, Imagine God, chronicles his personal journey and message in an easy-to-understand way that is both simple and scripturally sound.

Following his life-threatening heart attack and subsequent quadruple bypass surgery, Pribell has come to accept that our lives here on earth are only temporary. The experience had a profound impact on his already strong faith. As a result, he has adopted an urgent calling to help people see the importance of getting to know God before it is too late, and he is now focusing his time to share the lessons he has learned.

Pribell and his wife Joyce have been married for over 20 years and have two children. They live in South Florida, where Pribell is hard at work on his next book.

Visit his website at https://www.ImagineGodBooks.com.

Media Contact: For a review copy of Imagine God or to arrange an interview with Rick Pribell, contact Scott Lorenz of Westwind Communications Book Marketing at scottlorenz@westwindcos.com or by phone at 734-667-2090. Follow Lorenz on twitter@abookpublicist.

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