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ForensisGroup, The Expert of Experts, Raises the Bar with Expert Witnesses Who Uncover Nothing But the Truth
ForensisGroup ForensisGroup
Pasadena, CA
Tuesday, April 26, 2022

ForensisGroup, The Expert of Experts, Raises the Bar with Expert Witnesses Who Uncover Nothing But the Truth

ForensisGroup, The Expert of Experts®, and a leader in providing experts, expert witnesses and consultants for legal, consulting, insurance, and other litigious matters, has raised the bar for uncovering the facts in complex litigious disputes and cases. ForensisGroup works with credentialed, vetted expert witnesses focused on uncovering the facts and providing unbiased expert opinions on complex legal disputes and cases.

"Current events demonstrate how falsehoods can easily spread and be twisted as facts. While people may have interpretations of situations, the facts provide the proper insight into the truth of a situation and the consequences that can occur. We have seen in case after case that by bringing in experts who understand backgrounds and industries, the complexities of circumstances and who have the skills to explain and articulate the facts properly, the truth will prevail," commented Mercy T. Steenwyk, President of ForensisGroup.

Over 100 million lawsuits are filed in U.S. state trial courts and roughly 40 million cases in federal trial courts each year. The stakes can be high both financially and emotionally, regardless of the type of case. It is critical that experts provide thoughtful insight based on their research, analysis, and understanding of the facts and the matter. "We have stepped up the process we use to evaluate our experts. We have drilled down into specialties to further identify areas of expertise within a specialty. And every client is assigned a case manager who works with our team to ensure that we provide the absolute best expert. No chance is taken to uncover the truth," Ms. Steenwyk continued.

"Testimony from ForensisGroup experts has helped keep lead out of drinking water. Oil out of oceans. Dangerous chemicals out of food. It has led to safer skyscrapers. More reliable power grids. And prevented intellectual property theft. And, these were not won by accident. These cases were won with experts providing the information, insight and facts that made a difference in the case. As our world becomes more complex and the stakes higher, having the right experts who can make a difference is critical. ForensisGroup is proud to help uncover the truth one case at a time," she concluded.

ForensisGroup recently released a new website that streamlines the search process, making it more efficient for clients to request an expert witness. And, in support of Intellectual Property attorneys and their work, ForensisGroup is a proud platinum sponsor at the upcoming LAIPLA (Los Angeles Intellectual Property Law Association) Spring Seminar from May 21 – 22, 2022, in Santa Barbara. 

About ForensisGroup
ForensisGroup, The Expert of Experts®, is a leader in providing experts, consultants, and witnesses for legal, insurance and other complex controversies and litigious problems. Founded in 1991, ForensisGroup is known for its integrity by bringing the best experts together to help uncover the truth. With over 3,000 experts and consultants specializing in business, engineering and construction, environmental and science-related areas, the firm has served over 20,000 clients in over 30,000 cases. Recognized as a Top 100 Women-Owned and Minority-owned business in Los Angeles, ForensisGroup is committed to being socially responsible to local and global communities. ForensisGroup has been voted the Best Expert Provider in the National Law Journal and has been AM’s Best Client Recommended Expert Service Provider for over ten years. For more information, visit the new website at ForensisGroup.com or call 800-555-5542.                         

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