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Ethan Bortnick - Music
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Dateline: Los Angeles, CA
Friday, April 29, 2022


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Ethan Bortnick - Music


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Ethan Bortnick photo: Ashley Osborn




     Pianist/singer/songwriter/producer Ethan Bortnick has releasedhis powerfully reflective new single “prom” via Columbia Records. The refreshinglyemotional track serves as an honest re-telling of Ethan’s senior yearexperience during a global pandemic, complete with the emotions he felt in realtime. Beginning with delicate piano playing and light acoustic guitarstrumming, the song quickly switches to heavy drums and screaming electricguitar, by way of a thunderstorm of a chorus that dissipates as quickly as itsonically.


Ethan Bortnick "Prom"

        Alongside the track comes a music video directed by indie filmmaker Scott Felix and Sunflower Pictures starring Ethan paying homage to the feeling of being nostalgic for an experience he didn’t get to personally have.The video also featuressome of Ethan’s friends including Jaden BarbaNoor, and Bryce McKenzie.

Photo:Ashley Osborn

     Says Ethan of the track, "No prom, no graduation, no license, missing outon dates, feeling like everything is moving too fast. It's a gradual build tothat emotional explosion, and that's what this song is. “prom” is theculmination of all my frustration for missing out on so many crucial milestonesin quarantine, and the culmination of my influences as an artist."


       In celebration of the release of “prom,” Ethan will be hosting a prom-themedafterparty in Rec Room, the leading virtual world, games and user-generatedcontent platform. Tomorrow, April 30 at 11AM PT/2PM ET, anyone who joins RecRoom can go to prom with Ethan Bortnick as he performs the track as his in-gameavatar, greets fans and watches the “prom” music video with everyone inattendance. 

      All event attendees will receive a special prom-themed t-shirt fortheir avatars. The in-game venue was built by Rec Room to transport playersinto a spectacular underwater dancehall venue complete with areas for attendeesto socialize, bust a move, pose in the photo booth and enjoy the new song. RecRoom and Ethan Bortnick look to bring players everywhere a memorable prom theycan cherish. This exciting activation will serve as Rec Room’s first ever eventwith a major label.
      Stay tuned for more to come from Ethan Bortnick soon!





     With the arrival of his breakthrough single “Cut My Fingers Off,”21-year-old singer/songwriter Ethan Bortnick introduced a one-of-a-kind newsound into today’s pop landscape: a boldly confessional and piano-driven takeon alt-pop, firmly rooted in the phenomenal musicality he’s honed his wholelife. Recorded in his bedroom and fueled by his frenetic piano work, theself-released 2021 single struck a powerful chord, quickly amassing over fivemillion likes on TikTok and earning the admiration of culture-shaping artistslike FINNEAS.






     A classically trained pianist who first discovered his prodigiousgift for piano at age three—and even holds the Guinness World Record forWorld’s Youngest Solo Musician to Headline His Own Concert Tour—theFlorida-bred musician achieved global acclaim as a classical and jazz pianistin his childhood but ultimately decided to take his artistry in an entirely newdirection. 





     After delivering his 2020 debut EP harmonic minor,Bortnick refined his singular sound by tapping into an eclectic mix ofinfluences ranging from the introspective indie-pop of Phoebe Bridgers to thekaleidoscopic production style of Kendrick Lamar. Now signed to Columbia Records, Bortnick has since created a batch of songs further illuminating his emotional depth and endless imagination as a songwriter, including his brand-new single “prom.”


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