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Filmmaker Seeking Successful Speakers, Authors, & Experts
Robin Jay --  Las Vegas Keynote Speaker Robin Jay -- Las Vegas Keynote Speaker
Las Vegas, NV
Thursday, September 11, 2014

Seeking Experts to Appear in "The Secrets of the Keys"
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Experts Wanted for "The Secrets of the Keys" - the newest self-help film from writer/producer Robin Jay.

Writer/Producer Robin Jay is looking for successful speakers who want to costar along with some of the biggest names in the field of personal development. The film will star Brian Tracy, John Assaraf, Gloria Loring, Dannion Brinkley, Rev. Michael B. Beckwith, and don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements - one of the best selling self-help books of our time. Jay is looking for experts who successful, who have a powerful message to share, and who want to take their career to a higher level. She shares that this is a tremendous marketing opportunity for those experts who want to reach a global audience.

Jay's first film, The Keeper of the Keys, won Best Independent Film at the Las Vegas International Film Festival, Best Documentary from The INDIE Fest Awards, along with several other accolades. The award-winning film starred Jack Canfield, John Gray, and Marci Shimoff. It was the first film in the self-help genre to ever make self-help fun and entertaining. "My goal," said Jay, "is to empower people. To accomplish that, we must first engage them … and there is nothing more engaging than entertaining, compelling stories and a film that makes you laugh."

"I love to find experts who want to reveal their deeply personal stories of transformation. Viewers don't want to hear trite sound bites. By having experts share their unique stories, the film resonates with the viewers and these messages have a lasting impact."

Jay's movies are a unique hybrid formula. They offer a fictional story line and characters interacting with outstanding experts. Viewers become interested in the outcome while discovering secrets and methods for improving their lives along the way. The result is an entertaining, engaging and empowering story.

Jay also appears in the film as one of the fictional characters, "Elizabeth," who is on a journey of discovery. Kathryn Brinkley joins her as "Gwen," Elizabeth's spiritual guide.

Once again, the film will focus on seven keys - or principles - for having a better life. These include Appreciation, Passion, Harmony, Faith, Courage, Vibration, and Empathy.

If you are a successful expert and would like details about becoming a featured expert in this exciting new film, contact Robin@LVCSB.com.





For more information, please contact Robin@LVCSB.com. Experts interested in working with the Las Vegas Convention Speakers Bureau or who are interested in appearining in Robin Jay's newest film should email Robin@RobinJay.com.


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