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Executives Diary magazine manages to tear some pages of the professional and personal life of Danielle Sabrina
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Monday, June 24, 2019



Executives Diary interviewed Danielle Sabrina. Danielle is the CEO of PR firm ranked #5 Best Entrepreneurial Company in America by Entrepreneur Magazine. She was named CIO's Female Entrepreneur to follow, member of the Forbes Agency Council and Entrepreneur Magazine's expert PR contributor. 

In one question Muhammad Nauman, the founder and CEO of Executives Diary asked. 

"You say that you love marketing and helping businesses grow; when did you discover this passion and how did it lead to the decision of starting your own marketing and PR company?"

Danielle Answer: "I've always had a passion for solving problems, finding new ways to do things and creativity. Anytime friends or family even hinted at starting a business or side hustle I immediately could map out exact steps to take to make it happen. My media agency evolved organically; I was developing personal brands of CEOs and getting their thought leadership published in top-tier publications and inviting the press to events. It was a colleague and good friend of mine that said: "that's PR what you're doing." I was shocked because that's not exactly what I envisioned PR to be, I thought it was more something celebrities utilized in high profile situations or for reputation management. I always wanted to be a publicist, so it's funny how things just work out." 

Starting her career at the tender age of 19, Danielle strived and became one of the youngest equity traders on Wall Street. After a successful career in financial services, she started writing about digital marketing, trending PR, and entrepreneurial practices.

Danielle regularly writes about the best PR practices today in the market, giving a valuable insight into the metrics affecting product acceptance. Indeed, her opinions exert influence, as she regularly writes for successful publications such as Forbes and the Huffington Post. Her company, Tribe Builder Media, produces award-winning strategies earning clients prestigious awards such as Inc. 500, Forbes Next Billion-Dollar Startup, and Entrepreneur 360.

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