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ForensisGroup, The Expert of Experts, Brings Truth to the Forefront
ForensisGroup ForensisGroup
Pasadena, CA
Thursday, October 20, 2022

ForensisGroup, The Expert of Experts, Brings Truth to the Forefront

Experts Make or Break a Court Case

ForensisGroup, The Expert of Experts®, and a leader in providing experts, expert witnesses and consultants for legal, insurance, and other private and public agencies in various disciplines, bring truth to the forefront by engaging the best of the best experts.   

Court cases are on the rise as courts have reopened to in-person trials since the disruptions from COVID-19. As attorneys prepare for trial, experts are critical to assessing the situation, identifying the facts, and essentially walking a judge and jury through what happened, how and why.

"The best expert witnesses have a keen methodology of unraveling the most complex situation and breaking it down to get to the ultimate truth. Because, at the end of the day, they can make or break a case," commented Mercy Steenwyk, President and CEO of ForensisGroup. 

Being an expert witness requires more than credentials in their respective field. "Not everyone in their field is qualified to be an expert witness. Expert witnesses not only possess expertise in their field, they must also be an investigator of sorts, willing to dig into a case to understand the nuances. They must be able to clearly communicate the what, the how and the why. And, they must be open to working with or handing off to other experts when complexities require multiple disciplines to piece together an event or situation," she said.

Rules and guidelines are in place that outline the role, qualifications, disclosures and responsibilities of expert witnesses. Yet, nothing takes the place of in-person communication. "Our role as a provider of experts is to ensure that our expert candidates possess the skills to assist lawyers in preparing, delivering and positioning them for success. The ability to understand the case and look into details, be clear and concise, walk a judge and jury through the facts in an understandable way and leave absolutely no doubt as to the truth of a situation is the role of the expert witness. This is what makes the expert witness so valuable. At ForensisGroup, we work with our clients to deliver the best experts in the field because we believe there is Nothing But the Truth®," she concluded.

About ForensisGroup
 ForensisGroup, The Expert of Experts®, is a leader in providing experts, consultants, and witnesses for legal, insurance and other complex controversies and litigious problems. Founded in 1991, ForensisGroup is known for its integrity by bringing the best experts together to help uncover the truth. With over 3,000 experts and consultants specializing in business, engineering and construction, environmental and science-related areas, the firm has served over 20,000 clients in over 30,000 cases. Recognized as a Top 100 Women-Owned and Minority-owned business in Los Angeles, ForensisGroup is committed to being socially responsible to local and global communities. ForensisGroup has been voted the Best Expert Provider in the National Law Journal and AM’s Best Client Recommended Expert Service Provider for over ten years. For more information, visit the new website at ForensisGroup.com or call 800-555-5542.                                                                                                                                                                                                       ###

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