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Finding Nature's Heroes
Finding Nature's Heroes Finding Nature's Heroes
los angeles, CA
Wednesday, April 14, 2021

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Finding Nature's Heroes will follow a dynamic family who are on a truly life-changing mission. They are uprooting themselves from their home in L.A., and traveling deep into the jungles of Central and S. America in order to bring focus to some of Nature's Heroes; the indigenous people who work hard to save Earth's wild lands from becoming extinct. In the  midst of filming a documentary, this family will seek deeper wisdom from Nature's Heroes, learning about what it really takes to protect our planet and its inhabitants. The audience will be left with tangible calls-to-action in each episode. The goal? To bring awareness to these global issues, and to give people tools they can use, from wherever they are in the world. WE as a collective have been called to action, to make serious efforts toward re-wilding our planet. Join them on their mission at Patreon.com

News Media Interview Contact
Name: Lizz Henderson
Title: Producer
Group: Dancing Silly Productions
Dateline: Los Angeles, CA United States
Direct Phone: 213-446-4878
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