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Essential People
Jim Mathis, IPCS, CSP, CSJMT, MDiv. - The Reinvention PRO Jim Mathis, IPCS, CSP, CSJMT, MDiv. - The Reinvention PRO
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: St. Augustine, FL
Friday, July 3, 2020


One of the phrases coming out of the global pandemic shutdown of businesses was the term, “Essential People.” If you worked in health care, emergency services, groceries, pharmacies the government deemed you as essential to life.

However, the list kept changing as some businesses were allowed to stay open because they were deemed “essential” while others were required to close.

Home improvement stores were called essential, liquor stores were not… as a non-drinker that made sense to me. I stopped in a battery store. They said they were essential and could remain open. The restaurant next door was forced to close for several weeks, then only provide takeout orders.

Now it got confusing. An auto repair shop was fully open but had to lay off some of their most important mechanics. A bank was only open at the drive through window but had to lay off some of the drive through tellers.

I believe everyone who makes a contribution to the world is essential. The Bible says we are formed in the image of God. That makes you and I essential. So how can we develop our essential skill set to add to everyone else?

1. Essential People have influence and use it to help others. They are knowledgeable (NOT know-it-alls) and use their wisdom to influence others who in turn influence the masses. They work diligently to develop positive relationships with others of influence for the good of everyone. They use their own influence to raise the people around them up.

2. Essential people add value to lives. They are positive individuals. They have an "attitude of gratitude." They want to leave not just the world, but the room they are in, the group they are with, the space they take up a better than when they got there. They don't want to leave a path of destruction or despair in their wake.

3. Essential people lead others into uncharted territory. They stand up and point the way, instead of dwelling on the past. They paint a picture (cast vision) and are future-focused, always encouraging everyone to see a better day ahead. 

4. Essential people connect well. They communicate effectively with people and build relationships. They go beyond the surface and develop authentic conversations based on personal transparency. They use body language, nuances and open expressions to be as inclusive of others as they can. They are sensitive and empathetic and naturally attract people to them.

5. Essential people put other people first - with one miniscule exception, the entire world is made of other people. If you haven't learned how to get along with other people who aren't you, it's time to learn.... before it's too late! In everything they do, their actions contribute to making others feel at peace and confident. They are the exact opposite of a narcissist. They are outwardly focused on the needs and feelings of the people around them.

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