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Former BOP Official Federal Prison Consultant Explains
Bruce Cameron -- Federal Prison Consultant Bruce Cameron -- Federal Prison Consultant
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: Dallas, TX
Wednesday, April 26, 2017


While there are many competent Federal Prison Consultants out there, hiring a former BOP official/consultant with prior inside expertise of BOP policies and procedures is advantageous. Watch out for guarantees of this or that. I would never guarantee anything.  After all, you’re dealing with the Federal System. Every case is different. Through patience, diligence and following the correct policies and procedures, positive results can happen.

The good news is most BOP staff abide by the policies set forth. Ironically, people think hiring a consultant is a short cut.  It is because many attorneys, defendants and other experts don’t understand HOW the BOP operates. Some attorneys are so focused on getting through the case, they forget the long journey forward simply because it’s not their job unless they do post-conviction work.  Realize that the courts are the Judicial Branch.  The BOP is in the Executive Branch.  It is a full-on law enforcement entity. Being a recently retired BOP official, I know exactly how communicate with USPO’s, courts and BOP staff. I actually served in designation role concerning  inmates for a brief period (Dallas CCM Office).

Believe it or not, the BOP by and large, strives to do the best job they can. For sure, not all staff follow policy in a timely manner, otherwise I would not have this business.

Additionally, I believe I am the only Federal Prison Consultant that is versed in Sex Offender Treatment, assessment and designation of this growing population of the BOP.  Many ex-con prison consultants are silent on the sex offender.  That’s a shame, as this is going to be about 1/4 th of the BOP population soon.  These offenders/defendants need help, and not many consultants are there to assist them.  I helped open the SOTP at FCI Butner and worked with federal sex offenders during my entire 23 year career with the BOP.  A routine Google search will reveal my years of expertise.  I have worked with drug and financial white-collar crime just as much.

The breadth and depth of services begins to show as noted below.

Here are some quick bullets of clients that have received our services:

Defendant contacted us after being indicted. We were able to prepare him and counsel for PSI interview. Defendant was designated to a BOP facility near his home. He was admitted into RDAP and received full benefit from 3621e early release.

Client was in seclusion for a plethora of 200 series incident reports. Through our assistance we were able to sort out the information resulting in a favorable decision by the DHO or Discipline Hearing Officer.

Pregnant female defendant contacted us fairly early in the process. She was designated to a Mothers and Infants Together Program. She bonded with her baby for 6 months and returned to a BOP facility, where she then completed RDAP and received time off her sentence and a full 180 day Residential Re-entry Center placement.

A client retained our services because they were scared about federal custody and had no idea what he was facing.  We worked as a team with his attorney to ally his fears. We were able to do some baseline calculations using current sentencing guidelines to ascertain a range of time, security and custody level. The client was prepared, went to Court and received a sentence on the low end of the guideline and had strong endorsements from the Court for facility designation and program recommendations noted in the J and C.

Defendant did not communicate their entire drug history during the PSI interview. Fortunately, there were documented episodes of substance use prior to the commission of the instant offense that through our service, we were able to communicate directly with the RDAP coordinator in a positive manner. Client was admitted into RDAP and received full benefit.

Defendant who otherwise qualified for RDAP was denied by local Psychology Service staff.  After retaining our services, we were able to carefully and skillfully navigate through the Administrative Remedy process. Client was admitted into RDAP and received full-benefit of the program.

Disabled client hired us because he was not receiving appropriate health care.  A careful examination of his situation revealed several gaps. After only 2 rounds of Administrative Remedy correspondence, client successfully accessed healthcare.

Sex Offender client retained our services. He was able to be designated to a facility that was near home and offered the Sex Offender Management Program. He completed and received 180 days RRC placement.  Interestingly he qualified for Home Confinement after being in the RRC for several weeks.

Disabled client retained us near the end of his sentence.  He was able to apply for and be admitted into immediate Home Confinement. Our services prepared his family on how to qualify and pass home inspections from both USPO and BOP contract staff.

Family of a mentally ill defendant retained our services. Assisted the defendant’s counsel on competence 4241 and competence restoration 4241d proceedings. Some missteps here could have resulted in a way longer sentence for the client.

Client held under a 3552 evaluation was provided services that connected them with a timely sentencing and favorable designation to a BOP facility.

Sex Offender client retained our services. After retaining our services, we were able to complete a risk assessment with multiple measures. AUSA had been asking for 7 years. After testimony, this individual received a sentence for 366 days (non-contact offense was downloader only). After completing treatment with USPO contract provider, client will be able to be removed of the Public Sex Offender Registry in his state per evaluation.

RDAP graduate was nearly failed from his early release from the program. After retaining our services and application of our advice, the client successfully completed Transitional Services and received full benefit from the early release.

Several clients through our services, have been placed in Home Detention or Electronic Monitoring. We coordinated this through USPO and the client was able to remain at home, reporting to a PO once a week. (not available in all states or jurisdictions)

Sex Offender retained our help after being bullied in FCI.  Administrative contacts were strategic and resulted in 1. safety of the client and 2. placement into Sex Offender Treatment which we were able to assist in a programs transfer.

These are just some of the many types of situations we can assist clients, families and their attorneys.  Feel free to call 214-431-2032 for more information.

Bruce Cameron

Bruce Cameron

Since 1990, Bruce Cameron has worked as a therapist, and administrator for the U.S. Department of Justice/Federal Bureau of Prisons. His professional credentials include Licensed Professional Counselor/Supervisor, Licensed Sex Offender Treatment Provider, and Texas Sex Offender Deregistration Evaluator

Bruce Cameron

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Retired Federal Bureau of Prisons staff Bruce Cameron is a Federal Prison Consultant, Mental Health and Addiction expert, who offers insights to media outlets regarding all things criminal, escapes, suicides, sentencing and any aspect regarding federal cases. On the web, Cameron is known as the Federal Prison Authority. He is an Associate Member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and Expert Member for the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association. Bruce is a licensed counselor and Executive Coach, providing a counseling and coaching to those in the criminal justice system.

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