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Father Uses Video Gaming to Stay Close with Kids in Lockdown: Fortnite Rookie Amongst Seasoned Kids With Serious Skills
Brad Butler --Public Relations Professional Brad Butler --Public Relations Professional
Los Angeles, CA
Sunday, June 28, 2020

Father Uses Video Gaming to Stay Close with Kids in Lockdown: Fortnite Rookie Amongst Seasoned Kids With Serious Skills

Just before the lockdown began I was searching for a means to get closer to my 10-year old son. After a few years apart, for marriage dissolution and health reasons, I was came back into both their lives about one year ago. Getting to know my daughter again, 12, was relatively easy as we went hiking, to the movies, out for lunch or reading together. He was another story, many weekends I didn't see him at all as he was gaming with friends.

After careful consideration, I quizzed him about gaming, equipment he needed, the best stuff and the games he enjoyed the most. I vowed to get him a more powerful gaming laptop and join in the fun, he was pleased and keen to show me about video gaming, I knew nothing at all, less than nothing. I quickly studied and became well versed in how gaming systems operate, the various platforms, the most popular games, but I had no idea of the humbling learning curve I was about to encounter when entering the Fortnite world raw with him and his friends. They had all been playing for years and I was shoved into the fire with little explanation or instruction.

Needless to say the timing was perfect as not more than one week after delivering new computers to both the lockdown was in effect and I found myself interacting with them for hours every day through March, April, May and now as June ends even more. I learned so much about them while playing that I would never have known from just normal activities; I got to hear how they interacted as we talked in conference while all gaming together or individually. I learned fun and serious sides of them and it opened doors for discussions of many other kinds. 

Then the Fortnite gaming started and I found that he is really good and I was having to learn fast while struggling to keep up with him and his friends. But I learned how he thinks during gaming and our interaction with my questions and learning from mistakes was really good for both of us,. Now Fortnite is the main game that my son and I play together and it is terrific fun and actually a great bonding experience.

After grinding for five hours straight, surprisingly enough, I am not too tired and it has sharpened my focusing powers as the game moves rapidly when the action gets hot; so much to know about little things that matter it is amazing. One thing I learned right away, "Daddy, girl skins are cool." The characters and outfits offered in Fortnite are a vital part of the game and I quickly embraced that and came to pay attention to harvesting tools, capes, gliders, and emotes, all vital in the Fortnite experience.

Just great fun and what a terrific find just before the lockdown happened, total luck and really pleased at how it unfolded.  

To enhance what I offer to the experience, I also started populating his new You Tube Channel with edited videos of his exploits along with friends in obtaining a Victory Royale or just being the long anticipated Fortnite Device Event that blew up the island to create Season 3 of Chapter 2. My experience editing video and audio files for PR clients gave me the foundation to create multi-view story lines by grabbing video in the Fortnite replay functions. I was able to find things out that my son didn't know about Fortnite and that also helped my standing. 

Deciding to take up video gaming has been great for my relationships with both kids and I enjoy having something fun to escape into during these strange times. Here are some videos below:

Victory Royale Set to Epic Music from Multiple Viewpoints 

Victory Royale & Elim Highlights to Epic Music 

Fortnite Long Awaited Device Event to Create Season 3 

Fortnite Squads Victory Alone

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