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Fast Times Big City Reviewed by Bee Lindy of Bookpleasures.com
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Bee Lindy

Bee Lindy has beenwriting book reviews since she was a child. Her notebooks are full ofreviews that she wrote before she had her first personal computer.

Before the advent ofthe Internet, Bee had her first personal computer, and has been savingreviews on computer files ever since.

Her first reviewsappeared in her high school and college news papers many moons ago.

More recently she haswritten reviews as a guest reviewer on various book blogs.

Professionally, she isa fundraiser for various non-profit organizations which entails agreat deal of writing. Bee lives with her husband and two dogs.

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Author: Shelly Frome

Publisher: Boutique ofQuality Books (Feb 6, 2024)

ISBN: 979-8886330267

Soon Bud was weavingthrough his wake heading down the stairs following each slam of Bud'sbag. With only a few steps remaining, Bud lurched forward and grabbedthe strap so hard it tore off, sending both him and the deadbeattumbling over. The next thing Bud knew, the deadbeat sprang up,leaped over a sprawled little old lady at the bottom of thestaircase, gave Bud a gap-toothed grin yelling “A couple of days,man, is all you got!” and disappeared through the oncomingcommuters.”

The best book I have readso far this year! 'Fast Times, Big City,' by Shelly Frome is anentirely unexpected little escapade through mid-twentieth century NewYork City with a witty protagonist and an intriguing mystery at it'score. 

'Fast Times, Big City,' isabout a man named Bud Palmer, and the difficulties that he facesfinding one very specific woman in the huge city. Now, I know whatyou're thinking, and no, it's not like that. Bud is looking for thiswoman because she stole something-- a briefcase, in fact. And no, Budis not a private investigator, his uncle is. But Uncle Rick is notexactly what you would call talented at his profession. 

Rick is a bit of ascrew-up, and it is only at the request of his mother who iscurrently out of the country that Bud agrees to check in on Rick andsee how he is doing. It turns out he's not doing well. 

Rick accidentally pissedoff a mobster who now wants back the briefcase that he thinks Rickstole. However, the mobster, a man named Escobar, believes that Rickwas aided by a woman whose name no one managed to get. 

This woman was blonde,beautiful, and looks like a Marilyn Monroe lookalike-- and now she'ssomewhere in New York City. Bud must travel to New York to find her,get the briefcase back and get back home to Miami in less than 2days, a feat that strikes him as nearly impossible but that has to bedone. 

I adored this fun,thrilling novel and wanted more the moment I was done. I willdefinitely be picking up more of Shelly Frome's novels to read! 'FastTimes, Big City,' was a world in and of itself, and I can't wait tosee what other worlds he has created! 

About Shelly Frome

Award winning author,Shelly Frome is a member of Mystery Writers of America, a professorof dramatic arts emeritus at UConn, a former professional actor, anda writer of crime novels and books on theater and film. He also is afeatures writer for Gannett Publications.

His fiction includes SunDance for Andy Horn, Lilac Moon, Twilight of the Drifter,Tinseltown Riff, Murder Run, Moon Games, The SecludedVillage Murders and Miranda and the D-Day Caper. Amonghis works of non-fiction are The Actors Studio: A History, aguide to play writing and one on screenwriting, Shadow of theGypsy is his latest foray into the world of crime and theamateur sleuth.

He lives in BlackMountain, North Carolina. To find out more about Shelly and hisbooks, please visit his website: http://www.shellyfrome.com/

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