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Forbidden Power Two Cancelled
Paul Kyriazi - Feature Film Director Paul Kyriazi - Feature Film Director
Los Angeles, CA
Monday, February 15, 2021

Though it Won 38 Awards, No Sequel For This Movie
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The 2018 movie Forbidden Power, written/directed by Paul Kyriazi, now has a total of 38 first-place international awards. He started pre-production on Part Two in Seattle in early 2020, but had to leave due to the quickly expanding danger there.

So he novelized the script for Part Two and put in on Amazon instead of making the movie. Since the story would have picked up right after the first movie ended, he'd have to get together a lot of actors and looking exactly the same. Plus the fact that even when it's safe in Seattle the weather is difficult to film with only August a good month with little rain. So he will never produce Part Two of Forbidden Power.
However, after six months of thinking, Kyriazi came up with a new story that has a wild plot. He wrote the screenplay, then novelized it, and now it's out on Amazon kindle for $0.99. There's a paperback, too. 
When it's safe, he'll film it in central California. In the meantime, the book will promote the movie. 
It's called Deadlier Than the Human - Aliens leave four beautiful women in the desert. A young Indie film producer inadvertently records the event. He joins an ex-Navy SEAL to discover the shocking secret of their mission on earth. A macabre thriller from the writer/director of Forbidden Power.

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