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Eureka! Discover the Goldmine of Great Ideas!
Prof. Alan Tratner - Green2Gold Prof. Alan Tratner - Green2Gold
Los Angeles , CA
Friday, March 17, 2017

Eureka! Discover the Goldmine of Great Ideas!
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Green2Gold presents an exciting Goldmine of new inventions & technology in virtually every sector of commerce and industry, for exploitation, development and licensing opportunities for responsible investors, and licensees, whether they be individuals or companies. 

The Goldmine is perpetually expanding out of the global membership in the world famous non-profit Green2Gold Incubator, established in 1972, that assists and develops some of our greatest world helping minds on our planet today.

Examples of what is revealed in the Goldmine include renewable energy technology, pollution clean up and prevention, tools, household and garden products, pet products, baby products, toys, games and novelties, entertainment platforms, and cutting edge animation technology, water purification, biofuels, energy storage, new propulsion systems for vehicles, ships, and aircraft, medical and assisted living products, and more. 

Interested parties wishing to stake their claim on these developing creations should contact Green2Gold. 

Lielle Arad
Global Director of Public Affairs
Simi Valley, CA