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Florida Bans "Climate Change'
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Dateline: New York, NY
Friday, May 17, 2024

Ron DeSantis
Ron DeSantis

With the stroke of a pen, Florida governor Ron DeSantis has banned climate change. He will be will be 81—and hopefully long out of politics—in 2060, when 60 percent of Miami-Dade County will be submerged by the rising seawater triggered by climate change.

Miami currently struggles with “blue-sky flooding,” which occurs not from rain or storms, but from high tides or rising sea levels on sunny days when the sky is clear.

Though the city ranks as “ground zero” for climate risk, DeSantis signed a bill on May 16 that bans the state from considering “the potential of global climate change” when setting its agenda.

“We’re restoring sanity in our approach to energy and rejecting the agenda of the radical green zealots,” he said in signing the bill.

DeSantis may have his head in the sand of the Florida beaches that are being eroded by climate change, but he’s out of touch with his fellow Floridians.

A Florida Atlantic University report released on May 14 found that 90 percent of people in the state say climate change is happening.

That tops the results of a national survey from Yale University that found that 72 percent of all Americans believe climate change is real.

The climate change denying DeSantis is setting himself as a GOP leader in the post-Trump party.

In signing the “no to climate change” bill, DeSantis didn’t restore sanity, he furthered insanity.

His anti-climate change position may win the support of the MAGA crowd after its leader is gone from the picture, but it is bad news for the people of Florida.

Count your blessings… Texas State University (San Marcos) and Virginia State University (Petersburg) were supposed to host two presidential debates on September 16 and October 1, respectively. The Commission on Presidential Debates announced those sites and dates on November 20, 2023.

The schools are now off the hook as CNN and ABC have swooped in to broadcasts the debates.

Texas State and Virginia State should thank their lucky stars that they are now off the hook.

The Trump/Biden debates will hardly draw comparisons to the Lincoln/Douglas match-ups in 1858 for the Illinois Senate seat.

They will be loud performative affairs and a general waste of time. Few voters will switch their political preferences after seeing the Mango Mussolini and Sleepy Joe swap insults.

Everyone is a winner. I used to manage my daughters’ softball teams, and all players got a participation trophy.

Newsweek’s inaugural list of “America’s Best PR Agencies” brought back those happy softball memories.

Each of the initial 150 firms received either a four-star or five-star rating, which makes the list pretty meaningless.

For instance, Finn Partners and Edelman received five stars in the brand reputation & marketing category. That’s tied with ICF Next, 24 Communications and KGBTexas Communications. Really!

FleishmanHillard and BCW are four-star winners in the consumer goods, retail and fashion section. They share that honor with BRAVE PR, Fish Consulting and Beach House PR.

Next year, Newsweek should remove the word "best" from the list, and award zero, one, two and three star ratings.

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