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Flying to Success: Life Lessons from a Licensed Pilot and Entrepreneur
Rick Culleton -- Author of 'Messed Up Like You' Rick Culleton -- Author of 'Messed Up Like You'
Austin, TX
Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Flying to Success: Life Lessons from a Licensed Pilot and Entrepreneur

"Culleton's story of repeated triumph over adversity will inspire you to overcome the negatives in your life and to achieve your dreams."

Austin, TX—Rick Culleton is hardly the kind of person you'd expect to fly an airplane. He is fearful of heights and lacks a good sense of orientation. None of this, however, has prevented him from earning a pilot's license. Nor have anxiety and ADHD and people labeling him a lost cause stopped him from becoming highly successful as an entrepreneur.

In his candid, entertaining debut book, Messed Up Like You, the author shares sometimes hair-raising experiences from his personal life, business ventures and mental health journey and weaves them together with anecdotes from flight school. His narrative, which shows how lessons he learned up in the air apply to life in general, will inspire readers who feel written off by society.

"Rick Culleton's struggles and triumphs, served up with humor and wisdom in 'Messed Up Like You,' make for an entertaining read. Culleton provides scores of life lessons from his varied experiences as a businessman, amateur athlete and licensed pilot." —Brad Butler, Author of 'Without Redemption.'

Culleton's story is one of repeated triumph over adversity. Growing up in central New York state, he struggled in school because of his learning difficulties and did a brief stint in prison at 17. As a young man in Texas, where he initially hustled cars, he was taken advantage of by customers.

Later, after finding success in the retail and real estate sectors, he was sued by a major corporation and faced a years-long IRS audit where incarceration seemed inevitable. While both these David-against-Goliath fights often felt overwhelming, Culleton weathered them as a pilot would weather turbulences. Rather than feeling sorry for himself or letting his anger about the situation turn destructive, he relied on sports and other coping mechanisms to keep himself sane. And he kept doing his work.

"Rick Culleton has hustled his entire life. His story exemplifies the importance of drive and ambition in determining success. A gritty story with a happy ending that's still being written." —John Kelly, Detroit Free Press

As a writer, Culleton is authentic and honest. By showing his own vulnerability, he creates a story that is relatable and engaging. "My goal with this book was to show readers that our limitations need not define us," he says. "No matter how messed up we are and no matter how dire the circumstances of our life may seem, we can still be happy and successful if we have the right mindset."

"Both fascinating reading entertainment and a trove of cogent advice, this book is a winner, offering - 'If we want something badly enough, we can sometimes make a dream come true.' Rick Culleton is a mortal phoenix!" —Grady Harp, Amazon Top 100 Hall of Fame Reviewer

The advice Culleton offers in Messed Up Like You is clear and straightforward: "I believe that the awareness of agency is a key to success in any area of life. We are all responsible for our actions—and inaction, one might add. We can see ourselves as victims of the conditions we're in, complain about them and become inert. Or we can assess what's in front of us and proceed accordingly," he writes as one example. Culleton's style is reflective and direct, making this book an interesting but easy read.

Messed Up Like You is the true story of a licensed pilot and entrepreneur who has a treasure trove of advice to share. Rick Culleton is open about his flaws and the mistakes he made. His journey of overcoming these hardships is truly inspirational. For future entrepreneurs, troubled teens and young adults, or anyone looking for some advice, this story is sure to be beneficial. 

Messed Up Like You, How ADHD and Anxiety Didn't Stop Me From Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur, by Rick Culleton, is available on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback and on the author's website: https://www.messeduplikeyou.com/

About Rick Culleton: Rick is a licensed pilot and entrepreneur from Austin, Texas. He is the owner of an Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Firm, Discount Electronics, and of First Austin Property and two hotels in Jaco, Costa Rica. He grew up in New York, and, after a series of hardships, pursued many entrepreneurial ventures.

After he was given a StoryWorth subscription in 2020, Culleton began to share his life experiences, which culminated in his debut book, "Messed Up Like You." By sharing his story, he proves that anyone can overcome any obstacle. Outside of work, he has won trophies and awards for Taekwondo and Triathlons, earned recognition for his work with public schools and a group called ACOS that works with children in Costa Rica. He and his wife, Katherine, have two children, Richard and Laura. 

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