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Farewellto Thinking in a Box


By Rev. Marilyn L. Redmond


After many years of sorting thetruth from the false, I found that the false was inside the box that programsus to think from fear, selfishness, self-centeredness, and being powerless. AsI found these were the basis for my reactions to life situations, I learnedabout the ego. Some people say ego is Edging God Out.   Where did this basis for thinkingoriginate. 

 In my latest book, "A Sparkof Truth" at Amazon, I reveal a hidden agenda to rule the world bygovernment, religion, education, and more currently medicine. The Nicene Creed originatedby Constantine and the church combined to give them more control over thepeople. The Nicene Creed created the focus to a savior to bring answers,salvation, and meet their needs. 

 We already have the power withinand do not have to look outward.  However,the truth is that the answers, and needs come from our soul, which is in ourhearts. It is "a piece of God", which supplies our needs as we needthem. When we look to authority, government, religion, education and othersources, we give up our own power to them. We have been programmed for eonsinto this mind set to look outward for our help, which keeps us powerless. Thisfeels like being a victim.

 I was informed years ago, to letgo of ALL my old ideas to find the truth. I now understand it was the only wayto release the indoctrination to find the truth below.  I have spent 38 years changing my mind setfrom fear into a loving solution for all my affairs. Ii share this story in mybooks. The process is explained in "Paradigm Busters" at Amazon. Itis like peeling the onion. There are layers and layers of situations, traumas,and feelings to feel and release for the truth to replace that space. Love is an expression of the willingness tocreate space in which something is allowed to change. Now you can claim yourtruth of who you are.

  Since the censorship on the truth has is prevalentin our culture, it takes time and diligence to keep releasing the fear-basedideas and replace them with a love based life. This censorship from the news,media, publishing houses, television, even in libraries have promoted that we areseparated from our Creator. This leaves us powerless.   

 When I quit reading the newspapers,watching the news on Television, and seeing movies that are not fun and happy, Ifound they promoted more fear and feelings of powerlessness within. Realizing Ican change my beliefs and thinking was a novel idea, rather than being asheeple and following the messages around me. I discovered the word belief hasthe word "lie" within it. I moved to listening to my heart messagescalled intuition. They tell me the truth. Therefore, I gave up my beliefs.

 My old messages were based inwanting to die as my growing up and marriage had been traumatic. I could nottake any more abuse and neglect. I felt like Cinderella and was dominated by myfamily and in my marriage. The doctor said I was dying. I even tried suicide toescape; I did not have my own life.

 Fortunately, I found a spiritualpath of truth to replace my old mind set. My feelings and perceptions changedas daily I began prayer and meditation to connect with reality. I consciouslyasked for each fear to leave along with other negative feelings of resentments,anger, guilt, shame, and past feelings of despair.  

 I began to change my thinkingwith affirmations of the truth about myself using flower essences to help theprocess of their leaving. The past was no longer buried with a façade of beinga good person. Giving up the game of "Let's Pretend" was no longerserving me.   For the first time I wasable to share with another the many exploits I had gone through. I wasbeginning to become real.

 Surprisingly,  the changes were bringing me peace of mind whichI never had  experienced before.  It took time to do a thorough inner housecleaning for the new me to emerge.  Ifelt better about myself.  Because of my remainingimmaturity and feeling like a child, I had to take responsibility for all myactions.

  I made amends to myself and to the others formy part of the disagreement. Realizing that life is about cause and effect, Iwas now ready to send out love to others instead of projecting my fears thathad been the basis of my life in defending myself. It was a choice to react asI always had from fear and run from life or respond in love and project love andhave love return to me. 

 This is when I learned about forgiveness. I had to "give up"the past "for a new day". In learning the Ho'oponopono HawaiianPrayer, I found I wrote the script for the people to play so I could learnforgiveness, compassion, and move into an understanding that they were really helping me to grow into maturity and notstay in my childish ways from my past that produced pettiness and immaturity.

·        I am sorry.

  • I love you.
  • Please forgiveme.
  • Thank you (for playing your part).

 I nowknow in my heart that I am not estranged from my Creator and He will always bethere for me. Instead of looking without for love, validation, and acceptance,I found it within myself. God never left me; I left him when I thought I wasseparated from the love of the universe that created me.  The spirit of love always dwells within. TodayI live free from the past, in the presence of my Creator, one day at a time. Ihave an adult perspective on life and see the love within and around me. I seeonly the love. Love is reality.


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 Marilyn is a great soul…She is one of my mostsuccessful Lightworkers and I am extremely proud of her and grateful for hercontribution to our earth. She is simply the best! –With gratitude and admirationfor her talent and skill. LindaSchiller-Hanna Founder, Natural Psychic School of Metaphysics, rounder, AngelLove Healing Center, Speaker: Edgar Cayce's  A. R.E . Intuition Trainer.

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