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Expand Your Vision Beyond Sight to Gain Clarity, Courage & Confidence
Dr. Judith Briles --The Book Shepherd Dr. Judith Briles --The Book Shepherd
Denver, CO
Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Dr. Lynn Hellerstein

Denver, CO. July 6, 2021 – Multiple award-winning vision expert Dr. Lynn Hellerstein, is launching her latest book, Expand Your Vision: How to Gain Clarity, Courage, and Confidence next month on July 29th. Her first book, See it. Say it. Do it. has helped millions of adults and children globally, using her unique visualization methods to achieve the results they want in life.

For more than 40 years, Dr. Hellerstein has utilized vision therapy with children and adults with learning-related vision problems, vision perception deficits or brain injuries, as well as enhancing visual performance for athletes.  She speaks internationally to professional and private organizations.

"Contrary to popular belief, 20/20 isn't perfect vision," Dr. Hellerstein said. "My visualization practice has been life-changing for thousands of people. I love seeing your 'ta-dahs,' the continued steps in your life journey. When you expand your vision you gain clarity, courage and confidence."

This new book teaches readers to expand their vision beyond sight. Visualization can be used to increase creativity, to reduce stress and anxiety, and to build confidence in all the things that they do.

In the book readers will discover many inspiring stories from people like Joey, who at age 7 could say his words but couldn't write them with clarity—he tried, but all he felt was frustration, and also Reynold who at 72 was ready to stop his Ironman feats and quickly discovered his athletic days were far from over.

Once readers master the art of visualization, they can enhance their lives and remove blocks in their mind that inhibit creativity and progress. Readers will realize that what they thought was impossible is possible. "Most limit their vision. Your vision does not limit you," Dr. Hellerstein said.

Expand Your Vision is now available for preorders on Amazon.

For more information about Dr. Lynn Hellerstein and the power of visualization, visit LynnHellerstein.com Her books See It Say It Do It, 50 Tips to Improve Sports Performance, and the See it. Say it. Do it. Organize it Workbook, are all available on Amazon. 

Press inquiries: Based in Denver, Dr. Hellerstein is available for in-person and online interviews for all media formats. Contact her at LHellerstein@HBVision.net or 303-550-3647.



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