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Exploring Mailbird: Empowering Teams with Inclusive Culture and HiBob Integration
The Stevie Awards -- Michael Gallagher The Stevie Awards -- Michael Gallagher
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Thursday, May 2, 2024


mailbird4744Established in 2013 in Bali, Stevie-winner Mailbird, Inc., is a leading provider of email management solutions. Its core offering is a user-friendly email client for Windows and soon Mac, designed to streamline and optimize email management for individuals and businesses alike.

With a diverse range of features integrated into its interface, Mailbird has become a go-to choice for millions of users worldwide seeking efficient and intuitive email management solutions.Central to Mailbird's success is its commitment to excellence and innovation. The company's dedication is reflected in its consistent growth trajectory and numerous industry accolades. Notably, Mailbird has earned widespread recognition as a top-tier email client for Windows, a testament to its ability to deliver high-quality and effective solutions tailored to user needs.Inclusive Work Culture
Beyond its product offerings, Mailbird stands out for its inclusive and vibrant remote work culture. Boasting a team comprising over 18 nationalities spanning various time zones, the company cultivates an environment that encourages diversity, creativity, and collaboration. This dynamic workplace ethos serves as a driving force behind Mailbird's ongoing innovation efforts, positioning the company for continued growth and success in the ever-evolving landscape of email management.Mailbird notes that their success throughout 2021 has been greatly amplified by the effective use of HiBob, their primary people management tool. They report that they have transitioned away from rigid work structures, promoting a results-oriented culture with the help of platforms such as Slack, ClickUp, and Google Meet. This allows them to maintain a collaborative and trust-centric environment, a departure from archaic time-tracking methods. Their expansive 40-day PTO policy, also managed through HiBob, is significantly more generous than the industry standard, reflecting their commitment to employee well-being. HiBob allows them to oversee all information, from job histories to performance metrics. Its integration with other programs they use is also convenient.Since Winning Their Stevie Award
HiBob's foundational role in employee record management remains critical. Managing information ranging from job histories to performance metrics ensures that every team member is accurately represented and understood within the ecosystem. Their unique "unicorn kudos" system, facilitated by Bonusly, continues to play an instrumental role in employee recognition, fostering positivity and meaningful appreciation throughout the team.Furthermore, they have continued to conduct improvement surveys. Most recently, their focus on psychological safety yielded encouraging outcomes. The results demonstrated an excellent level of psychological safety among team members, a vital ingredient for a collaborative environment.

Mailbird Inc. won a Bronze Stevie Award for Achievement in Managing a Remote Workforce and a Gold Stevie Award for Best Use of Bob for Creating a Winning Global Company Culture in the 2023 StevieĀ® Awards for Great Employers.

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